To kill the bothered parents and to become rich and free?.

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In due time this case was shined widely by the Donetsk press. In December, 2005 in the house Shapchenko's spouses were killed. But shock caused not only the fact of a cruel crime and its terrifying circumstances, but also the identity of the detained murderers. Of accused it was one 20 - the summer son of victims Georgy. The final end was put to this criminal case quite recently and now we can tell, than this history ended.

Where they disappeared?

Everything began with the statement which at the end of December, 2005 was brought in Kalinin regional department of militia of Donetsk by Georgy Shapchenko. From the prestigious university written by the senior student followed that his parents - Alexey Vladimirovich and Evgenia Georgiyevna - where - that disappeared. Therefore, disturbed by absence of mother and the father, the loving son also addressed to militiamen. Those, naturally, left in a residence of Shapchenko.

Police officers paid attention that missing were people quite well-founded as it is accepted to speak: "The house - a full bowl". The sizes and comfort of the dwelling, both its furniture, and expensive foreign car in spacious garage, and level of material security - everything testified to good prosperity.

At the time of survey in the house was as - that too is tidied up, such impression that to rooms long and carefully brought an ideal order. From what it? And at detectives practically catches began to appear at once. And material - the washed-away traces of brown color (reminded blood spots) on furniture, and, we will tell so, the psychological plan.

The behavior of the young man - the applicant directed at certain reflections. It serially put forward various versions of loss of parents which burst one for another. Over time the number of disagreements in Georgy's indications became simply critical.First the guy denied any participation in disappearance of the father and mother, but, eventually, driven into the corner exposing arguments and the facts, agreed to tell the truth.

Fathers and children

Speaking to language legal, Georgy had aversions with parents. I irritated the guy absolutely unjustified, in his opinion, guardianship - adults, it seems, dictated: with whom to be on friendly terms, where to go how to have a rest, what profession should be chosen in the future, etc. During the investigation and vessels witnesses confirmed: really, Shapchenko's spouses kept the only offspring in very strict framework.

As - that time, being engaged in a gym of university, Shapchenko - younger got acquainted with the age-mate - the student Vasily Gerashchenko. The last on the nature wasn't deprived of leadership skills, and therefore occurred natural, generally - that, a thing: Georgy who didn't have serious life experience, easily got under influence of the new friend. Soon it became clear that that isn't deprived not only leader, but also criminal inclinations - he began to suggest Georgy to make attacks on small outlets! However, these plans weren't fated to come true, at least, the consequence didn't elicit such facts. Though now unambiguously also you won't tell - well or badly that being outlined it was realized. After all it is quite probable that after any robbery homebrew gangsters, considering their short-sightedness and inexperience, would hit militia hands. Alas, it turned out so that young people realized more terrible and bloody scenario, than a banal raid on a street stall.

By the way, after Shapchenko's acquaintance to Gerashchenko the circle of friends at Georgy extended. Vasily acquainted him with the companions - the student Ruslan Romanchenko and the child-hood friend Philip Mospan. Running a little forward, I will tell that subsequently these young people took the most active part in semeyno - the criminal drama.

It isn't surprising that at rather confidential relations of guys, Vasily knew not only about Georgy's family friction with parents, but also about considerable money and expensive gold products which were stored in their house.

By the end of 2005 Georgy's discontent with adults reached such degree that on Gerashchenko's proposal to resolve immemorial dispute "fathers and children" by murder, he agreed. Friends hadn't to look for the weapon at all. The hunting carbine "Saiga" on quite legal bases was stored in Shapchenko's house.Date of murder was planned for December 27, and two more probable participants of the forthcoming cruel action - Romanchenko and the Moscow sir - decided to bring up to date only in day of commission of crime.

Everything passed according to the plan

As well as it was planned, in the afternoon Vasily Gerashchenko met the Moscow sir, transferred it a package in which there were gas sprays, medical gloves, other equipment. In the late afternoon Romanchenko joined two friends. The Trinity arrived to a place, and after phone call of Georgy Shapchenko which notified accomplices on absence of parents, guys came into the house. There Gerashchenko cast, distributed gas sprays and rods. "Director" armed more thoroughly: Shapchenko - younger handed over him a fatherly carbine "Saiga".

At half past seven p.m. nothing suspecting spouses stopped by in the yard. While the head of the family put a car in garage, Evgenia Georgiyevna went to the house. Well and further that horror which divided life of participants of bloody "representation" on immemorial Before and after began.

The Moscow sir attacked the woman, scattered her in a face from a gas spray, and Romanchenko jostled in an office, began to beat hands, feet and a metal rod. Then the victim connected a rope and an adhesive tape.

When the suspecting head of family entered the house of nothing, its turn came also. But the stream from a barrel "didn't take the man", it showed active resistance and entered with attacking fight. Then the metal rod was used. But even it didn't "disconnect" Alexey Vladimirovich who continued to fight desperately. The end to opposition was put by Gerashchenko, having shot at Shapchenko's back - to the senior from his "Saiga". The death of the host came on a place.

It is difficult to believe, but at once after murder "crew" of murderers began to divide coolly the found production - nearly twenty thousand hryvnias and four thousand dollars which were at that time in the house.

Further friends showed the abilities in destruction of proofs: washed away trails of blood in rooms, collected the things soiled by blood, having providently turned in polyethylene, shipped in a luggage carrier of master's "Honda" Shapchenko's corpse - the senior and Evgenia Georgiyevna who at that moment was still live!

The company left out of borders of Donetsk, to the Yasinovatsky area, throwing out on the thing road with blood traces.At a concrete drainpipe which passes under the route "Mariupol — Slavyansk", Gerashchenko finished the woman, having shot it at the head from a carbine. After that already two corpses hid in a pipe where seldom who looks.

Everyone weren't guilty

During a court session Georgy Shapchenko declared what exactly Gerashchenko was the initiator of assault on his parents: and, Vasily promised that during attack nobody will suffer.

Gerashchenko, in turn, exposed the instigator of a crime of Georgy. Say, it was so evil on the father and mother that suggested to make not only assault on the family, but also to kill the dearest people. And it "grabbed a gun incidentally", the shot made in turmoil and involuntarily. And the woman was finished not by it, and her useless son. If to listen to two remained participants of history - the Moscow sir and Romanchenko, so they in general there was nothing. So, involuntary eyewitnesses.

However, these versions weren't joined in any way to the materials collected by a consequence: with nature of the attack made openly, without masks and fear to be identified (so, in live were going to leave nobody! ) with the subsequent careful and thought-over destruction of traces, with attempt to present everything as sudden disappearance of victims, etc.

Frankly speaking, unclear, on what in general young people counted. What the militia won't investigate disappearance of spouses, having formally limited to adoption of the statement? What relatives of the last won't begin to initiate searches? What after a crime new trouble-free life of "gilded youth" with big money and two corpses behind soul will begin?

The judge of Appellate court of Donetsk region Rostislav Gertsik presiding over process, remembers that defendants during meetings didn't stint tears. The same Vasily Gerashchenko didn't cry at all, and sobbed! But there were it repentant tears or simply pity to themselves - difficultly to tell.

That Gerashchenko wasn't alien a crime and before commission of double murder, the search which has been carried out in the course of investigation at it in the apartment in Kirovsky district of Donetsk confirmed. There field investigators found more than one hundred cartridges of caliber of 5,6 mm, eight cartridges of caliber 7,62, and also specially made of a scaffold with handles a stranglehold, knifes, masks - hats, the grenade
In November, 2006 the judge Rostislav Gertsik announced a sentence.With what feeling the four of the young people who are in a hall behind a lattice listened to it, to present absolutely easily.

Georgy Shapchenko and Vasily Gerashchenko were sentenced to lifelong imprisonment, Ruslan Romanchenko and Philip Mospan have to spend, respectively, fifteen and fourteen years in imprisonment places.

As usual, defendants considered punishment unfairly strict and appealed against sentence. But the Supreme Court of Ukraine, having considered all facts of the case, I left a verdict of Appellate court of Donetsk region without change. Recently it entered validity.


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