Brought down to death the student Kazimirov it is placed in a pre-trial detention center - the lawyer is sure that it is illegal

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The lawyer of the accused Alexey Kazimirov, which past year to death I brought down 20 - the summer Nikolaev studentTo Yuli Kalanchev also I disappeared from a scene,Vladimir Timoshininsists on that law enforcement agencies concerning his client work, to put it mildly, not under the law, writes the edition "N news".

- It todayit is placed in a pre-trial detention centernot on a court sentence, and under the protocol of an order of Art. 106 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine made by the operative of the Central District Department of Internal Affairs on suspicion in commission of crime, - I toldV. Timoshin.- That is, under the law him had to detain at 72 o'clock. Detained him on April 19, and already on April 22, in 8.00 mornings, had to release. It carry from place to place and, eventually, brought to a pre-trial detention center.

We will remind, "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT" wrote that some days before meeting of Appellate courtAlexey KazimirovI appeared in one of the Nikolaev hospitals where doctors and reported militias about its emergence then condemned it was taken under an escort, but being in hospital.

Yesterday, on April 24 in Appellate court of the Nikolaev area the appeal of the decision Central regional had to be consideredvessels of Nikolaev on the this case, however meeting didn't take place.

In anticipation of tomorrow's meetingVladimir TimoshinI stated the position on the this case:

"In the law it is accurately written that article 359 Criminally - the procedural code of Ukraine says that if during consideration of the appeal complaint is established that as Art. 344 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Ukraine condemned the sentence isn't announced and for three days the sentence copy isn't handed over - business is subject to return to court of the first instance.

The Supreme Court even paints that behind the specified provision of the law delivery condemned or justified copies of a sentence is the obligatory rule which doesn't provide any exceptions and is subject to performance irrespective of, whether there was it at the announcement of a sentence or not.

If tomorrow the Appellate court doesn't fulfill this requirement, without penetrating into such circumstances, we assume that is solved


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