Taxi drivers and dispatching services don't observe the legislation?

Online: {{ reading || 0 }}Read:{{ views || 1449 }}Comments:{{ comments || 0 }}    Rating:(869)  already told that the Nikolaev taxi drivers decided to create labor union to defend the rights. But as at any subject, at taxi drivers is not only the rights - have to be and duties. However the duties stipulated in the legislation, neither taxi drivers, nor heads of dispatching services don't carry out. It is reasoned prove in territorial administration of the Main state inspection on the motor transport in the Nikolaev area.

"A taxi - the car equipped with a raspoznavatelny lamp of orange color which is installed on the car roof, an operating taximeter, an alarm lamp with the green and red light located in the right top corner of a windshield and which has the put compositions from the squares located in chessboard order on doors of the car from the left and right side, intended for service on transportation of passengers and their baggage in an individual order".

So the Law of Ukraine "About the motor transport" says. And in practice the Nikolaev taxi - cars, certainly, automobile, but on it their "compliance" to law requirements also comes to an end.

"Combs" by our taxi can be any color - both white, and blue, both green, and red, but not orange. Besides, as the chief specialist of department of licensing of territorial administration of the Main state inspection on the motor transport in the Nikolaev area Yury Pilipenko told, is very frequent they not established sample - are too huge. There are by our taxi no "eyes" and "shashechka" on lateral doors. But very often there is an advertizing that is forbidden by the Law on advertizing.

It is difficult to meet a taxi in which the taximeter (according to Yu.Pilipenko is established, in the Nikolaev area taximeters are established approximately on 200 cars, though cars which work in a taxi mode, at least in 10 times more).And without taximeter the passenger won't be able to receive the check which is confirmation of that the trip was made by this taxi.

Such confirmation is necessary in case of receiving injuries at road accident or simply boorish attitude towards the passenger of the driver. But if with the driver - the boor it is possible to swear simply, here to receive money for treatment of the injuries got in road accident, it is simply impossible - the check - you don't have that, and to prove that you went in this taxi, you won't be able. According to Yu.Pilipenko, to him cases when the taxi had an accident are known, however injured passengers can't still receive any compensation. As at once after road accident commission on a scene of profit of the colleague of the taxi driver, destroyed all traces which could specify that the car was used as a taxi (removed a handheld transceiver, "comb", etc.).

It is necessary to add that only in 5 months of this year during raids by the staff of territorial administration of the Main state inspectorate on the motor transport in the Nikolaev area and the staff of GAI in the relation of taxi drivers 195 statements for total amount of penalties in 319 thousand UAH

were drawn up

However violate the law not only taxi drivers, but also heads of dispatching services.
They dare to sign contracts with taxi drivers which have no corresponding licenses and, respectively, license cards. Such conclusion follows from this that in our area 781 licenses for a taxi are obtained, and 859 license cards (the license is granted by sight activity, and a license card - on the car) are given out. And very often one owner can have some cars working in a mode of a taxi. But the main thing not in it, and that by the most approximate calculations only everyone 20-е the taxi has the license.

Besides, in dispatching services special magazines where information on time of a call, time of giving of the car, its registration plate, etc. has to be in full reflected have to be recorded. However such magazines aren't kept, and in the majority of dispatching services they simply are absent. Therefore to define, whether the certain car which has got into accidents as the taxi, is impossible worked.

But it, we will add, becomes not only in order that not to pay to injured passengers of compensation. The majority of the Nikolaev taxi are new cars which undertake their owners on credit. According to Yu.Pilipenko, the majority of banks the credits for cars which will be utilized as a taxi don't wish to give, and insurers prefer to sign contracts on insurance as especially stipulating point not uses of the car as a taxi. That is why "accessory traces" cars to a taxi class are very quickly destroyed by taxi drivers - that not to set up the and that in case of hit in the same situation your colleagues helped out you. And anybody, naturally, doesn't think of passengers.


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