The Nikolaev vandals or heat beat off a nose to Chernovol's monument?

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Yesterday the Nikolaev vandals again damaged a monument to the founder of National Rukh, to the Hero of Ukraine Vyacheslav Chernovol.

The monument to Vyacheslav Chernovol, is at the intersection Big Sea and Nikolsky. At a monument the nose is beaten off, other damages aren't present.

We will remind, it is to Uda not the first case when vandals coveted V. Chernovol's nose.

On November 27, 2007 the monument to Vyacheslav Chernovol was for the first time profaned, then at it as beat off a nose.

"In our society there are bad people who continue to hate all Ukrainian, and their actions on defilement of a monument of Chernovolu show that they still don't have more arguments how to fight against monuments of our Heroes", - so прокмментировал an event then the head of the NRU Nikolaev regional organization, one of initiators of installation of a monument Yury Didenko.

We will remind, a monument opened on the eve of the Independence Day. The offer on creation of such monument appeared in 2002, and on June 22, 2007 the executive committee of the Nikolaev City Council made the decision No. 1299 "On a construction of a monument to the Hero of Ukraine Chernovolu V. M.".

The author of a monument - the Nikolaev sculptor Victor Makushin. The architect of the project of improvement of the square - Victor Moskalenko. The monument is executed from tokovsky lilac granite. The general height of a monument - 2,9 m, sculptures - 1,4 m

As it became known, management of culture of the Nikolaev regional state administration learned about this fact around 13.00 on Monday. Into place the group of ranking officers management headed by the head Dimitrov left. As one of participants of survey of a monument told, the group made the decision to shift all blame on a heat which allegedly melted glue by which the nose was pasted. Soon a nose will paste into place. We hope better glue will be chosen.


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