Crew: Pirates didn't manage to take out the weapon with Faina

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Crew members of the vessel Faina claim that the pirates who have taken a vessel removed the weapon from tanks.

"They didn't touch freight, but removed the weapon (machine guns - an edition)", - the second assistant to the captain Alexander Prisukha told journalists at the airport Mombasa on Friday, before a departure to Kiev.

Alexander Prisukha reported that pirates developed the plan for unloading of tanks, but at them it turned out nothing.

As other crew members removed from tanks machine guns too told journalists remained on a vessel as to take out them from a vessel was unreal.

Alexander Prisukha also told journalists about the moment of capture of a vessel. According to him, that pirates couldn't get on a vessel, Faina maneuvered in the beginning, transmitted signals of "SOS" and barricaded hatches.

"But against scrap there is no reception. Pirates shot at a window and appeared by the ship", - he told.

Alexander Prisukha noted that pirates were by high-speed boats and it there were "well trained seamen".

He also noted that when a vessel took, the crew hoped that repayment for them will give quickly and they will be released.

"We decided that freight military, state, and us will quickly redeem", - the assistant to the captain told.

However, according to him, passed 2 months and hopes began to die away. "In 2 months when understood that no money will exist, we didn't hope any more that us will redeem", - Alexander Prisukha noted.

He considers that no such large incidents, skirmishes between crew members and pirates existed, however there were moments when pirates threatened that can shoot any of crew members.

According to Alexander Prisukhi, in the beginning crew members of Faina and pirates communicated gestures, and then crew members mastered some words and already communicated with pirates more freely.

He noted that pirates asked them for medical care and the crew didn't refuse to them it.

"Treated both for malaria, and for cold", - Alexander Prisukha told.

He also reported that in the beginning the crew ate the provisions prepared on Faina but when supplies ended and as the refrigerator didn't work, and part of products which deteriorated, it was necessary to throw out, the food was brought by pirates.

"We ate twice a day: in the morning and in the evening", - Alexander Prisukha told.

We will remind, today at the Borispol airport the plane landed with crew members of the vessel Faina onboard.


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