That wanted by the billionaire Novinsky?

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The general director of JSC Kherson Shipbuilding Plant Vasily Fedin opened plans of the owner of the enterprise - the Russian billionaire Vadim Novinsky - on further merger of shipyards.

- Vasily Viktorovich, you came to plant after that as the Kherson Ship-building Delivery (KSBD) was included in business - Vadim Novinsky's structure "the Smart Holding"?

- Yes, after, in April, 2005.

- What percent of shares the state sold "the Smart to Holding" in 2004? For how many?

- "A smart the Holding" acquired 83,6% of shares of plant for 52,2 million hryvnias. It on 5,8 million hryvnias above the starting price. After completion of competition our shareholders allocated for repayment of long-term debt on a salary 9,3 million hryvnias, and for enterprise development - 15 million hryvnias.

- Why Pyotr Poroshenko's structure which was interested in this asset and submitted an application, didn't win competition?

- Three applicants participated in competition, including JSC TD Leninskaya kuznitsa (the enterprise is controlled by P. Poroshenko's structures). Probably, they didn't know that "the Smart the Holding" also takes part in competition. An application was submitted from the little-known company "Evroresurs". Probably, nobody perceived its (Evroresurs company) as the serious participant.

- What equity stake of HSZ had "TD "Lenin Smithy"? This package remained?

- Rather big to take part in management of plant. After "the Smart the Holding" redeemed a controlling stake from the state, "TD "Lenin Smithy" sold the actions.

- After privatization of plant one claim in court followed not...

- Probably, someone was confident in the victory and didn't expect such option of succession of events. We had to defend legality of carrying out competition in a judicial order. We won all courts therefore questions of illegality of the competition, carried out by the state property fund, can't be.

- At HSZ sale the state established certain requirements to the new owner...

- I can tell with full confidence that we executed all investment obligations to the state.

- The debt to Prominvestbank is also extinguished?

- Now our plant of debt to Prominvestbank has no.

- Whether offers of the foreign companies on purchase of assets of HSZ arrived?

- There were companies which were interested in plant, but I didn't hear about a specific proposal.

- HSZ already felt on itself association of metallurgical assets "Holding Smart" and "Metinvest" (Rinat Akhmetov's company)?

- These are two different directions of business of our shareholder. They aren't crossed financially, from the point of view of production cooperation. For example, we, as a rule, buy metal at Combine of a name of Ilyich, sometimes abroad.

- "The smart Holding" intends to create ship-building holding. Whether possibility of its sale after the organization vertically integrated business - structures is considered?

- To speak about holding sale until while it won't be created, prematurely, however such opportunity in the future can't exclude.

- What enterprises will be included into new holding?

- It is our plant, the also Black Sea shipbuilding plant (BSSP) and Shipbuilding plant of 61 Communard after his privatization will be allowed and if we win competition are assumed. Into structure can enter and other enterprises of our profile.

- What will it give them?

- We will carry out joint marketing policy, production advance on the market. Orders will be carried out by not separately taken enterprise - they will be distributed between all plants of holding.

As it will occur, it is possible to track on a concrete example. Now HSZ carries out the Kleven Maritime company order. The enterprise is completely loaded, and by own efforts we can't perform work in full. Therefore the part of works was transferred to ChSZ. That is they carry out a certain part of the order under our contract.

- Who possesses a controlling stake of ChSZ?

- Our plant has ChSZ equity stake.

- How Plant privatization of 61 Communard will affect yours with them cooperation? What companies are interested in acquisition of this enterprise?

- At the level of the enterprises we actively cooperate with Shipbuilding plant of 61 Communard. And therefore our shareholders have plans of participation in privatization of this plant.It is clear that the Nikolaev plant is potentially interesting to another domestic financially - to the industrial groups having ship-building assets. I can't speak about concrete firms.

- HSZ credits Plant of 61 Communard?

- Of 61 Communard we don't give direct financial support to Plant. Our enterprise acted as the guarantor on the bank credit which was necessary for colleagues from Nikolaev for implementation of the joint order. HSZ was the contractor of the Nikolaev plant in the program of construction of cases for the Spanish customer, whereas Plant of 61 Communard - the contractor of HSZ at production of ship sections for Norwegians, and also cases at implementation of the Dutch order. Such cooperation allows to load as much as possible capacities of both enterprises, especially Plant of 61 Communard.

- That is without your support the Nikolaev plant of 61 Communard can simply go out of business...

- It is possible to tell and so, after all this plant now completely in debts. Now to take the enterprise the credit it is unreal as any bank won't give them money without guarantees. The state can't provide such providing to them.

"61 Communard" has two ways out: either to stand idle and increase debts, or to address to strong structure which will provide guarantees of repayment of the loan.

Today such guarantor is HSZ.

Further, along with other companies, we will take part in its privatization.

- Last year, after visit of Kherson, the prime minister - the minister Victor Yanukovych addressed with the offer "to render organizationally - technical assistance to Plant of a name of 61 Communard. What help you had to provide?

Victor Fedorovich meant our acquired communications with customers and possibility of cooperation at implementation of these orders. Cooperation became more active: we in common build three river tankers for Holland. "61-й" on these orders is our contractor and carries out considerable part of work.

- You consider, what all ship-building enterprises have to pass into private hands?

- Practice of shipbuilding showed that the state plant in this branch is a problem both for the state, and for his workers. Thus the enterprise not only doesn't give profit in the budget, and on the contrary, "eats" additional resources. The striking example to that is Plant of.61 Communard and some other. As soon as the enterprise becomes private, it finds ways of attraction of the additional credits, new orders.

- How often Vadim Novinsky comes on your plant?

- Rather often, to exercise over it control. Besides usual business trips, Vadim Vladislavovich took part in celebration of anniversary of the enterprise in October, 2006, and also was present during visit on Victor Yanukovych's our plant.

- Novinsky is included into the Supervisory board? How council meetings are often held?

- Three legal entities who in total possess more than 90% of actions of plant are a part of the supervisory board. The supervisory board gathers, as a rule, once a month or as required.

- Who besides structures "Holding Smart" is among shareholders of HSZ?

- Some hundred natural and legal entities which less than 1% owns enterprise equity stakes.

- You personally have stocks HSZ?

- No.

- In the West, to interest company management, its shareholders give the small equity stake a top - to managers...

- It is possible that sometime our shareholders will consider also such option. What today gives a package in 1%?

- Practically anything. To influence policy and enterprise work he doesn't allow. Dividends at other largest enterprises of the country also probably aren't paid.

- At the same time the system of bonuses well works for us at plant. The decision on their charge is made by the shareholder. Therefore also the additional income of employees in many respects depends on results of work of plant as a whole.

- When the program of development of the enterprise for the next years was accepted? How many funds you plan to raise for plant development?

- In 2005. It is successfully carried out and constantly corrected taking into account a situation in the shipbuilding market. In two and a half years the output grew with 70 to 230 million hryvnias. Investments are made in development of plant regularly.

- How many HSZ transferred into local budgets?

- For the first four months of this year - 15 million hryvnias, following the results of last year this sum made 40 million hryvnias.

- Who your main customers?

- Companies of Western Europe.In particular Norwegian Kleven Maritime and Dutch VEKA Shipbuilding Service B.V. and Zanen Shipbuilding B.V.

- The most part of orders of HSZ carries out for the companies from offshore zones. Why?

- For us the customer isn't basic, from what country, especially we don't trace, from where he has money. The main thing for plant that payments were made in time.

- How there is a calculation between you and the customer? All shops of plant are how busy?

- Only cash, we departed for a long time from barter. For Europe this form of mutual settlements, to put it mildly, is unclear. Now all producing departments of plant are loaded almost completely. By 2010 all other shops will be loaded also.

- How many vessels you plan to construct this year?

- It is handed already over three, and by the end of the year we plan to construct 7 more.

- Whether there is a difference in the cost of sale of a vessel for the Ukrainian party and the foreign company? How many on time occupies construction of one vessel?

- In this case no difference is present. As for terms if there are no problems with financing, it is 7-9 months depending on complexity of the order.

- You declared that at plant there is a problem of shortage

experts. How you solve it?

- We select experts - graduates of National university of shipbuilding (Nikolaev) and the Kherson branch of National university of shipbuilding of the admiral Makarov. They on the terms of a trial period start working under the leadership of our technologists and designers. Those who suits us, we leave at plant. Sudosvarshchikov and shipwrights is invited from among once working at ours and other Ukrainian plants - they left in due time the country and found a job on shipyards of the different European countries. Experts gradually come back, but this process goes more slowly, than we would like. Salaries there are higher.

- How many the person works today at plant?

- 3 306 people.

- What income and profit was got by HSZ for 2007?

- Following the results of last year, it is gained more than 250 million hryvnias of gross income and about 387 thousand hryvnias of net profit. In shipbuilding rather long period of implementation of orders. The main profit on each order is formed after vessel transfer.


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