Enemies from the outside aren't necessary to Ukraine! When we have own "well-wishers"

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The day before yesterday, on March 3, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the resolution on dismissal of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vladimir Ogryzko. It was accepted after consideration of a question of the decision of the Hague court on the island Snake.

Reporting in parliament to an island question Snake, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Vladimir Ogryzko noted that the court chose a classical example of carrying out the median line at distribution of the areas of a continental shelf. According to him, the judgment "once and for all stopped conversations on island accessory Snake".

- The Romanian concept of protection in the International Court of Justice substantially was based on attempts to prove so-called historical injustice on island transfer Snake to Ukraine the Soviet Union. Having recognized Snake as the island, the International Court of Justice, thereby, completely ignored historical claims of Romania for the island Snake. It is confirmed that it is the island and it was transferred by the Soviet Union lawfully, - Ogryzko told, having emphasized that "it is possible to note that today on the western border we have no not settled question with our neighbors".

In turn, the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine declared on the matter that "we should make the decision of the International Court of Justice as a reality and to tell that this honest impartial resolution (judgment) - it in favor of Romania, but is obligatory to execution".

"We should tell why if we and Romania formulated the position why the decision is made only taking into account opinion of one party? Or we incorrectly formulated a position, or overestimated requirements and didn't conduct serious discussion", - Litvin added.

It everything occurred yesterday. And recently in the Ukrainian environment phrases like "change of national interests" became almost habitual. Mean and the signed gas agreements with Russia, and attempt to take the milliard credits from the same Russia, still the little earlier - charge of participation of armed conflict in the Caucasus and illegal sale of the weapon.

These subjects were willingly shined in mass media, roughly discussed on various political current - show.However, without special attention there was a situation round the International Court of Justice in the Hague rather legal status of the island Snake. In total "hammered into bells" only when the decision was already made and, actually, it was impossible to change anything.

To a judgment the problem round a sea shelf and remained unresolved as Romania deliberately tightened time. Bucharest sharply opposed attempts of Ukraine to resume navigation in the Danube River delta.

The Ukrainian channel in the mouth the Abyss was created still at the end of 50-x years and functioned till 1994, having throughput to 4 thousand vessels a year. However, from - for engineering defects, the channel constantly silted that compelled to conduct continuous works on its cleaning, - is spoken in one of articles on To "The Ukrainian truth".

With collapse of the USSR and war in Yugoslavia, volumes of transportations were sharply reduced and all works on cleaning of the channel were stopped. It led to a final silting of the mouth the Abyss. As a result the Ukrainian carriers were almost forced out from this region, and the main freght traffics started being carried out via the Romanian Sulinsky channel that turned Romania into the navigable monopolist in the Danube Delta.

Therefore in front of Ukraine there was an urgent need of renewal of own ship course for the mouth Fast. However, the Romanian party opposed with sharp protests channel construction, claiming that it will lead to a raising of a water level and will do harm of ecology of the Danube pool. And, at the same time, I declared intention to address in the International Court of Justice in the Hague, having at the same time developed in the Danube Delta construction of the dam which is taking away about a third of a water stream on the Romanian territory.

Reaction of Romania is completely clear and caused by that introduction in canal Danube operation - the Black Sea in the mouth Fast created alternative to the Romanian channels of river transportations and made the considerable competition, after all passing cost on the territory of the Ukrainian transport way is lower Romanian for 40%.

Besides, passing of vessels on the channel in the mouth Fast is round-the-clock, bilateral and adjustable whereas movement via the Romanian channels - unilateral and is carried out only during daylight hours.

Analyzing all events recently including trial on the island Snake, involuntarily there are thoughts that soon the state of Ukraine can expect the next defeat on the international scene. Including - and on GSH Danube construction - the Black Sea.

While the main customer of works on construction of the GP "The Delta — the Pilot" this channel does everything to complete this channel, the political country leaders are occupied with internal wars for the power. Potopy to the dirt sea, the Ukrainian imperious circles actively water with it each other, without reacting to attacks of "friendly" Romania which tries to remain the monopolist in this region in the transport sphere. The Ukrainian authorities simply have no time to pay enough attention to upholding of economic interests of the state.

Some Ukrainian mass media declare already today that from - for dam constructions in the Fast, Ukraine branch the next claims and sanctions expect from the European community on performance of the international norms.

How it is possible to speak about it if all works on dam construction which are carried out for 4 years, are carried out according to the project developed by special institute and coordinated in all instances?

Similar publications give to the Romanian party additional trumps in this dispute.

What turns out? If the Romanian party and in this dispute wins - the next Minister of Foreign Affairs will be simply dismissed, and national interests remain unprotected. We will blame again for everything "foreign enemies" who, using dirty methods, will achieve necessary result?

And everything can be much simpler? Probably, you shouldn't expostulate on "abroad", after all it is already obvious that among us there are people who all the actions, pursuing the personal aims, help Romanians.

The president of Evrobereg — Ukraine association, professor Yury Shuysky declares that any imaginary violations, and then completely disproves this information.

That the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada, the vice-chairman of committee of the Verkhovna Rada concerning national security Sergey Grinevetsky, in the deputy inquiry to the president Victor Yushchenko writes about any violations of the law at implementation of the GSH project. And at the same time, the same Page.Grinevetsky declares need to determine the purpose, a place and solutions by this project - taking into account national interests and the international environment.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian channel "Danube — the Black Sea" as the large transport infrastructure project is of great importance not only in scales of our country, but also in global barter between Europe and Asia.

The former director of state enterprise "The Delta — the Pilot" Victor Bezdolny says that "Ukraine can't independently finish the project on GSH". He declares that without support from outside the pridunayskikh of EU countries it will have problems with financing, technical ensuring construction and its further loading.

Recently V. Bezdolny and his "partners" declare need of creation of the international consortium on construction and GSH "Danube — the Black Sea" operation with involvement of partners - foreign countries. It is probable for this reason there are the various negative comments connected with implementation of this project.

And it is now similar to that The Delta — the Pilot enterprise remained in private with problems on GSH construction. And those people who are engaged today in low and shameless attempts of instigation, and distribute similar comments. Their purpose is distinctly looked through - at any cost to stop real and hard works which are conducted today on the channel. They don't stint neither funds, nor for mad "ideas". Slanders, hearings, distortion of the facts and banal bribery - everything is used. Quite so looks today the situation on GSH construction to please neighbors of Ukraine, but not Ukraine …

There are main issues: why the logic and results of acts of V. Bezdolny and his colleagues so "successfully" coincided with interests of the adjacent state? Accident? Intention? Treachery?

When this material prepared for the publication, it became known that Romania sends from the country of the Ukrainian military attache and his assistant. According to the logic of things, the Ukrainian party has to react adequately, but reactions while any. All are occupied with internal dismantlings …

Here also it turns out - isn't present at us neither the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, nor those who will be able to protect interests of Ukraine as the states … And there are only those, it as though is sad didn't sound who to please to own interests, is ready to crush interests of the state.So can be to follow the example of Romania and to send these well-wishers from the country?

Natalya Homyakova


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