The management of "Nikolayevoblenergo" survives from the company of objectionable employees?

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The management of "Nikolayevoblenergo" survives from the company of objectionable employees. It was declared by the former deputy director for investment policy of the Nikolayevoblenergo companyVadim Shpilevoy, which addressed in edition "Crime. Is NOT PRESENT".

By wordsV. Shpilevy, after it got to management of the company and a personnel reserve, the management of the enterprise decided it to dismiss.

- I such not the first. Many forced to leave. But as I am the disabled person of the second group, on me all these ways of pressure don't extend. They can't dismiss me from - for disability, and they chose other way that I left itself, - he told. - Salary three months simply ceased to pay to me. And I risked - wrote to prosecutor's office, to inspectorate for work. But while these letters "wandered", me simply dismissed.

At first him dismissed for truancies, and after a while in the service record there were two more records - "is dismissed in connection with detection of disability". And one of these records isn't fixed even not by the press.

- It turns out, I have two unlike records. It that hurried so. But all the same, my complaints played a certain role because the employer changed the dismissal formulation prosecutor's office and inspection, - is sureV. Shpileva. -Though anyway disability can't form the basis for dismissal as the employer was informed of my medical contraindications to an execution of an employment agreement.

After such threefold dismissal to the former employee regional power didn't pay a salary in full, and therefore he wrote one more complaint to department on work and social protection.

- This department to see, not in "chocolate" with the company because he carried out an inspection and the head of board took out the private remark, and also defined that to me really underpaid a salary. And accurately wrote that on the basis of all this I have the right to sue the claim requirements out. And the prosecutor's office in general evaded from this situation, having directed my letter of inspectorate for work, - reportedVadim Shpilevoy.

In his opinion, all this becomes as the companies aren't necessary real experts.

- There people that they had only a spinal cord that purely motive function executed are necessary. And I am the potential competitor for the present head of board. Jotas I also didn't apply for it. The former head of board gathered the team, we are familiar with it long ago, and he considered that I will be in its team and almost by force me tightened to Nikolaev, - paid attentionShpileva. -But it turned out so that I fell ill and received disability. And the head of board present - dearYury Mikhaylovich Antoshchenko- he not only me didn't favor. But all the others to whom he showed the door, resignedly left. Actually it is the scenario it to all it is identical. And it was made consciously, he perfectly knows that I as the expert stand. After all I worked 20 years in regional power and passed a way from the inspector to the director of Ochakov branch, and also half a year worked in company management.

Besides, as toldV. Shpileva, regional power puts pressure upon Meditsinsko - sanitary examination (MSEK) that there to it appropriated the second non-working group of disability.

- Me try to call voluntary allegedly that I thus had at myself besides other documents and the service record. The service record is provided only in case of assignment of non-working group of disability that the employer at all didn't violate the right of the disabled person (the stamp "The disabled person of the second group" is put). Amazing care about we wash health! - I am indignantVadim Shpilevoy.

It is sure that it becomes to make its restoration at work impossible.


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