Winners and prize-winners of the Open Championship of Nikolaev are determined by a kickboxing in the section K-1

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On January 16-18 in SDYuSShOR-2 the Open personal Championship of Nikolaev on a kickboxing in the section K-1 took place. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional federation of boxing.

"To-1" is last year the new name of the former section "thaw-a kickboxing" accepted by the world organization WAKO. Very rigid kind of a kickboxing in which, by the way, the Nikolaev School of single combats annually has, at least, two highest - world or European - a title.

Last days off found out tens city athletes of all age "who there is who" in skill of possession of military equipment K-1. It is pleasant that the team of the next Kherson which couldn't pass chance of a sparring for the fighters with pupils of the well-known Nikolaev kikboksersky School in any way became guests of internal, "house" competitions SDYuSShOR-2.

New Champions of the city of Nikolaev in the section K-1:

Adults (1990 and elder):


"gold" - Victor SLAVINSKY (54кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, N. Hadzhioglo)

"gold" - Konstantin KOSKIN (63кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, S. Hvorov)

"gold" - Dmitry PAPASH (67кг, K-1, TsGS, O. Shevchenko)

"gold" - Igor MOSKALU (71кг, K-1, TsGS, N. Shiryaev)

"gold" - Yannis LYASHENKO (75кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, S. Hvorov)

"gold" - Igor MELNICHUK (81кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, S. Hvorov)

Youth (1991-92):


"gold" - Vlas SLAVINSKY (51кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, N. Hadzhioglo)

"gold" - Maxim KOZYAVKO (54кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, R. Chkheidze)

"gold" - Evgeny BYCHKOV (60кг, K-1, TsGS, A.Volchan)

"gold" - Alexander LI (67кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, T.Ivashchenko)

"gold" - Sergey PAPUSHA (71кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, R. Chkheidze)

"gold" - Alexander YAKOVLEV (75кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, Hadzhioglo - Dunayevsky)

Juniors (1993-94):


"gold" - Tofik SURKHAYEV (48кг, K-1, Kherson)

"gold" - Ramil AGABEKOV (54кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, R. Chkheidze)

"gold" - Alexey LIRNICHENKO (57кг, K-1, TsGS, A.Volchan)

"gold" - Vladimir REPIN (63кг, K-1, Kherson)

"gold" - Igor YAKOVLEV (71кг, K-1, SDYuSShOR-2, N. Hadzhioglo)

Cadets (1995-96):


"gold" - Tigran GASPARYANTS (30кг, K-1, Kherson)

"gold" - Vladislav MIKITAS (40кг, K-1, Kherson)

"gold" - Vladislav RAPCHUK (57кг, K-1, Kherson)

Pleases that among teachers - mentors of city Champions appears more and more names of young trainers - new generation of-2 successful sports teachers who have grown up within the walls of nice SDYuSShOR.


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