The Nikolaev school students will get acquainted with the Neatnik and the Dirty creature

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Any training has to be interesting and cheerful - consider in Nikolaevsk the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Therefore on its initiative the children's book also was developed - a coloring "Pure Nikolaev, or adventures of the Neatnik and the Dirty creature" which thanks to the game form teaches kids to care of the nature is proud, to live in harmony with world around.

Presentation of it экологическо - educational ноу - Hau took place on February 10 in the Teacher's club. About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

For creation of the book which in a cheerful, game form tells kids about how to address with garbage and than it is possible to help the nature to keep the earth and air in purity, creative people known in the city were invited: poet Arkady Surov, artist Oleg Kolar. The design was developed by Sergey Karas, and Yury Minin edited the edition.

Preservation of green plantings of the city, purity observance in vacation spots - a subject not less actual for education of adult citizens. With only one essential difference - it is easier for child to make accuracy a good habit. Therefore the opening speech of the mayor Vladimir Chaika first of all is addressed to parents that they on the example brought up kind people and conscious citizens.

"We want that, since the early age, each citizen understood that depends on his behavior in what city he lives - pure or full of garbage. The book for our kids "Pure Nikolaev, or adventures of the Neatnik and the Dirty creature" - first signs of ours vospitatelno - ecological work" is proud, - the deputy of the mayor - the director of the department of housing and communal services Vladimir Novozhilov told.

That this first step appeared more than successful tells interest the book of experts from the Kiev city public administration. Probably not far off that day when development of nikolayevets leaves far away from our city and will help to bring up kids from other regional centers of Ukraine.

I highly appreciated "Adventures of the Neatnik and the Dirty creature" and the chief of a municipal government of education Raisa Vdovichenko. She also noted that the book becomes on "arms" of all schools of Nikolaev - soon it will be received by each first grader of the city. Her first little readers were kids from the House of creativity of pupils who "recovered" the book, having played for adult some scenes from it.

Except "The pure city of Nikolaev" will help to cultivate ecological culture of citizens five videos on preservation of an urban environment and "It is information - methodical materials for the organization of practical activities of youth for preservation of the rivers", which author - the associate professor of ecology and environmental management of the Black Sea state university of the Item. Graves Svetlana Lebed. They also were presented on February 10.

We will note that the book - a coloring "Pure Nikolaev, or adventures of the Neatnik and the Dirty creature" and rollers on ecological subject - part of the city program "Pure City" which realization is begun in 2008 is proud.


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