False accidents: it be not as the sucker at "theater" on (CHAST 1) Road

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For capital car owners for a long time not a secret that the road rule "not you-so you" gets ominous scales. In Nikolaev it wasn't still registered any fact of fraud on the road. It is a question about so-called "false road accidents". When you don't understand how you "kiss" expensive foreign car, and you "get" on decent money. Though I was all eyes, and in general, you don't know how so it turned out. Time for thoughts to choose whom you will become today - responsible for road accident or the victim - you will be not given especially.

Swindlers act together most often, compelling you "to jump aside" from one foreign car owing to its played maneuvers in another, distracting you from the road by the next car, "to substitute the back" going ahead and other dirty tricks.

Here some examples by which "part" yet skilled motorists in such alterations.


"Victim" goes an average row. On the right parallel to it "setup", at the left - "provoker" drives. In this case "provoker" is the expensive car possibility of "contact" with which is instinctively swept aside by any normal driver. So they also go three together - in parallel and nearby. Suddenly, "provoker" does a sharp nod by a wheel to the right, towards the victim. That in turn to avoid "contact", too leaves to the right. Even if "victim" controls the gap on the right board, "setup" can move also unexpectedly to "victim", remaining thus within the lane. As a result - "victim" drives the right board in the left board of "setup". By rules - "victim" is guilty of road accident. "Provoker" is taken up, his back numbers, naturally, aren't read. Witnesses aren't present, wasn't and won't be.


"Victim" goes any row, only not extreme right (in this case it is difficult to drive up to it at the left). Just at the left the car of derivation also drives to it is "bough". From a window of that car, on the right board, the pretty maid leans out and shout questions type: "the uncle, I'm sorry, please, we not local how to pass to the Mausoleum? ". As soon as "victim" will distract on communication with this "suky", so will miss the moment of sharp delay of ahead car. As it is paradoxical, but that car that all this time I went ahead of "victim", and it appears "setup" - the road and strangely enough "very fragile" car. The victim is guilty. "Bough" disappeared.


"Setup" comes on the victim without assistance - in private. Comes on the right board behind to which in a way doesn't give out the intentions to come nearer to "victim" and waits. Waits while "victim" will begin evolution in the right row. Conforming to the rules, "victim" will beforehand give a sign - will include right "flasher". All the behavior "setup" lets know to "victim" that passes it in the row. But as soon as "victim" will move with a wheel to the right, "setup" is sharply accelerated, substituting the left board under the right board of the victim. The outcome is known. For convenience of organization of such road accident "setup" chooses a night-time, gloomy weather, the dark car and doesn't include (before road accident) fires.

By what cars they go

The gangster car for accident "in a giveaway chess" is a car of collision type and reusable use. At accident it has to collapse minimum, but thus pull on expensive repair in firm service - then it is possible to demand from the victim a lot of money. Spare parts for it have to be not scarce. In case of a miss with the victim (not that attacked) the same car can be corrected easily in the left service indeed for ridiculous grandmas. As a rule, it is second-hand, 3-5 - summer cars Mercedes W124, W140; BMW 5-й, 7-й series; Audi 100; Volvo 7-й, 8-й series. Other strong brands, including American, meet less often.

As the victimgets out

Bandits understand that if the victim will be insolvent, it will start looking for other ways of a way out - to address in militia (and not always in traffic police, and it is rather in RUBOP) and/or to attract familiar "mobsters". Therefore, the victim has to be solvent.Besides, capable to pay off on a place and/or during the next few hours and without fierce resistance and involvement of the above-named companions.

Victim type - law-abiding, modest and in cash. For example: the successful clerk (white or blue collar), as obliges released from shootouts in business, therefore, not having experience of such communication, therefore, not having communications. It is given out by clothes - corporate, standard and accurate. The person is shaved and well-groomed. It is given out by the car - it is obligatory for modern model, as a rule, new, but not the most cool. Foreign car, as a rule. The big car for smaller money. Sedan business - a class. Nissan Primera, Maxima; Opel Vectra, Omega; Peugeot-406, Renault Laguna, VW Bora, Passat. Still it is given out by bags and the packages of expensive shops put on a back seat.

Type of an easy mark - the beginning driver with a sign "U" on glass. Under such it is easier "to be substituted", and the lack of experience can become decisive argument against it.

That them frightens off in the victims car

• Face of the quadruple Olympic champion in free-style wrestling.

• Dark glasses behind which it isn't visible, but probably and the face of the quadruple Olympic champion in free-style wrestling and/or a neck covered with four hundred karat Golda disappears.

• On a windshield - the devil knows the admission where, but by all means with Russian (Dutch, Serbian, French) a tricolor.

• Point by contradiction. If the driver is dressed not in the starched Pierre Cardin shirt, and in a jumpsuit of the same brand (such to buy only in the market) from under which will highlight a sailor's vest, it will moderate desire to contact such collective-farm pepper even if it is a top - the manager of any joint venture.

• Active and at the same time correct (it is visible that professional) style of a driving at a good speed, with the fast and perfected reactions to situation change.

• Stickers of insurance companies. If the car is really insured, to receive money on a place it will turn out hardly. In this case it is necessary to make out everything under the law: to collect references, to carry out expertize and a damage assessment. Thus the result of trial with the company or insurance broker of the victim isn't obvious.

• 007, 777, 999 numbers.Yassen pepper that at the driver where - that is criminal and at least the major. The major is already something.

• Numbers 666. Of these, in general, try to steer clear.

What to do?

In - the first - at once from the car cause GAI and insurance company. If to you start threatening - too without leaving their cars, we call 102 and we make the statement, having transferred signs of the car of swindlers and their. If swells appear inveterate baseball players - increase speed to the first post of militia, but let's them strike at least once on the car because then you will prove nothing, and for "desertion" from a place of road accident sanctions are provided.


Continuation follows …

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