The head of department of the industry YEAH Nikolay Maksimchuk doesn't read local newspapers therefore that they propagandize and that want - he doesn't know

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Today, on October 16, enlarged meeting of public council on formation of a freedom of speech and development of the information sphere of area on which problems of subscription campaign of this year and questions of retail implementation of local printing editions were discussed took place.

As some participants are involved in the designated processes at once, to meeting of council came not only editors of the Nikolaev newspapers and newspapers regional, but also the director of the Nikolaev management of "Ukrpochta" Vasily Kashchi, and the head of department of the industry and development of infrastructure of the regional state administration Nikolay Maksimchuk, and other interested persons. And was to talk about what.

In the Nikolaev area официальнозарегистрированы 359 periodic printing editions, from them 98 are published systematically, more than 60 extend by means of "Ukrpochta". Officially subscription campaign started on October 13 though usually it begins in September. But, as the editor-in-chief of the Yuzhnaya Pravda newspaper noted, the chairman Nikolayevskogo of an oblastnoyorganization Syuza of journalists of Ukraine Nikolay Stetsenko, in fact it also didn't begin.

Besides, this year newsdealers are very concerned by increase of tariffs for "Ukrpochta's" services which grew by 27%. However, "Ukrpochta" wanted bigger - to increase the cost of the services for 44%, but after protests of the National Union of journalists stopped on 27.

But if only mailers wanted more money. So, typographical services rose in price twice, and newsprint cost - by 3 times. Thus the cost of an annual subscription of editorial office of newspapers didn't change because understand: despite exclusive low cost of a subscription (for example to write out "The southern truth" for a year costs 54 UAH, as much, to be signed for "Evening Nikolaev") it is impossible to increase its cost - the people hardened by inflation and having access to another by sources of information, somehow TV and the Internet, can refuse newspapers in general.

As for other claims to mail, among them - delivery for the Internet of shops (for example, two years ago numbers "Southern truth" to villages of the Kazankovsky area delivered on 11-й day after a release of the newspaper), untimely return to editions of the means received from a subscription.

Besides, mail asks editions to encourage with awards of employees of "Ukrpochta" involved in the organization of a subscription, and also to provide it, mail, on a bezoplatny basis the newspaper area for announcements. Without explanations there is also one more question: why the reader at registration of a subscription has to pay also 3,05 UAH for the subscription receipt.

The head of department of the industry and infrastructure development YEAH Nikolay Maksimchuk was surprised with information sounded by newsdealers: he about claims to mailers of anything doesn't know. Besides, it blamed editors that they don't hurry to declare themselves.

- Editors of the central newspapers send me information on and the editions. That they propagandize that want. And from local editions, from local editors I have no such information.

Much more substantial turned out conversation with the director of the Nikolaev management of "Ukrpochta" Vasily Kashchi.

He explained to editors that for "Ukrpochta" distribution of newspapers - service unprofitable. And that though increase of tariffs for mail services - not the initiative of the Nikolaev management, not to the liyena everything is to remember that these tariffs didn't raise since 2001. Also I warned: it not last increase of tariffs.

And all - mail according to the lights tries to carry out this service. So, this year the subscription to All-Ukrainian editions will last till December 15, on the regional - till December 22. Yes, at mail there are a lot of problems, but the Nikolaev management managed to keep system of post offices in area (in our region of 70 post offices over standards).

By an example of the western countries of "Ukrpocht" will organize mobile post offices - special vehicles will periodically visit to the remote villages, to take away letters and parcels, to leave mail and the periodical press. Vasily Kashchi also reported that in the next years in Nikolaev the largest post sortirovovchny center which will serve Nikolaev, Kherson, the Crimea, Odessa and Kirovograd will be constructed.

As a result editors of local newspapers and the head of management of "Ukrpochta" agreed to meet quarterly and in common to discuss arising questions.

And here problems of retail implementation of the Nikolaev editions it is decided to study more widely and more deeply. The chairman of public council on formation of a freedom of speech and development of the information sphere of area Anatoly Belonozhko reported that local publishers as local producers are exposed to trade discrimination and are put in conditions of unfair competition as the Nikolaev supermarkets refuse to trade in local printing editions.

More precisely, they are ready to take for realization местныю printed materials if editions pay to them. The sums - about 500 UAH a month were called. If to consider that "Nikolayevpressa's" system is destroyed, local editions have no place to trade in the production. As a result agreed: this question will be comprehensively studied, and in a month is again discussed at meeting of public council.


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