Everything that you wanted to know about the relation of Ukrainians to federalism, separatism and the power

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On materials of Institute of problems of management of a name of Gorshenin Yury Krymov, "preparedPhrase"

88% of inhabitants of our country read out Ukraine as the Homeland from capital letter. Even in the Crimea those - nearly two thirds. Here only they see the future of the Homeland on - to a miscellaneous. And it is senseless to wave away from it not only, but also it is dangerous...

Within the annual program of sociological researches of 2008. "the COUNTRY project" Gorshenin's Institute finished sociological poll"Territorially - the administrative device of Ukraine", which was carried out from May 1 to May 15, 2009 in 129 settlements of Ukraine.

Everything, according to route selection, taking into account the main socially - demographic characteristics of the population of Ukraine, 2006 respondents, which репрезентуют adult population of Ukraine aged from 18 years were interrogated. Quotas in selection were: age, sex, education and type of the settlement in which the respondent lives. Total number of points of poll - 129 (63 cities and 66 villages). The error of a representativeness of research doesn't exceed +/-2,2%.

By results of complete sociological research experts of Institute drew the following conclusions:

1.58% of the population of Ukraine give preference to the unitary state while 22%would like to see the federal device of Ukraine. It is characteristic that the greatest number of supporters of the federal device live not only on Donbass (where those 51%), and in the Crimea (33%), but in Galichina where 31% of respondents supported the federal device. The orientation to federation to the galichena, as well as inhabitants of the Crimea with "Donetsk", motivate national and socially - economic features of regions, and also need to fight against abuses of the central power. People state support of the unitary device of Ukraine, first of all because are afraid of disintegration of Ukraine, and also in connection with inability of local authorities to carry out the functions. About inability of local government to operate more often others are told by inhabitants of the Crimea.

2.Than settlementthere is less (both, respectively, a distance between people and the power),dependence of his inhabitants on the powerbecomes that smaller, and that more life of people depends on their own efforts.

3.Expansion of powers of local governments is positively estimated, first of all, by the respondents living in rural areas.In other settlements people are afraid of negative consequences of such expansion. According to the majority of the population, means and other resources which could receive local governments after expansion of their powers, will be used by them inefficiently, with use of corruption schemes.

4.Mistrust to the power is defining condition of the favorable relation of the population to a majority election system.Therefore there are bases to say that recognition by the population of a majority election system of the best, than others, testifies not only to weakness of political culture of the population, how many to an inefficiency of activity of parties and blocks

5.Respondents don't see today in Ukraine of conditions for development of science, equipment, modern technologies, and also tourism, resort sphere as in these spheres imperceptibly movements, and the public consciousness - is quite conservative.People are traditionally focused on industry and agriculture development.

6.Development of settlements of Ukraine is carried out today mainly thanks to trade and industrial production.As a whole, the most significant factor of development of the domestic city and the village is the services sector which gets standard forms and keeps prospect of further development.

7.For 88% of respondents the Homeland from capital letter is Ukraine.It is the homeland and for 59% of inhabitants of the Crimea (for 32% from them the Homeland is Russia).

8.The most attractive regions for residence in Ukraine areKiev, Crimea, Zakarpatye and South (The Odessa, Nikolaev and Kherson areas).

9.For 10-12% of the population of the country migratory moods are characteristic.The most inclined to migration is the population of Donbass: 16% of respondents live in the settlement less than a year, and 29% - from a year to 5 years. Family relations with other regions most connected inhabitants of Kiev, bukovinets, zakarpatets and inhabitants of Donbass. On Donbass lives less, in comparison with other regions, indigenous people.And the high standard of living in Kiev doesn't promote outflow of inhabitants of Kiev from the capital.

10.75% of respondents state a bad condition of roads, which limits development of settlements and communication of regions of Ukraine.55% of respondents fix a bad condition of ecology, and 14% from them consider it catastrophic.

11.23% of respondents don't see in the district anything attractive to tourists. But the prevailing majority of respondents is seen in the territory of the accommodation by certain values - natural, historical man-made. It testifies to prospects of development of tourism in Ukraine.


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