If "Nibulon" carries out a vessel to the mooring, it will lead to the tragedy, - are sure in Nikolaevsk seaport

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"I treat people who can agree even with a tree. But with Alexey Afanasyevich I can't agree", - so the chief of the Nikolaev seaport Vasily Kapatsina spoke the developed conflict between the agricultural company "Nibulon" which head is Alexey Vadatursky, and seaport.

We will remind, the conflict between neighbors seaport and "Nibulon" occurred from - that the captain of port didn't pass the vessel "PREVENTER" to the zernoperegruzochny Nibulona terminal. As declared a press - company service, the captain of port ignored parameters and the characteristics determined by the passport of the water area which in 2007 was developed by JSC Scientifically — Manufacturing Enterprise Gidrotekhnika and which gained recognition of the Register of navigation of Ukraine. "This passport testifies that the water area at the Nibulona terminal can freely accept settlement vessels 225 m long, - the press - company services is told in the message. - From - that the vessel can't moor as "Nibulon" declares, the international contract breaks, and the enterprise will be compelled to pay penalties of $1,1 million and the seaport will lose about $300 thousand. port collecting.

The head of seaport Vasily Kapatsina during taken place a press - conferences answered on October 27 all charges from outside "Nibulona".

The water area passport about which there is a speech in the statement a press - services of the agricultural company, according to Kapatsina, is invalid.

- The passport can make the non-state enterprise, however under the law it has to be surely coordinated with GP "Chernomorniiproyekt", - the chief of seaport told. - And the scientific research institute sent us the answer that the mentioned passport developed by JSC Gidrotekhnika in 2007, wasn't provided to institute and wasn't coordinated. Respectively, this passport is invalid.

Concerning 300 thousand dollars of port collecting which, by data "Nibulona" loses seaport from - that doesn't pass a vessel, that, according to Kapatsina, this sum is very exaggerated and actually makes no more than 170 thousand.

The ministry of transport and communication of Ukraine already declared that attempt to carry out vessels to the mooring of JSC Nibulon can become a cause of accident, after all found inadmissible narrowing of width of the channel by places to 48 m and essential shift of a profile of the channel concerning its axis.

That passings of the vessel "PREVENTER" is dangerous and can lead to serious accident, confirmed not only the chief of seaport and the captain of seaport Pavel Ryabchikov, but also present on a press - conferences ex-the deputy head of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" Georgy Romanov who carried out in due time the cruiser "Varangian" on the same channel. When Romanov carried out a vessel, there was a probability that the cruiser will simply get stuck and remains in the channel "as monument". Nevertheless, the vessel passed successfully. However "PREVENTER" can't be carried out on the channel, he assures - the vessel simply physically "will not creep" to the canal.

According to Vasily Kapatsina, restriction on length for суден which can pass through the canal, makes 215 meters. And "PREVENTER" length - 227 meters.

- Last year as experiment two calling of vessels to Nibulona port were carried out, - told Kapatsin. - Experiment was made in favorable weather. Deposit of one vessel - 9,20, another - 7,70. Though vessel passed successfully, but experiment showed that it is unsafe. Besides, such experiments can be made only in the summer in calm windless weather. The channel doesn't correspond to parameters to pass such vessels to "Nibulon". And "Nibulon" knew that there is a restriction on pass суден.

- Understand, one careless movement, will happen a contact a board of a vessel of soil, and there will be a trouble, - казал Kapatsina.

According to the chief of seaport, carrying out the vessel "PREVENTER" will do much harm to the vessel - it will simply break as a toy ship.

- Same not the sea, - Kapatsina speaks. - Accident in the water area of port will ruin the Southern Bug.

Vasily Kapatsina is sure that "Nibulon" intentionally provokes the conflict. Despite it, he offers a solution.

- We are ready to accept a vessel on the seaport mooring, - told Kapatsin. - For this purpose it is necessary to ship on barges freight to a precipitation 10,3. Expenses on loading will make within 5-6 dollars for ton.Unloading will take 5-6 days.

We will remind that the vessel "PREVENTER" can't get to Nibulona port since October 16 - 11 days.

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