The Nikolaev children celebrated Christmas in the Western Ukraine

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The delegation of school students from more than 100 children from Snigirevsky, Bereznegovatsky, Voznesensky, Vradiyevsky of regions of the Nikolaev area and the Nikolaev schools No. 34, No. 57, No. 1 of Oleg Olzhich traditionally celebrated Christmas holidays from January 4 to January 10 in Galichina. Families of villages of Berezhansky, Podgayevsky, Kremenetsky regions of the Ternopol area, Zolochevsky, Zhidachevsky, Drogobychsky regions of the Lvov area and Ivano's Nadvornyansky region - Frankovsky area became hospitable owners. About it reports a press - NRU Nikolaev regional organization service.

In Sacred evening of children from Nikolayevshchina inhabitants of Galichina accepted in the families. Children from the South could join sacrament of the Sacred dinner, try tasty кутьи, visit temples and take part in Christmas carols. Hospitable owners organized also excursions on the native land (to Lviv, Zarvanitsu and Pochayevsky monastery), unique meetings and warm welcome.

As organizers of a trip the People's Movement of Ukraine and fund "Children of Ukraine" acted with support of the Nikolaev regional state administration.


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