Chernovitsky YEAH: no victims of vaccination on Bukovina existed

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The chief of Head department of health care Chernovitsky YEAH Igor Shkrobanets disproved information that in one of the villages of Bukovina after vaccination some children were seriously ill, reports "ZIK".
It assures that on September 9 in the village Rashkiv of the Hotinsky region of the "single cases of reaction at children on introduction ÔÒíÑÓ¬Ò½¿на, that is tests known for all Manta took place" area.

According to Shkrobants, on September 9 in the village Rashkiv туберкулин it is entered to 16 children. Eight of them complained of the general weakness, at them slight increase of body temperature was revealed. Two children, at insistance of parents, were hospitalized in Hotinsky central regional hospital where for the purpose of state improvement it carried out symptomatic treatment.

For the subsequent supervision on September 11 children are transferred to regional children's clinical hospital, from where they were written out next day "almost healthy".

Planned туберкулинодиагностика it is carried out and at other schools of the Hotinsky area, collateral reactions it isn't registered.

Specialists of Head department of health care and regional sanitarno - epidemiological station made investigation of noted case of reaction. Violations in rules and equipment of carrying out туберкулинодиагностики to children it isn't revealed. The subsequent supervision on a condition of children proceeds.


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