The Nikolaev pilots are going to accept and learn to fly by new planes L - 39M1

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At the State enterprise of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine "Odessa aviation - repair plant "Odesaviaremservice" implementation of the program the predjyavitelnykh of tests of the plane L - 39M1 is complete, reports the Ministry of Defence.

This plane - option of partial modernization uchebno - the training plane L-39 which the Odessa aviarepairmen executed in interests of Air Forces of Armed forces of Ukraine.

Works on modernization of it like the plane at the enterprise were begun more than seven years ago, but lack of appropriate financing didn't allow to finish work earlier.

As the chief engineer of plant Nikolay Goncharenko reported, skilled specialists of skilled design office under the leadership of the chief designer of the enterprise Vladimir Kovalchuk were engaged in work on modernization of the plane.

- The partial option of modernization is a modernization of the aviation engine that gave the chance to increase draft of the engine by 130 kilograms and twice to reduce its acceleration performance, - the chief engineer of plant Nikolay Goncharenko reported. - Replacement of the regulator of temperature with the block of regulation of temperature that allowed with bigger almost three times accuracy became the second object of modernization to measure a temperature mode in the engine. Well, and the third moment is an establishment of the new registrar of parameters of flight of the plane that by 4 times exceeds the predecessor.

The chief engineer of plant also reported that earlier at the enterprise 3 planes L-39 within research design works were already modernized. But that is made this year - for the first time in the history of Armed forces of Ukraine. After all the new type of the aircraft equipment is taken advantage. For today one plane the predjyavitelnykh of the tests already finished the program, the second - will be tested the other day. The following step - acceptance of planes by the customer and flight to aviation crew which is deployed in Nikolayevshchina where these aviacars will be based.

- On November 14 the first predjyavitelny flight, and on November 17 final was successfully executed, - the deputy director of the enterprise for quality Vladimir Stoychuk told. - The following flight - already reception.I want to note that the program of tests of this modernized plane differs from the program of tests of serial planes after capital repairs a little. In L - 39M1 big and high-speed traction characteristics, other measurement of a temperature mode and registration of parameters of flight.

In turn the military pilot 1-го a class, the test pilot behind which shoulders over 3000 hours of a raid, the colonel reserve officer Oleg Sinitsa who together with the colleague test pilot major reserve officer Alexander Zelinsky carried out the predjyavitelny program of flights, was struck with car characteristics.

- Features of the modernized plane which are felt at once by the pilot, consist in essentially new engine, - Oleg Sinitsa told. - Frankly speaking, at first to me it wasn't believed that the increase in draft at 100-130 kilograms will lead to such effect! It was pleasant to be mistaken, after all these 130 kilograms of draft significantly affected accelerating, maneuverable, traction characteristics of the plane and as a whole piloting.

From next week at the enterprise pilots of crew of tactical aircraft of Air Forces of ZS of Ukraine who it is deployed in Nikolayevshchina, and also representatives of Air command "South" will be retrained on new type of the aircraft equipment.

In plans "Odesaviaremservice" - modernization of 7 more planes L - 39M1 for Air Forces of Armed forces of Ukraine.


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