Our bribe-takers are afraid of nothing — real term shines the little

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The ancient saying "it's in the bag" went since those old times when bribes took mandative and clerks, - in this headdress applicants put a feasible bribe. And the interested person was sure: time put money in an official hat, business by all means will be solved in its advantage. Since then the system was considerably improved: give envelopes simply in a charge, of course, but can put notes in a table box while the official pretends that admires a landscape, or to leave in an agreed place, eventually, to transfer through the intermediary.

Recently the Crimea is shaken by the scandals connected with bribes, - whether bribe-takers absolutely became impudent and bred in unprecedented quantities, whether citizens became more conscious and to a thicket report about extortioners, whether the wave of indicative fight against corruption went.

It is more favorable to take real estate

By and large, corrupt officials from ordinary bribe takers are distinguished with that the first are in public service. They are found everywhere - from the Village Councils to the district state administrations above and in recent years fill the pocket generally at the expense of the solution of the land questions. Thus citizens not always ask from them something illegal - opposite, hope that those will simply execute the duties, for what, by the way, get paid. But one official sometimes, as the grain of sand which has got stuck where - that in the depth of state mechanism: it seems small, and gears and castors don't move. "It is necessary to grease! " - hint the most dull and at once speak, in what sum it will manage. Tariffs, however, were very much raised recently - let and a beret everyone on the understanding, but on the average the solution of the questions connected with the earth and real estate, rose in price four times in comparison with last year.

And some aren't frightened even by prospect to be caught:not for the first time such trouble happens to them. For example, last year proceedings on bribe extortion against the worker of one of the Village Councils of the Saksky area were initiated. Not so long ago, being under recognizance not to leave, it again … got on a bribe.

And the other day in Yalta one more bribe taker - the recidivist - the head of one of the municipal enterprises was detained: nine years ago he already served sentence for "a lamb in a piece of paper", but didn't keep from a temptation to demand from the Kiev businessmen of $100 thousand for signing of the lease contract of the room in the downtown. Detained the official so expensively appreciating the signature, during receiving an advance payment in $25 thousand

And in general, bribe takers suffice and behind walls of state institutions: this year criminal case against the chairman садово - garden association of the Pike perch was brought - the woman wanted $20 thousand providing here a site. And in the Yalta market of businessmen heads of a market pinched from time to time: for free trade extorted 15 thousand UAH

Recently detained a sevastopolets who demanded from the businessman of $180 thousand for nearly 1,5 hectares of the wood. Now militiamen understand: whether the man at own risk acted or really was as it was presented to the businessman, the intermediary from the state enterprise concerning this earth.

Get off light

According to the prosecutor of the Crimea Vladimir Boyko, all this year are punished for corruption of 75 inhabitants of the Crimea, from them 23 persons were brought to trial, to administrative - 52. 32 criminal cases are already directed to court about crimes with corruption signs. Courts since the beginning of year pronounced sentences to 18 bribe takers, and eight of them should examine a severe life of a colony. For example, one of employees of "Krymenergo" is sentenced to 7 years of imprisonment: it was succeeded to prove 11 episodes of receiving bribes by it.

But sometimes bribe takers get off light, that is suspended sentence. And quite often in general leave a court hall with it is proud of the raised head because, while things are being decided, expire all limitation periods by this type of crimes. "There are examples of that courts tighten the solution of a question, - Vladimir Boyko states. - We consider that cases on corruption need to be considered first of all and it is necessary to deal with each case: why courts stop business".

This year among corrupt officials while representatives of local government and self-government are in the lead - bribe takers among them it is revealed 10. On the second - militiamen (8), generally police officers.

It is time "to mow greens"?

This year introductory campaign for the staff of the Crimean higher education institutions, got used in the summer "to mow greens", I was given the absolutely poor harvest: the system of tests and possible shortage of students are capable to minimize bribery such. Nevertheless there are teachers who got used to correct the financial position during session. Classical high school bribe - the requirement from students of money for … examinations and offsets. The speech doesn't go about the established tariffs of some commercial higher education institutions for a repeating an examination - simply the teacher sounds to the head of group the sum (80 - 150 UAH) which needs to be collected from each student's nose. The list together with money and record books lays down on a table of the mentor of youth. That who didn't show a bit of generosity, the repeating an examination, probably, and not one is necessary, most likely.

Just regional resource agency "The Crimea — Prospect" finished the project according to corruption level in autonomy higher education institutions: in 6 educational institutions anonymous questioning among students was carried out. Unfortunately, not all higher education institutions including state, allowed to conduct at itself such research - probably, to them are that to be afraid. As the project manager Yury Shamkov reported, it appeared that about 70% of students were necessary to pay for passing an examination, course or theses. Thus many offered a bribe from - for uncertainty in the knowledge and unwillingness to learn a subject. By the way, paid with rare exception for delivery of non-core subjects - for example, physical culture or a foreign language. There were cases when the teacher hinted, persistently giving a mark to the paid.

The sums it was necessary to spread the different: from 5 to 1 thousand UAH, "financial maintenance" diploma cost even $500. Most often took the "cash", sometimes expensive gift bought by sharing the cost. By the way, like expensive alcoholic drinks pupils at all didn't identify a gift with a bribe.

The other day on the hot caught the head of a chair of one Sevastopol higher education institution, it had serious quotations: from 200 UAH for offset, from 600 UAH for examination, a crop during one only session turned out plentiful.By the way, an end to an obiraniye of students was put by pupils who addressed in militia and brought to the teacher of 1,8 thousand UAH. During a search in an office found also more than 23 thousand UAH and $5,7 thousand. But this case more likely exception, than rule: students complain to each other about bribes much more often, but undertake nothing. And such system quite arranges some: why to pore over textbooks when it is possible to pay simply?


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