Two Nikolaev "Varangians" became special pride of Russia and China

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On Monday the leader of the Pacific fleet of Russia the Guards Varangian guided missile cruiser arrived from Vladivostok with official visit to the Chinese port Qingdao, report RIA Novosti news agency.

This ship was constructed in Nikolaev and till 1996 bore the name "Ukraine Is Red". The cruiser is armed with a powerful multi-purpose shock missile system which allows to hit the surface and land targets on considerable removal. Also in its arsenal there are rocket bombometny launchers, torpedo tubes and some artillery installations of various caliber and appointment. No wonder that the ships of such class call "murderers of aircraft carriers".

"Varangian" will stay in Qingdao till April 24. He will participate in the celebrations devoted 60 - to the anniversary of creation voyenno - naval forces of China.

This child of the Nikolaev shipbuilders - with safe destiny and a world fame. Slightly less than one more "Varangian" was lucky - to the aircraft carrying cruiser - a child of the Black Sea shipbuilding plant. In 1992 construction stopped, the ship preserved, and six years later sold to certain Asian "travel agency" for 20 million dollars.

Now Nikolaev "Varangian" is called Shi Lang - in honor of the Chinese commander and, according to statements of official Beijing, it has a bright future: soon it modernize.

Against these ships as - sadly to watch that at third "nikolayevets" - the Ukraine guided missile cruiser which many years prop up a mooring wall of shipbuilding plant of a name of 61 Communards. Meanwhile, according to the plan construction of "Ukraine" had to finish 15 years ago! To Union disorder in the ship enclosed 171 million dollars. From 1992 to 2003 - 24 million more. Plus about one million "dollars" annually spends the state for the maintenance of this large object ready on 95 percent... And the ship, meanwhile, rusts and becomes outdated.

Meanwhile, "Ukraine" had a chance to repeat destiny of "Varangian" (what now in Qingdao). In 1993 when Ukraine and Russia divided fleet, to our country suggested to exchange "Ukraine" for two frigates. But such offer didn't satisfy the Ukrainian officials, and the transaction didn't take place. Now Russia doesn't need the ships of such class.All hope for the third countries.

We will note that "Ukraine" was the fourth and last cruiser in the series. To his three elder brothers - "Glory", "Chervony Ukraine" and "Marshal Ustinov" - the destiny had a kind feeling, them made to disorder of the USSR, and they were a part of fleet. The two first and nowadays continue to serve.


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