Nardep - the regional as I tried, didn't find an electoral treasure among "Pedin's" students

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Yesterday students of the Nikolaev state university of Sukhomlinsky had a special couple in the assembly hall. I read it нардеп, the head of the Nikolaev regional organization of Party of Regions Nikolay Kruglov. "I drink this blind the terrible person! But one-legged which sent it — even more terribly! " (c) "Treasure island". It came with promotion and propaganda for students to educational institution, to school hours that is strictly forbidden by the law, but on what, probably, the rector Valery Budak gave the soblagovoleniye.

The rector earlier, in 2004, supported Party of Regions, sending the students on meetings "the correct candidate". Many protester at that time wasn't both 18 years, and their choice not that differed from rectorial, these elections were it in general and in principle are indifferent. Students - turncoats promised to anathematize at session, noting their surnames in the list absent "black tags", but most often normal teachers estimated knowledge, instead of political views.

By the way, quite recently from the same scene Sergey Tigipko broadcast - and his speeches were listened attentively from a hall by higher education institution administration. To Kruglova Budak didn't come …

This time Nikolay Petrovich tried to anger youth as he admitted, and to rouse it to reflections in the field of policy, and it is possible, even regarding a global question "that it becomes and how to live further? ".

"Whether it is pleasant to you to live in this country? Whether you are sure, what upon termination of higher education institution you will be demanded and you will find work? " - I parried нардеп - the regional. So there began the one and a half hour performance Nikolay Petrovich."In an hour those from you who will survive, will envy, хе - хе, dead". (c)

Then Nikolay Kruglov was engaged in accusation of the incumbent president - without having confirmed any word with any official document, the regional accused the president that that didn't keep an election promise that in five years 0 square meters of social housing were constructed that Yushchenko with Kuchma to a pressure in 2000, having liquidated state farms and collective farms, began village elimination that Yushchenko is guilty in unemployment and low wages and so forth and so forth"Long we will dangle as the markitantsky boat? I to death was bothered by the captain. Will suffice it to order! I want to live in its cabin! " (c)

Got also to the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko:"Whether can be the minister of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of people, without speaking about its moral qualities, without legal education which the criminal code distinguishes from the procedural on color of covers? Which in 2005 dispersed GAI, arranged a mess on roads - went, as in India at whom the voice is louder! ""I don't like this expedition! I don't like these sailors! And in general … that? ! ! And and! No! In general it is pleasant nothing to me, the sir! ". (c)

Kruglov remembered how "commissioners" and "commandants" of the Maidan celebrated the victory as believed that everything will change for the better, and as a result our salaries it is less, than at Moldavians, we on the 146th place on corruption level, without looking at the allocated money - there is no boom of birth rate (become silent, companions medics, no, told you, and last year wasn't! ) our deputy the chief of SBU - a bezdiplomnik, and the first employment records of the minister of youth - the minister.

"- Forgive them My God! These are robbers.
- Yes. And who only took them?
- Yes... Who gathered...
- Yes". (c)

"We received the false state, there is no trust to the president, there is no trust to the government, people don't trust vessels. Trust churches some just and to relatives"."- Devil! Passed more than an hour. It becomes dullish". (c)

Upon termination of an hour нардеп I decided that won't spend the time. He and told: "I wouldn't like to spend the time". I wouldn't like - wouldn't come if considered that wastes it. Or to it, the head of the Nikolaev regional organization of Party of Regions it will be necessary to report to "Supreme"? But here Nikolay Petrovich remembered that him disturbs many years - that from too once was "there". After all he in 1995, in 1997-1999 itself was the governor of the Nikolaev area, and also the minister of Ministry of Transport, and therefore has the same relation to a mess about which spoke, and again Kruglov wanted to feel involved in the POWER. Whether "I appeared at you though any rage in relation to the power or on the attitude towards me because I was a governor, the Minister of Transport and communications, the deputy of BP, the first deputy in the commission on taxation questions in customs, I too the politician, and too bear responsibility".

"Thanks for attention, now, has to be, will kill! " (c)

During this time to a microphone in a hall the turn started being built in.It seems! By the way, students in advance warned - who strongly for Tymoshenko - you can not go. Who knew that Kruglov will give on nuts Yushchenko, according to Tymoshenko it walked on a tangent. And here in the main case from истфака drove students - political scientists and not for nothing to send children on a bog, told - ask clever questions, prepare, because the end of the year, winter session - perhaps who will flash mind. Here they also were built. But on the first question Nikolay Petrovich added fuel to the fire - reported that political scientists aren't necessary to our state so supposedly children, you make vain attempts. And still I called students of NSU of Sukhomlinsky, classical higher education institution, teachers, and NSU - Pedin … Here all roared, as bears: "Have been through a lot - how many years! " nobody can remember that NSU any more Pedin, and not Pedun, and prepares not only teachers … It is time. And then Kruglov compared NSU and Kiyevo - to Mogilyank, where political views of rectors equally radical, but cardinally opposite … Also asked a rhetorical question - where "Mogilyank" and where "Pedin"? Comparison, it is necessary to tell, not absolutely successful - and in questions of professorial structure, and specialties on which "Mogilyanki's" administration spares no expense … And still I told that it is necessary to awake youth which sleeps and doesn't show any activity.

"Gun … They load a gun … What for? And! They will shoot! " (c)

Dozing students swam in the questions, their Nikolay Petrovich's identity interested a little, true young regionals, having received an unction on ears, the first five minutes were still attentive, and then dozed on an equal basis with the others. But Kruglov and itself showed how it is necessary to float, answering a question of national idea of party. In 15 minutes of spouting by foreign thought, and after the next concretizing question, Nikolay Petrovich gave the answer: "National idea - Ukraine for people that you see on our big - boards". Whether very vast explanation was concretized, expected invasion of aliens, or the Party of Regions plans to destroy all animals and insects in Ukraine. For people - and all here! Here and national idea.

Each present everyone let judges results of a meeting. And it seems to me that with such speeches Nikolay Petrovich had to go to pensioners, and students need business, instead of an unction on ears and buckwheat kilogram."- Whether you will tell the poor blind person who has lost precious sight for the sake of brave protection of the homeland of England, in what district he is? " (c)

And that vlastyimushchy, and specifically regionals who have the majority in councils, only complain on "pomaranchevykh" and do nothing, having such opportunity - inexcusable luxury during crisis …

Наталья Хомякова

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