SBU opened business for "separatist appeals" on Nikolaev "Antimaydan's" organizers - one detained

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Andrey Goncharuk and Konstantin Tistol
On Wednesday, March 12, the staff of Management of SBU of Ukraine in the Nikolaev area detained Konstantin Tistol, one of organizers of the pro-Russian meetings under a monument to Heroes - to olshanets in Nikolaev on whom appeals «expressedto take the power in hand» and to remove the Nikolaev area in «Hugo - east federation».

The detention occurred around 12:00 in business - the center «Aleksandrovsky» directly before the beginning a press - conferences so-called «Popular front» , in which Tistol had to be the chief speaker also.

As it became known, on organizers Nikolaev «Anti-Maidan» , leaders of the pro-Russian movements and parties in Nikolaev on March 4 this year USBU in the Nikolaev area were opened by criminal proceedings as regards 2 articles 110 of the Criminal code of Ukraine ( «Deliberate actions on preliminary arrangement by the group of persons, made for the purpose of change of borders of the territory or frontier of Ukraine in defiance of the order established by the Constitution of Ukraine, and also public appeals or distribution of materials with appeals to commission of such actions or integrated with kindling of the race hatred» ).

Within this production the investigator of the Nikolaev management of SBU the Miller submitted on March 12 the petition to the Central district court of Nikolaev with a request to approve a search in Konstantin Tistol's houses and 20 - the summer activist of movement godfather Vladimir Putin Victor Medvedchuk «Ukrainian choice» Andrey Goncharuk. The judge Sergey Cherniyenko gave on this permission, having noted that in houses of these people there can be material evidences necessary for a consequence–texts, plans, leaflets of separatist character, the computer by means of which they were made and so on.

The search in Tistol's house passed in the afternoon, in Goncharuk's house–in the evening. At home Goncharuk himself reported about a search on the page on a social network «VKontakte» , where even I published a photo of the resolution of court.

Later Goncharuk wrote that after an one and a half hour search in «one of its apartments» , it left the city. 

It is known that the Criminal code for actions and the appeals directed on change of borders of the territory of Ukraine in an illegal way, prescribed punishment in the form of imprisonment for a period of three till five years. 

We will remind as earlier it was reported, it is far not the first criminal case opened on participants of the pro-Russian meetings in Nikolaev. So, concerning people who blocked roads on departures from Nikolaev, without allowing military equipment of Armed forces of Ukraine to pass in the direction of the Crimea, militia I opened production as regards 1 article 279 of the Criminal code.

Besides, business upon appeals to storm of the building of the Nikolaev regional public administration as regards 1 article 295 of the Criminal code of Ukraine ( «was openAppeals to commission of the actions menacing to a public order» ).

Besides, manifestations of separatism the prosecutor's office of Nikolaev where declared that are ready «was engaged alsoto react to an advancing» in the matter. 

Also earlier concerning participants Nikolaev «Anti-Maidan» , which crushed the trolleybus, the criminal proceedings under article 296 of the Criminal code of Ukraine ( «were openHooliganism» ).

Андрей Лохматов

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