The Kiev builders didn't spare the plants included in the Red List

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After four years of fight, builders nevertheless destroyed the place of growth of the orchids included in the Red List greatest in Kiev. Contrary to total approach to the nature, on capital suburbs, in the Svyatoshinsky bogs long ago turned into a ditch with the cascade of fish breeding ponds, still grows many rare plants - including three types of "Red Book" orchids. In 2004 biologists of the Kiev university of a name of Taras Shevchenko addressed to the director of fish farm of "Nivk", in whose possession there are reservoirs and the nearby wood, with a request to allow creation here the wildlife area. The director refused, and a bit later Public administration of ecology and natural resources in Kiev coordinated here branch of the land plot under collective gardening, that is under cottages.

However in 2006 unruly biologists found here one more extremely rare orchid - Lezel's fatty tumor. This plant is so rare that grows in only 10-12 places across all Ukraine. Also found it on Svyatoshinsky meadows where construction is planned. In the summer of the same year the nature protection public appealed in the State administration of ecology to withdraw the coordination on branch of the land plot. However the state nature security guards are silent and to this day.

However, now it any more doesn't matter. The unique place is already almost destroyed by economic activity of fish farm, but State ecoinspection of Kiev in any way thus didn't react to numerous complaints of biologists. And, as ecologists from the National ecological center of Ukraine reported, on September 14, 2008 the public nature protection organizations of Kiev once again surveyed a place of growth of orchids in the territory of research fishery of "Nivk" of Institute of fishery of UAAN. Inspection showed that the territory of Red Book plants is already divided by pegs into sites under further building


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