Fedorchuk rejected charges of financial "untidiness" and participation of players of "Nikolaev" of fixed matches

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The ex-the mentor «Nikolaev» Oleg Fedorchuk commented on statements of the former football player of team Roman Adamenko who told about the suspicions concerning matches in which allegedly some players of IFC were interested in a certain result.

About it writes «Nikolaev soccer» with reference to «Matchday».

Before Adamenko declared that separate players «Nikolaev» in this season «handed over» matches by agreement with team - the rival. In particular it concerns a match with «The miner - Sport» from the city of Komsomolsk. Also we will remind that after the second coming in «Nikolaev» Fedorchuk went last winter to train FC «Poltava». 

- At that moment of suspicions wasn't. But group of football players in a meeting with «Miner» really I played not as it was sounded on pre-game installation. Among these players, by the way, there was also Adamenko. I had no proofs of the reasons of strange game of group of football players therefore I didn't touch upon this subject. Whether there was it arrangement, I have no proofs though then it is valid «Nikolaev» I was in an unimportant both functional, and psychological state. Besides, game was missed by some main football players. Already then, where - that in a month after a match, I was called by people, said that they have some information, but then it already to me was uninteresting…Proofs of that someone could play on the totalizator, at me isn't present. After that match with Komsomolsk, by the way, some football players didn't get to the main structure any more, - Fedorchuk speaks.

According to him, it then didn't begin to understand, why team «strange» I played, because «at that time in Nikolaev in general, in fact, the club had neither a president, nor the management, and the team hardly - hardly stayed afloat».

- In team talk on boycotting matches, not to go on exit duels as a salary football players weren't paid, with food too went there were problems, and the hostel where there lived players, wasn't heated, - Fedorchuk adds.

Also it rejects charges of Adamenko who declared that so far all team was short of money, Fedorchuk and several more football players were paid with «left account» . The trainer says that before him also didn't pay off on a salary and only «paid a hardly anything, for maintenance of trousers».

- Money was transferred on a clearing settlement from the city (city treasury–PN), therefore «to namutit» , if someone thinks of it, it was impossible…then the club in general had no account. At some moment paid the apartment to one football player as it was the refugee from Donetsk (Vyacheslav Podnebenny–PN). Perhaps, this situation was meant by Adamenko? As for me, I too didn't get paid also me, it is possible to tell, acquaintances «fed up». I don't know why Adamenko gave such interview, maybe, he took offense that I didn't invite him in «Poltava» ?

- Still then, before each game all football players knew, what financial position at club, and we warned that money isn't present, and it isn't expected. Who doesn't want to play, can leave without problems team. I don't know why it now lifts this subject. Adamenko played on superiority of area and was without team. We invited him as the special choice in football players wasn't. So still it isn't known who benefited from that had an opportunity after superiority of area to act in the championship of the first league…more Probably, at Adamenko some offense played that he is now not demanded in the Ukrainian soccer, - Fedorchuk believes. 

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