In maternity hospital No. 3 a work involving all hands – the pregnant women lying on preservation, quickly wrote out

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The order of management of health protection of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the maternity hospital No. 3 since Monday, October 6, is closed on repair. Thus, all 68 pregnant women who lay on preservation under supervision of the attending physician, were quickly discharged from hospital.

As the chief of a municipal government of health care Larisa Dergunova reported, maternity hospital No. 3 closed on repair and a washing. This year such works are carried out here for the first time.

- Once in a year any maternity hospital is closed for a month for such works. After check sanitarno - epidemiological service of the Factory area, and then areas before us were set conditions to close maternity hospital. The sewerage will change there, the rooms will prepare for a heating season. Not possibly to carry out such works and to keep it in obstetric office of pregnant women, SES I forbade. Now the manager of pathological office of maternity hospital Natalya Savchenko is responsible for the safe translation and an extract of pregnant women. In total who lay on preservation will accept two other maternity hospitals of the city, at many terms of treatment and preservation of pregnancy were finished, on it them wrote out home. One pregnant woman from the area left under supervision in chamber of gynecologic office which works. As in maternity hospital a state on Monday six newborns with the mothers lay, them too transfer to children's city hospitals, - Larisa Yurevna speaks.

As for where will give birth women who were observed at doctors of maternity hospital No. 3, and whether warned them about maternity hospital closing, Larisa Yurevna explained that them and weren't obliged to warn about it.

- Anybody never warn about maternity hospital closing, such process natural, all pregnant women will give birth in maternity hospitals No. 1 and No. 2. Those pregnant women who want will give birth at the doctors at them to give birth, after all doctors for closing of maternity hospital No. 3 have the right to be transferred to two other maternity hospitals of the city and there to deliver. However, many expressed desire for this period to go on leave, - the chief горздрава summed up.

And here Sevastian Avstriyskaya which with 24-й continuously lies weeks on preservation in maternity hospital No. 3, I told us other facts. According to her, from one maternity hospital in another nobody is engaged in translation process of pregnant women, women simply write out on the street.

- On Monday to all of us, to 68 women who lay on preservation in the third maternity hospital issued certificates of an extract from maternity hospital in connection with its closing on repair. Thus told independently to settle in others роддомы the cities. In one of them actually places aren't present. The first 30 women written out quickly literally staid the whole day under maternity hospital No. 2 with packages. The girl with whom I lay in one chamber doctors of maternity hospital No. 2 could put back the pregnant woman who till Friday left home. If it returns, and anybody till this time won't be discharged from maternity hospital, she simply will have no place to disappear. And it has 35 weeks of pregnancy - tells Sevastian Avstriyskaya.

Itself Sevastian too 8 weeks is in the hospital on preservation. The attending physician Alla Anufriyeva didn't allow the patient to move once again, and here the manager of pathology office Natalya Savchenko on Monday September 6 told that it doesn't need further treatment so can go home. And the acting as the chief physician Anatoly Panin (the chief obstetrician - the gynecologist of the city) on the basis of such conclusion refused Sevastian the translation from obstetric office in the gynecologic. Only after it came to it with epikrizy in which asked to write that he assumes responsibility for it and her child, the woman transferred to gynecology.

- When Vitaly Laty was the chief physician, such heartless attitude towards pregnant women wasn't. Earlier doctors guaranteed me infertility, and Vitaly Vladimirovich told at once, the problem not to become pregnant, and to take out. Thanks to it, the attending physician to Alla Anufriyeva I had a chance to become mother, I simply don't trust other doctors and I don't want to be observed at them - with tears in the eyes told lying under Sevastian's dropper.


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