In Nikolaev the pregnant woman tried to move on the street literally on the eve of childbirth!

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About a difficult life situation to which Elena Grekova, mother of the one-year-old kid and which on terms of pregnancy has to give birth at the end of October got, we reported in the first of September. We will remind: unexpected circumstances compelled to ask us for the help Elena Grekova: she absolutely unexpectedly learned about the eviction from the apartment in which lived together with the husband Sergey.

The message on it was quickly published in mass media, and the eviction planned for September 10 of Elena and her one-year-old little son didn't take place. And, according to the resolution which has been handed over that time by Grekova by the state performer of Factory executive service of Nikolaev by Irina Chigirik to move pregnant Elena and her child had to "WITHOUT GRANTING OTHER HOUSING". Actually on the street.

Elena the husband urgently treated with statements in all instances, urged to stand on protection of a family and children, and also in court and prosecutor's office. The first court session was appointed to November 28 of this year.

However today, around 16.00 to the house to Elena Grekova the same again welcomed the state performer which came last time.

- The child slept at this time, and the husband was at work. I at first looked in a peephole who rings a door, and saw the same woman - the performer, but any more one, and with any young man. At first I became puzzled - I didn't know how to arrive, but then all - was opened by a door. The performer I told that I signed the documents connected with this eviction. But I declared that I won't sign anything. And then she began to call to the neighboring apartments and to ask residents that they signed something. I began to ask, why it does it, and told that I will ask again in mass media for the help because to hope to me any more for whom, but the performer in reply declared: "You that, frighten me? ".After that I burst into tears and ran to the girlfriend behind council, and here again I address to you, - Elena Grekova weepingly described a situation.

In half an hour by means of the chairman of committee of self-organization of the Residential district "Levanevsky" of Lydia Shust, it was succeeded to find out: the state performer really I asked neighbors to confirm in writing Elena Grekova's refusal to put the signature under the brought notice of eviction. The request of the performer was satisfied by two women: one - the girl - the lodger, the second - the grandmother who, as she said, plainly also didn't understand under what it subscribed.

According to the girl - the lodger, she heard how the performer I told that eviction of Elena Grekova and her son Nikitki has to take place in seven days. That is, on October 30.

And so question: where notorious laws which entirely stand on protection of motherhood and the childhood? Where officials, whose duties include this mission? Someone will object: there is a court, let it and solve. But till November 28 actually it is slightly more than a month. For that to wait to Elena Grekova all this time?


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