That it is more terrible — fast death or long life behind a lattice

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More than ten years in Ukraine there is no death penalty - our country refused murders of prisoners even for the most serious crimes. Recently communists introduced the bill providing renewal of the death penalty in the Verkhovna Rada. They consider that the capital punishment will allow to frighten potential murderers and to reduce quantity of crimes. Journalists visited the Dnepropetrovsk colony No. 89 and found out that think sentenced to life imprisonment of the death penalty. And that for them it is more terrible - fast death or long life behind a lattice.

In Ukraine there is no special prison for sentenced to life imprisonment. They are scattered over all country. In some colonies there are sectors of a maximum level of safety where "pozhiznennik" contain. In the Dnepropetrovsk colony serve sentence of 1230 prisoners who have got here for crimes of different severity. Besides, here exists also the certain territory which has been fenced off from the general by strong walls and a barbed wire. Wishing to get here isn't present. Here serve sentence 40 condemned until the end of life.

Casual people get to these cameras far not. Also they contain with observance of the maximum security measures, behind tens lattices, iron doors, under continuous supervision of workers of a colony and protection of sentry dogs. To appear in one of these cameras, it is necessary to have big "obedient" the list.

Some murders with special cruelty, rapes. At many of them suffices both that, and another. However, some are sure that appeared in the camera of a life imprisonment incidentally or by mistake.

67- summer Alexander Chernyak considers that lifelong term to him gave unfairly. Allegedly there were no strong evidences, and case wasn't objectively considered in court.Though Chernyak can safely be ranked as dangerous recidivists with an experience - in prisons it spent 52 years. Life imprisonment to it drew for murder of the old woman.

- And I anywhere also am not going to leave. The house sold, the wife isn't present, children never and wasn't so to come back to me simply there is nobody. And years already prevail, I won't live even up to the term when I can write the application on pardon. And if lived, all the same wouldn't write. I carried out the most part of life on prisons, here and I will die, - without regret Chernyak speaks. - It is a pity that my case wasn't normally considered, and so, maybe, and wouldn't put. And recognition from me beat out, edges still can't normally grow together and at my age already and won't grow together.

At for life prisoners there is a lot of free time, despite the strict regime schedule. Day begins with lifting. Filling of beds, cleaning, meal, walks, viewing of TV programs. Other hours everyone is provided to itself(himself).

Therefore they carry out the most part of time behind reading. Unlike others condemned, Alexander Chernyak isn't fond of the Bible. Speaks, it is uninteresting. And isn't going to repent. Generally reads newspapers yes waits for opportunity to take a walk in a court yard.

- Everything here is normal, I got used already. But I can't reconcile to that put me in the camera with maniacs! And I don't know that at them on mind, they, maybe, inadequate any, - Chernyak complains. - And sores old bother - constantly heart hurts, bones ломит.

Despite complaints and inconveniences, Alexander Chernyak categorically against renewal of the death penalty.

- I not only for myself speak. I think, in our country there are a lot of unfair sentences, as at me. Therefore it is impossible to execute the person even if the fault was proved by court. And, whatever you may say, there is a wish to live. At least in a colony and under the lock, - the prisoner sighs.

Now experienced murderers even sleep with the Bible

When you look through sentences condemned for life, hair bristle. At all it isn't believed that people are capable of such atrocities. Judgments occupy some volumes from some with descriptions of crimes.

One of present "inhabitants" of sector of a particular treatment Alexander Kurkay of that only didn't manage to create. On its account participation in murders, extortion. To inhabitants of Dnepropetrovsk it was remembered by that cut off the heads to three people to throw to the criminal rival. For intimidation. Alexander sits eight years.At first sight, ordinary man, nothing remarkable. Gives out a look. From such at once scolds a frost and goosebumps run on skin. From the person with such steel eyes there is a wish to appear on other party of a lattice. But now, by words Kurkaya, he completely repented.

- I even am glad that me caught and put. Even I am afraid to think that I still could do, bailing. When I sat in IVS, to me there was a vision from the Lord. At me all life passed before eyes, it showed that I created, how incorrectly lived. I already then started repenting, - tells Kurkay.

As well as many prisoners, Alexander doesn't like to remember former sins. On a question of their crimes condemned either keep silent, or call murders "casual offense". Now, except the Bible, Alexander reads nothing. But say that actively plays sports. Despite the lifelong term, Kurkay thinks that will be released.

- I still very much hope to be released. Well, and as it will turn out, I don't know. Certainly, I would change, - Alexander Kurkay is sure. - And against the death penalty it is incited categorically. The conclusion, for example to me, is given to think again and repent. And as though I could repent if me at once shot? And for time spent in a colony, I understood a lot of things, thought much and not only repented, but also regenerated sincerely.

Having communicated to workers of a colony, I was convinced that almost all prisoners became devoutly believing. "Lifelong" in the days study the Bible, ask from administration to bring other editions. Not all here - orthodox Christians. There are among condemned baptists and Protestants. Today everyone is ready to become a pastor. Only in their sincerity it isn't believed. For many prisoners the belief is as one more way to get on will. Everyone sentenced to life imprisonment in twenty years has the right to write the application on pardon. And the positive recommendation of administration of a colony for the believer and the raskaivayushchy condemned can be additional plus. Certainly, probability of that will satisfy the application, scanty, but everyone hopes what exactly to it will carry. Among themselves condemned don't communicate almost, even avoid each other. That being on friendly terms or trust the secrets.

"My family believes that I will come back home"

Vyacheslav Bigun carried out in the camera for eight years for life concluded already. As well as many, he actively reads now the Bible and believes that will appear on freedom.

- Not only I am confident in it, all my family precisely knows that I will leave. On freedom I am waited by the wife and the daughter. They regularly come to me, visit. Only when I will leave, I don't know how God will dispose, - Vyacheslav considers.

Now the guy is only 29 years old. Vyacheslav doesn't like to remember, from - for what got for a lattice. In a sentence it is specified that together with the father Vyacheslav a shank of a shovel hammered two people after that corpses burned. The guy sentenced to life imprisonment, the father got off easier.

- It was my offense, it is no more and not less. After all someone kills for hundred hryvnias, and someone for the sake of a family. But I deeply repent of it and I regret, - Vyacheslav sighs.

The guy whiles away free time behind reading and the writing of letters. Writes to the Christian organizations, asks to send literature. They regularly answer and fill up Vyacheslav's library.

It is sad that any prisoner before got to a colony, didn't start studying attentively the Bible, maybe, then there would be no terrible crimes. And now, probably, it will bring someone a peace of mind and will give hope, but in any way won't return the taken-away lives.

- I oppose renewal of the death penalty. It is wrong, it is better to allow to the person to repent, estimate and weigh time the acts, - Vyacheslav considers.

But many consider differently - to execute that another nepovadno was.

- Annually in our country there are more than 4000 murders, unless it - not an obvious signal what it is necessary to enter the death penalty? - Pyotr Simonenko is indignant. - Then recidivists ten times would think before depriving of the person of life. Besides, we offered the death penalty for especially serious crimes. It would be in such a way possible to protect our citizens.

It is hard to say that suits cruel murderers - a life imprisonment or the death penalty more. Some can tell that fast death - a humane way for people who scoffed at the victims. On the other hand, the constant conclusion within four walls oppresses and dements. After all even those who hopes to come to will, at heart understand that to be them behind bars for the rest of the natural. Besides, whether the simple person comfortable near the maniac or the cruel murderer will be able to feel? And whether society needs them?

Escape is excluded

Alexey Kakateev, chief of a colony No. 89:

- We have very severe security measures for condemned to a life imprisonment therefore any attempt of escape is simply excluded. If one of prisoners bring, the rest through a lattice surely put on handcuffs. They are accompanied constantly by workers of a colony. Daily workers of a colony examine cameras and personal belongings of prisoners. Besides, the case for condemned to a life imprisonment was under construction at the expense of a colony, therefore we personally аблюдали that there were no defects in safety system.


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