Of what accuse the judge Koval?

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Today the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine concerning justice submitted for consideration of 3 sessions of the IV convocation of the Resolution No. 3499 and No. 3500 in which it is offered to detain the chairman of the Nikolaev economic court Yury Koval and the judge of the Lvov appellate administrative court Igor Zvarycha.

We will remind that on November 15, 2007 the Pechersky district court of Kiev passed the decision on excitement concerning Koval Yu. M. of criminal case on signs of the crimes provided by part 1 of article 364 (the abuse of power which has entailed heavy consequences), part 2 of article 368 (receiving a bribe in especially large size) the Criminal code. During the investigation of business, on November 11, 2007 Yury Koval was detained in Odessa when receiving money from a certain Gondarev. About circumstances of detention of Yu. Koval in Odessa our site wrote repeatedly, submitting versions, both law enforcement agencies, and Yury Mikhaylovich. Koval's detention, followed then searches in his study and on apartments, caused a huge public response. That in judicial system of our country the full mess is created, is known to everyone. Only in our area last year two scandals when on decisions of the courts in Nikolaev and Voznesensk a bail people to whom commission of serious criminal offenses is incriminated were released thundered. As a result inveterate criminals had an opportunity to evade from a consequence, to intimidate victims and witnesses and it is simple to leave wherever one wishes. And property questions greasing the palm in court, aren't solved at all. Generally, all hoped that Koval's business becomes really loud and will serve as a lesson to many bribe takers in judicial cloaks.

However on February 6, 2008 the Kiev appellate court cancelled the decision on initiation of legal proceedings against the judge Yury Koval. As the main reason the insufficient evidential base was specified.

Today all one question interests - that incriminate law enforcement agencies to the judge Koval? Some materials, capable to shed light on this business got to our order. We want to warn at once:we accuse nobody and we don't justify. We only give our readers information, that in this case is blamed. Search of proofs - consequence business, as well as recognition guilty - court business.

So. Besides a sensational episode with detention of the judge during receiving money from гр. S. V. Gundareva about what we in detail wrote, two more episodes appear in business. The first - about receiving from R.'s lawyer of money in the sum of 5 000 UAH for pronouncement of the decision on recognition of the property right to real estate in Vradiyevke. The second - about the director of one of the municipal enterprises of Nikolaev who paid the bill for a processor case in the sum of 3 000 UAH, having received in exchange the positive decision on collecting debt for 400 000 UAH

Besides, as a result of check of activity of the enterprise of the son-in-law Yury Koval, Vadim Entin, the following was established. Entin received real estate in Nikolaev according to the decision of economic court. In particular, auction on sale of property of JSC Nektar took place in due time. Auction was won by JSC Avtotsentr. However, according to the decision of the Kirovograd court registration of real estate it was transferred certain to "the Mlinarsky complex". After that "Car center" submits the claim to the Nikolaev economic court with a request for seizure of "Nectar" property. After such arrest was imposed, the presiding judge submitted this case to other judge who cancelled the resolution on seizure. Thanks to this decision board of creditors could sell "Nectar" property to other enterprise - JSC Igdem. Lawyers see the signs of a crime provided by the Art. in these actions. 364 UK Ukraine.

As we managed to learn, now law enforcement agencies conduct check on several more episodes:

- to receiving money from the citizen Yu. directors of open company - for decision-making in its advantage concerning building of object on the Camp field;

- to payment by the deputy of the Nikolaev City Council of a full board to Yu. Koval and his wife in Riksos hotel to Truskavets for the sum of 17 700 UAH. In exchange the decision obliging session of the City Council to consider a question of branch of the land plot under construction of the market around YuTZ was allegedly passed;

- to receiving money from D.'s citizen - the director of one of sports clubs of Nikolaev for the decision on bankruptcy of the enterprise;

- to receiving money from the lawyer Z.for the positive solution of business by one of judges economic vessels

It should be noted that in some of the episodes stated above quite famous surnames appear in the city.

Besides, at the disposal of investigators is available tens hours of video in an office of the judge Koval on which, among other, episodes of receiving bribes are imprinted.

As far as all these facts are true - we don't undertake to judge. We hope, law enforcement agencies квалифицированныо will manage to understand all artful designs which arose round Yury Koval, and we, at last, will be able to receive clarity - the judge is guilty, or not.


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