The Nikolaev jumper in height of Vit Stepina subdued "the Beskidsky level"

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In Trzhinetsa (Czech Republic) traditional competitions in high jumps "the Beskidsky level" took place.

The Nikolaev sportswoman of Vit Stepina, as well as on Demjanjuk's recent memorial in Lviv, overcame a level at the height of 192 cm. In the Czech Republic our compatriot made it from the third attempt, and this result sufficed it for a victory. However, fight was difficult. The pupil of the trainer Inga Babakova only on additional indicators outstripped Czech Iva Strakova. The Ukrainian of Vit Palamar - 189 cm became the third, a heel Irina Kovalenko - 180 cm


We will remind that past year of Vit of Stepin participated in competitions in Trzhinetsa, but I took only 7-е a place with result of 187 cm
At men Russian Ivan Ukhov won. Its 233 cm - the best result of a season in the world. On the second place his compatriot Andrey Tereshin - 230 cm, the third finished competitions Swede Linus Tornblad - 227 cm Hersonets Andrey Protsenko with result of 215 cm took 15-е a place. January 21. Trzhinets (Czech Republic).

High jumps. Women
1. V. Stepina (Ukraine, Nikolaev) - 192
2. I. Strakova (Czech Republic) - 192
3. V. Palamar (Ukraine) - 189
4. I. Gordeyeva (Russia) - 185
5. K. Vnukova (Lithuania) - 180
5. I. Kovalenko (Ukraine) - 180
5. N. Forrester (Great Britain) - 180
8. K. Stepanyuk (Poland) - 180
8. B. Lalakova (Czech Republic) - 180.


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