In Salt will plant 400 trees – will create 11 squares

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In the residential district Salt in Nikolaev 400 trees in the current year will be planted. In what places to land them, in what quantity and which it there will be trees, the staff of Green Economy agrofirm encouraged and controlled by the active inhabitant of the residential district by Nellie Antonova was defined today.

- In 60-x years along PGS to the Ternovsky fork the people put a huge number of fine trees which reached unusual beauty and created a shadow, - she notes. - It was the most green place in the city. And here in two years Salt turn into Sahara. 800 trees are cut down.

The "invaluable" contribution to this harmful "transformation" was made by some supermarkets which took place in quite big territories - lands on which trees once grew. Nellie Antonova assigns the most part of fault to the Subway and Tavriya In supermarkets. Opposite to the last, in particular, 111 trees were cut down.

At meetings of the constant deputy commission of the City Council concerning ecological policy, environmental protection and resource-saving discussed the whole program, united with housing and communal services Department. Positive role, according to Nellie Konstantinovna, the chief of a municipal government of protection of surrounding environment Tamara Bakurskaya here played.

- We drew up the statement of inspection and now we create 11 public gardens. We "sit down" more than 400 trees, - with pleasure the advocate for gardening of the residential district, Nellie Konstantinovna Antonova reports.

Today it was defined that round Ukr — the TAT — Oil gas station 60 trees will be planted. In the territories adjacent to university, will plant 26 trees (20 lindens and six poplars) and hundred bushes. In some places lindens and acacias "will take place" a Sophora. The hostel of university of shipbuilding, the swimming pool area, the garden center, the lower part of Pobeda park (under the bridge near the river Ingul) and other points will be planted in addition trees and shrubs also.

According to the production manager of Green Economy agrofirm Olga Nekhimchuk, trees will land during favorable weather conditions.It is expected that "process" will begin already with the middle of March.


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