The Spanish war for Petersburg inheritance

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Malyshev - the Gonzales arrested on Majorca, planned criminal repartition in Sankt - Petersburg? The Spanish police covered "a nest of the Russian mafia", having detained more than two tens nee Russians.

What relation these people have to the Russian criminal world? On the Pyrenees them call members of the Tambov group. However they are rather her enemies. Alejandro Langas Gonzales who has appeared under guards in 90-x shared Sankt - Petersburg with other authority - Vladimir Kumarin, passing from open hostility to a patched-up peace. Called him then Alexander Malyshev. Vladimir Kumarin then won fight: Malyshev left the country and replaced a name. But after Benzopyrone arrest last summer the Gonzales got chance of a revenge. It isn't surprising that he became constant visitor home. And a series of these voyages was interrupted only by Spaniards.

Spaniards suspect Russian "mafiosi" of traffic in arms and drugs, tobacco smuggling, extortion, bribery of officials and custom-made murders, and "on snack" - of washing of criminal money. Assume even as if state which - whom from detainees began with CPSU and KGB money and were increased by means of very known political figures of the contemporary history. 500 bank accounts with hundred millions euros and dollars are arrested, withdrawn values on 15 million euros. Not without pride we will note: it, most likely, the ridiculous sums in comparison with the total amount of business of our compatriots.

From the center to the South

Persons involved in the Spanish business now - quite decent citizens of the different states and absolutely legal businessmen of planetary scale. However the past at them indeed the difficult. Spaniards, apparently, found communication between it and present bank accounts of Russians.

Among detainees on Malaga there was Alejandro Langas Gonzales, he is Alexander Ivanovich Malyshev. Once him called the leader of the "malyshevsky" group keeping under control a half of St. Petersburg. That half that wasn't subject to "Tambov". As the leader of the last consider Vladimir Barsukov, in the past - Benzopyrone.

In a year Malyshev and Benzopyrone could meet and note 20 - the anniversary of the hostility.

Only the meeting hardly will take place:Badgers sits in our "Matrosskaya Tishina" and if as it is tenacious Spaniards will undertake Gonzalesa - Malysheva, it too to anniversary won't keep up.

It was not simply war of two strong figures. Their relations influenced (and speak - and now influence) an alignment of forces in 6 - million St. Petersburg. Even in the capital today which - who could tell how the first steps in a career ladder to it were cut down by one of these two "titans". War began with historical "arrow" in the market in the Leningrad Devyatkin in 1989. Then lay down so much "Tambov" and "malyshevskikh" that RUBOP didn't sustain and began hunting behind the others. Many from survived mudflows. But leaders of strongly thinned out groups continued to divide the city. From the center to the South and Hugo - I will sink down the markets, banks, a casino, buying up of antiques and precious metals - the income from all this went "malyshevsky".

Westerners against Slavophiles

Rivals equally started, but it is possible to call Malyshev more "the typical representative" 90-x: to business it came from boxing, without having secondary education. It, as well as at Benzopyrone, by the beginning of modern times behind shoulders had criminal records, but articles were more serious: two terms for murders - deliberate and "careless" (in both cases I killed a fist).

But there was no kumarinsky will. According to the Petersburg field investigator who worked on both groups, at "malyshevskikh" the discipline limped, foremen didn't submit to the leader, at best - consulted. There was in it plus: near Kumarin in recent years almost didn't remain old colleagues, but Malyshev managed to keep up to that moment them in friends. One of them, Gennadiya Petrova, together with it detained on Malaga.

But there was also a minus: among fighters the discontent ripened and the disorder began, many came over to the side of the opponent, having got to militia - started speaking. After "arrow" in Devyatkin Malyshev on - to the present I was frightened. Without waiting while RUBOP will close or the competitor will slam, he set a rumor afloat about the death in firefight with "Tambov", and itself left and sat out in Sweden. It was the first foreign voyage undertaken by future Gonzales for preservation of freedom and life.

It is necessary to tell, rivals always differed on "orientation". Benzopyrone remained convinced "patriot". The main business connected with Russia, financed church, ruling political parties and the high-ranking officials. Probably, so he expected to save itself(himself) from possible troubles. But I didn't save:in the summer 2007-го, after several years of quiet life as the legal businessman and even the pensioner, he all - was arrested. Speak, for half a year before to it recommended strongly to sell everything and to leave abroad. Vladimir Sergeyevich with indignation refused.

Malyshev - convinced "Westerner", it was protected differently. Still at the beginning of 90-x, speak, I started transferring slowly money to the western banks and to buy real estate abroad. Having gone to Sweden, I returned to Russia only when Benzopyrone appeared behind a lattice. I started "inventory"... But right there itself I got to a pre-trial detention center of FSB where stayed with 93-го on 95-й year. But in court from all loud charges only illegal storage of the weapon resisted. 2 years of a pre-trial detention center were reckoned, and in 95 - m Malyshev was released.

Thanks to activity of RUBOP and efforts of competitors by this time from "malyshevsky" community a little that remained. But the enemy, the leader "Tambov", arrests and firefights almost didn't weaken. And Malyshev went abroad where beforehand I transferred the main business. It was naturalized Estonia. Through Baltic banks it was simplest to transfer abroad money, besides, according to field investigators, in Estonia Malyshev had a small casino.

After it will try to bring to trial Estonian authorities: for obtaining nationality it as if provided counterfeit metrics. Estonians even detained him in 2002, and few weeks he stayed at them in a pre-trial detention center that then, offended and free, to go to itself to Malaga.

13 years on separations

That Malysheva "makes related" with Kumarin - so it is attempt to disown of the past, having replaced a name. Benzopyrone became Barsukov, having simply changed one Russian passport for another. Malyshev in 1999 married the Latin American and became Gonzales.

The last years mister lived Gonzales quietly and grandly, having become the simple Spanish businessman. With the spouse and children it located in the resort town Marbelya, slightly to the west of Malaga. It is considered one of the most expensive places in the world. Nearby many friends and partners of mister of Gonzales, including it "the right hand" Gennady Petrov, and other our compatriots lodged.

- You can ask any taxi driver in Malaga to show houses to "the Russian mafia", and you at once will bring to Malyshev's house, - the deputy director of the Petersburg Agency of journalistic investigations Evgeny Vyshenkov tells. - There is on what to look:80- the meter yacht, boats, elevators to water...

It is possible to carry a retail network of building materials, construction companies, meat processing plant to the "Russian" part of the empire of Malyshev and Petrov. On hearings, on Petrov's yacht - that, 80 - meter - didn't shun to have a rest very much and very known Russian officials. Which - who from them is Malyshev's neighbor on Malaga, and at someone cottages on the Krestovsky island in Petersburg - side by side with Petrov's house.

In Russia Alexander Ivanovich wasn't 13 years. For the first time after long separation mister Gonzales visited Petersburg in 2007 - almost right after arrest of the old rival of Barsukov, then came several times. Also it isn't excluded that it groped the soil for a revenge. After all without leader "residents of Tambov" hardly could show serious resistance. Most likely, operation of the Spanish police prevented new criminal repartition of Sankt - Petersburg. At least, repartition between groups already being at enmity once. And so it turns out that today both former enemies though in the different countries, but again - in identical conditions.

From 20 detainees 13 - without the right of an exit on the security

The investigator Baltasar Garson it is entrusted to them to be engaged in business so-called тамбовско - a malyshevsky mafia, made the decision on imprisonment without the right to leave on the security of 13 of 20 detainees past week Russians. Two more suspects - Leonid Hazin and Zhanna Gavrilenkova - were released by a bail in 6 and 100 thousand euros. As the Spanish newspaper El Pais reports, among taken into custody there were Alexander Malyshev, Gennady Petrov, Yury Salikov, Leonid Hristoforov, Yulia Smolenko, Vitaly Izgilov, Svetlana Kuzmina and Vadim Romanyuk. In the widespread judicial resolution it is said that all detainees submitted to Gennady Petrov.

According to the court resolution, in Spain Petrov possesses real estate and the companies in the total cost more than 30 million euros. In the document it is said also that тамбовско - malyshevsky started arriving to Spain since 1996, located in Malaga and were engaged in "criminal operations", the large income from which put in personal and real estate. However the list of charges entered not only monetary frauds. Depending on degree of participation in "mafia" charges of murders, traffic in arms, extortion, forgery, trade in influence, bribery, smuggling, drug traffic, custom-made attacks and blackmail are brought to detainees.

Thus, charges are brought to only 15 Russians from 20 detainees during the operation "Three". 25 warrants on arrest were issued to in total Spanish police.


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