Women are restrained in the Nikolaev area – specialists of the center of employment

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Considering a place of women in system of the labor relations, it should be noted that inefficient use of their work has not only economic, but also social value. The most active century groups at able-bodied age pass from the enterprises and establishments from which them dismissed, to informal sector of economy. If in legal (state) sector the share of women at the age of 20 - 39 years reaches 40%, in private - 56%, and attracted to "self-employment" and the illegal labor relations - 60%. Many women go abroad in search of the best economic opportunities. Such choice often involves them in different forms of forced hard labor.

Women working in informal sector least socially are protected. Many of them work without service records, have no right on hospital, provision of pensions isn't guaranteed to them. Such women as usual in harmful conditions, with smaller number of days off or absolutely without them work, and duration of the working day (week) honor in one and a half, and even exceeds the norms established by the current legislation twice. Besides, a ratio of a salary of women and husband's in the economy sphere not in favor of women. It is clear that for equivalent work of the man and the woman earn identical reward. But the problem is that, despite high vocational and educational training, women in most cases hold positions less prestigious, less paid. Material needs and work loss often force the woman who has a family, entering a labor market, to agree on low-wage or not prestigious job without long-term guarantees of employment.

In the Novobugsky regional center of employment 948 jobless citizens, from them 481 men and 460 women were a state for 1.01.09.

The general level of competitors of work proceeding from education which they specify in the summaries, shows that the essential divergence in education between men and women isn't present.

In the regional center of employment 256 citizens with basic incomplete higher and full higher education, among which 55% - women were a state for 1.01.09. In 2008 of training with assistance of an employment service passed 72 women by the professions actual on a labor market: cook, confectioner, hairdresser, manicurist, baker, etc.

It is heavy to overestimate a role of the woman in our country.In New Bug at the enterprises, in establishments and the organizations of the area 2931 women who make 59,5% of total of the working work. Traditionally female work is used in those types of economic activity which need special attention, care, diligence: in healthcare institutions and the social help is occupied 79,4% of women, educations - 75,2%, in financial activity - 89,4%.

In leading area for New Bug - agriculture - 373 women which are made by 12,7% of all working women in the area are occupied. Is characteristic that among experts who work in public administration of the area, - 284 women who are 3,3 times more, than husband's (!). But in general across Ukraine a picture absolutely another.

The problem of gender equality (or inequalities) remains actual for the Ukrainian society - the role of women in socially - political life is still underestimated. Though they have the equal rights with men for work and remuneration for it, but in the sphere of compensation there are divergences - earnings of women less. Such picture is observed in Ukraine.

And here in the Novobugsky area a situation - in favor of women. In 2008 as a whole on the area the average monthly salary of women was for 53,9 UAH or is 5% more, than at men. It is connected, first of all, by that key positions at the enterprises and in the organizations generally borrow women. Especially in public administration and education.

So, in this area female work prevails.

During 2008 at assistance of the regional center of employment 513 women that makes 48% of total are employed.

It is known that position of the woman is bright reflection of provision of society as a whole. How the woman in society feels, in a family what it has the status as far as it is independent economically and protected socially, depends both the present and the future of our country.

One of services of Public service of employment is placement of the summary in the Internet - a portal "Work". Having analysed the presented summaries on age and a floor, we saw such picture: the number of the summaries presented by women aged from 20 till 35 years prevails, 3,5% of women belong to age group of 40-50 years and 3% - to group till 20 years.

But nevertheless there is a noticeable expansion of age brackets of economic activity, especially after achievement of a retirement age which falls on the period of preservation of high working capacity, and therefore the most part of women during the two first pension five-anniversaries offers the labor in the work market.

This research shows a ratio of the curriculum vitae of men and women in the most popular professional directions. Among "female" professions "administrative personnel" (74%), "public administration" (65%), "accounts department, finance" (58%) prevail. Men want "to capture" "computer technologies" (86%), "the industry, production" (83%), "trade" (76%), "construction" (76%), etc.

What wage level is expected by women, and which - men? By data, received on the basis of the carried-out questioning during seminar occupations on job search equipment on which competitors of work learn to conduct conversation with the employer about a desirable and real (!) salary, 39% of women wish to get paid to 2000 UAH, and men call the sum to 5000 thousand UAH

On materials of the deputy chief of department of providing social services of the regional center of employment S. Pominchuk


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