Snowfall in Nikolaev showed who is "who"

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You saw "pieces of equipment for snow cleaning" about which work in the first day of snowfall reported housing and communal services department? So-called snowplows are something like a tractor which actually doesn't give effect. The cleared-away road and covered with snow practically don't differ. And this morning I looked at cars which have to sand roads. Long I laughed. Something similar to a tractor, loaded sand. From above two men sit and shovels on slightly - slightly dump on the frozen road sand.

Yes, I laughed. Because after a kilometer campaign on Central the district of the city where snow on a knee, and only some inhabitants of private houses woke up early in the morning to clear away snow before the house, another it is necessary - to cry nothing today cold.

But the director of the department of housing and communal services Vladimir Novozhilov on the sick-list.

And I am a mere mortal the resident - during snowfall and a new flu epidemic not on the sick-list. I go to work and I do the part. While the head of all ЖЭКов, probably, and for really important reason, on the sick-list.

Thus the mayor dismissed the chief of ELU of "Highways" who couldn't clear away the city street from snow. And the director of the department of housing and communal services can't be dismissed - the legislation doesn't allow to arrive so with patients.

Everyone has to go about the own business. Then there will be an order. So when it will be?

Наталья Хомякова

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