For collecting waste paper to the Nikolaev schools handed over audio systems

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Today, on September 22, in the Small Hall of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies passed rewarding of winners of competition on collecting waste paper by the Nikolaev schools for 2007-2008. Similar competitions are held in Nikolaev since 2002 and if in 2002 collected 25 tons of waste paper, in 2008 - already 80 tons.

The first place in competition was won by school No. 3, pupils of this school collected about 16 tons of waste paper. The second place was taken by school No. 60 where school students collected slightly less - about 15 tons. The third and fourth places were taken by schools No. 52 and No. 4.

Certificates of honor and valuable presents were handed over to winners of competition. To each school - the winner the audio system was presented. And for excellent work the digital camera which so didn't suffice for registration of stands was handed over to City station of young naturalists.

Personally to congratulate young defenders and judges of the nature there arrived the head of the department of housing and communal services Vladimir Novozhilov. He noted that careful attitude to the nature is extremely important. "If each inhabitant of our city, young and old, protected and increased natural riches, Nikolaev was really the South pearl", - he declared in the address to young defenders of the nature, having thus thanked school students for their diligence and work.

V. Novozhilov and plans for the future concerning a problem of "a green dress" the cities shared. "On one of recent sessions of the City Council the decision on 126 recreational zones in Nikolaev was made, - the head of the department of housing and communal services declared. - In these zones there have to be new flower beds and rock gardens. Also planting of new trees as about three thousand trees in the city dry and demand replacement is supposed. Expansion of the specific range of trees on the Nikolaev streets is planned, after all in our zone grow not only an acacia and a poplar".

It should be noted that school students are engaged not only collecting waste paper, but also various ecological programs. Already the ecological program "Pure City" is now developed. One of the most important points of this program is point devoted to a problem of processing of school garbage.Shortly at each school there will be three types of ballot boxes of different flowers, each of which will intend for a different type of garbage.

Meanwhile similar ноу - Hau is developed only for schools but as Vladimir Novozhilov declared, this program can extend and on all city. "For each type of garbage the container. And why also isn't present? Separate ballot box for the plastic, separate - for glass and so on". So can, soon and in Nikolaev there will be ballot boxes for garbage sorting? …


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