The committee of rescue of ChSZ still fights for the rights of factory workers. Letters are written in tax, prosecutor's office, to the governor

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As we know, the Committee of rescue of ChSZ on - former fights for interests of the offended employees of the Black Sea shipbuilding plant. In particular, the Committee sent some letters to the relevant instances. For example:

To the head state tax
administrations of the Nikolaev area

Dear Leonid Vasilyevich!

14.01.2009г. in Nikolaevsk regional economic court the question in the matter of No. 11/222/08 about bankruptcy of GAHK ChSZ was considered. Whether we ask you to understand taxes on hundred millions hryvnias which are passing on this case were paid. For example, ChSZ allegedly ran into debt to JSC Global Plus Kiev, Kikvidze St., 21 in the sum of 135 025 618 UAH, entered the register of requirements of creditors of 49 014 020 UAH. Creditor requirements to plant from JSC Motoreks Trading House - the Kherson area, Tsyurupinsk, Gvardeyskaya St. are also declared, 103 for the sum of 505 621 112 UAH of 97 kopeks - is included in the register of requirements of creditors in the sum of 355 621 112 UAH of 97 kopeks, etc. All list of receipts in plant which are accounts payable, is in Nikolaevsk regional economic court. The judge Morgulenko T.E.
runs business on bankruptcy of GAHK ChSZ

Chairman of Committee of rescue of ChSZ,
deputy of regional council,
the deputy chairman constantly operating
commissions on the industry
I.N. Ovdiyenko

But it not the only objection of Committee, is also the address to the regional prosecutor: To the prosecutor
Nikolaev area
To Stoyanov N. With.

Dear Nikolay Stepanovich!

On our address (Yours вх. No. 3619 of 10.02.2009) where we appealed personally to you to give a legal assessment to the concrete ugly facts on ChSZ and offenses of rather earlier dismissed employees of ChSZ subsidiaries, Interests and Authority of the Government of Ukraine - on March 24, 2009 in prosecutor's office the answer dated 10.03.09г was received. - in style "you load oranges barrels", signed by the First deputy of Prosecutor's office of area - S.M.Polishuka.

As the specified Answer of the questions beside the point raised by us in the address (entering number in Prosecutor's office of the Nikolaev area No. 3619 of 10.02.09), once again we ask youpersonallyto understand these questions and to give a legal assessment on the facts:

  • nonpayments of debt on a salary to earlier dismissed employees of ChSZ subsidiaries (including Meridian complex) - lists, addresses and accounting documents, almost all are available in plant;
  • on the corresponding restoration in статучете areas and the cities of the actual debt on a salary to earlier dismissed workers of ChSZ and its subsidiaries;
  • by definition of the legitimate owner of ChSZ and deprivation of the rights of all the others;
  • on elimination of fictitious creditors for the purpose of bankruptcy and ChSZ capture, etc.

Chairman of Committee of rescue of ChSZ,
Deputy of regional council,
The vice-president constantly operating
Ovdiyenko I.N.

And to the governor Alexey Garkushe:
To the head Nikolayevskoy
regional state administration
Garkushe A.N.

Dear Alexey Nikolaevich!

At our meetings on ChSZ problems you repeatedly guaranteed the active participation in the solution of the problems concerning plant.

In our addresses, speaking about violations of the law of Ukraine, we paid attention to created lawlessness at dismissal of 2500 workers of GAHK ChSZ from artificially created and liquidated subsidiaries, including "Meridian", without full calculation for a salary to total amount at the time of dismissal of 6,5 million UAH (without indexation for segodnyashchy day).

At elimination from статучета debts on a salary of 2500 workers, is suppressed the fact that 80% of people with which didn't pay off at dismissal from plant, were workers of the Meridian complex which was and is now in management of GAHK ChSZ and certainly isn't liquidated.

The documents confirming this debt are available both for the management of GAHK ChSZ and for the Nikolaev regional Administration. The delay with money transfer in a pension fund, naturally conducts to incorrect and illegal calculations of pension for specific employees of plant that has to be penal business. Transfer of the property right of ChSZ to the new owner is obviously possible according to existing Laws of Ukraine only after deprivation of the property right of the previous owner.Legal documents on deprivation Churkinykh of the rights for ChSZ don't exist, means and the announcement of any rights of the Kherson shipbuilding plant (Novinsky) are illegal and the prosecutor's office is obliged to react to it respectively. By the way, the Prosecutor General's Office about initial illegality of privatization of ChSZ didn't withdraw the petition. Attraction Churkinykh as accused, according to Art. 190 ч.4 KK of Ukraine also is represented to us ephemeral since we were convinced from translation of the Ukrainian television about their public statements on meeting of Lviv.

On February 03, 2009 on ChSZ meeting of creditors on the case of bankruptcy of plant took place. Without pressing in detailed consideration of requirements of creditors we will stop on 2-x from them. TOV "Trading House of Motoreks" - the Kherson area, Tsyuryupinsk, Gvardeyskaya St., 103 - are declared creditor requirements of the sum of 505621112 UAH of 97 kopeks

According to the lawyer "Motoreks" they took the credit in bank and listed ChSZ for construction химовозов as an advance payment.

By the way, the director "Motoreks" who signed documents, isn't present for a long time. The representative of ZhS — Nikolaev firm-; the initiator of bankruptcy of ChSZ of claims on the credit of 532375 UAH 43 kopeks refused to report the firm address.

By the way, the specified address by consideration in court was fictitious (Buznik St., 5). Legal assessment to similar agreements as a result of which the Black Sea plant goes bankrupt and passes into a private property of the next "business" people, it is necessary to give immediately.

Dear Alexey Nikolaevich, we ask you to understand the questions raised by us personally:

  • on salary payment taking into account indexation more than 10 million UAH to earlier dismissed workers of GAHK ChSZ and its subsidiaries;
  • on establishing order with pension payments;
  • on restoration in статучете areas of the actual debt on a salary to earlier dismissed workers of GAHK ChSZ and its subsidiaries;
  • by definition of the legitimate owner of ChSZ and the corresponding deprivation of the rights of all the others;
  • on elimination of fictitious creditors for the purpose of bankruptcy and capture of ChSZ I to undertake the corresponding actions.

Chairman of Chsz,
CommitteeDeputy of regional council,
Vice-president postoyannodeystvuyushchy
Commissions on the industry
Ovdiyenko I.N.

And as a result? And as a result - there is a myth according to which the plant works, there are workers left to the mercy of fate to whom the present situation of general lawlessness doesn't give up hopes for the future. Also there is an information space by means of which each of participants of process tries to influence public opinion. But while each of the offended won't be satisfied, all reports about progress of ChSZ will remain "beyond the law".


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