How to construct "developed feudalism" or local government "on - Mikhaylo - ларински"

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The severity of our laws is completely compensated by a non-obligation of their execution. Once again I proved this simple truth directly at session of the Village Council of Mikhaylo - Larinsky rural the head S. Kryzhanovsky who has declared that the Ukrainian legislation too quickly changes, and it can't follow even changes in the law of Ukraine "About local government", regulating its activity. And, therefore, and it isn't obliged to carry out it …

The events occurring throughout the last three years in the village of Mikhaylo - Larino Zhovtnevogo of the area remind the frank farce. While inhabitants of the village can't find the answer to a sacramental question "What to do for this purpose to survive? ", the head with might and main "ego-trips", shuffling, as if the skillful gambler, a depuy corps, secretaries and investors. Without having satisfied with cooperation, both with local directors, and with city managers, he offered the lobbist services (with all village in addition) to firm of the infamous businessman Raphael Goroyan in which activity in the Nikolaev area isn't engaged unless the lazy law enforcement officer. Calculation, most likely, was on that, expelled from everywhere, Raphael will shower with gold of the one who will offer it the help. The destiny of 1600 inhabitants of Mikhaylo - Larino, "assigned" to the notorious head, it how many doesn't interest. As one historical figure spoke: "After me though a flood" …

The flood in Mikhaylo - Larino, of course, won't be. Probably, exactly caring of protection of the voters against this misfortune, S. Kryzhanovsky water supply I sat down persistently doesn't want to be engaged. It and isn't sophisticated. He perfectly understands that on the following elections for him nobody is going to vote. The main thing that there is at the head a trump in a sleeve. And not one, and whole eight - a half from operating structure of the Village Council.And this "the magnificent eight" guaranteed it a freedom of action for three years and had to guarantee it already before end of term of its powers. And would guarantee, if not one detail. Activity of the head ceased suit the secretary of Village Council Т.Садовую. At first she persuaded S. Kryzhanovsy to pay attention to problems of voters, asked, convinced. Then I didn't sustain and I afforded some sharp remarks at session. At once after that on the obstinate secretary, in abundance, disciplinary punishments fell down absurd according to the contents. She counted them as usual psychological pressure and tried to ignore. But not here - that was. In some months the question of its dismissal was submitted for session of the Village Council. For which "the magnificent eight" obediently voted. The regional prosecutor's office which has taken out protests on the facts of illegal collectings and dismissal based on them immediately reacted to violation. Such reaction confused S. Kryzhanovsky, testing before bodies of prosecutor's office unclear to the law-abiding citizen frays. I confused on so many that it, without closing 29-oh Village Council session, I wrote the letter of resignation, having indirectly admitted thereby the guilt.

Thus S. Kryzhanovsky had to resolve nobly a situation "tops - can't, bottoms - don't want", developed in the village. Article 79 of the law of Ukraine "" unambiguously says about local government that rural for leaving it is enough to head to write the application which has to be accepted to data session. Procedures of a response or statement rejection by session in the law aren't present. But S. Kryzhanovsky who has recovered and consulted to unknown patrons decided to arrive more simply - to ignore the law. Therefore, officially without having closed last, 29-ую session, it opens new - 30-ую. On which he simply "forgets" about the statement.

The situation with violation of the Ukrainian legislation and disorder zhilishchno - municipal services in the village already was kept on control by the management of the regional organization of Party of Regions of Ukraine which charged to understand a situation and to become on protection of the rights and freedoms of inhabitants of Mikhaylo - Larino to the party member, the vice-chairman of Zhovtnevy regional council V. Pecheritsa. The representative of a higher body of local government really arrived on 30-ую Village Council session, but, having communicated shortly before it to the infamous chairman of the Zhovtnevy district state administration And.Stakhorsky, I retired to the background, I forgot about execution of the debt and, having murmured something unintelligible about an unsatisfactory state zhilishchno - municipal services in the village, completely I withdrew.

By the way, V. Pecheritsu and A.Stakhorsky are connected by the old relations. In due time A.Stakhorsky even made to the young deputy recommendations for receipt in Academy of public administration. However, during recent shift from a position of the chairman of Zhovtnevy regional council V. Osipov, good companion A.Stakhorsky, V. Pecheritsa to requests of the patron didn't listen and as a result promoted to a position of the vice-chairman of regional council. Thus, without having paid A.Stakhorskoma old debts. Of what the head of the district state administration didn't fail to remind the protege. And a final rupture of the relations with it in a context of that V. Pecheritsa already tries on a position of the head of the regional organization of Party of Regions and bears serious lobbist plans, in the plans of the young deputy chairman obviously wasn't.

In turn for S. Kryzhanovsky the staff of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, arrived on 30-ую session in Mikhaylo - Larino and the norms which have finished to a depuy corps 79-oh articles became an unpleasant surprise. By this time the head, not dismissed as sense of the last secretary and contrary to all imaginable and inconceivable norms the question which has twice raised on vote of a deviation of a protest of prosecutor's office about it, already I tried to elect the new. Namely to O. Karmanov - on strange combination of circumstances of the acting employee of the Zhovtnevy district state administration devoted to A.Stakhorsky. (Probably thus A.Stakhorsky decided to make secure if, according to the current legislation, S. about everything - will oust, and "the", completely operated secretary will begin to carry out its duties already). Having heard from representatives of the Verkhovna Rada that all events have no validity, and he has to read the statement and resign authority, S. Kryzhanovsky started calling feverishly to someone by the mobile telephone, and, without having phoned, started shouting that 79-ую he doesn't know law "About Local Government" article and the nobility supposedly isn't obliged as laws in Ukraine change too often. From his speech it was possible to draw a conclusion that Mikhaylo - Larino lives not on operating with Ukrainian, and under the, special laws, whether 1932-го, whether 1989-го years of acceptance … Having convinced that the Page won't be possible to bypass the law this time to it.Kryzhanovsky resorted to the favorite method - session stopped and dashed away on consultation to patrons to whom didn't phone on the mobile.

The logician of actions S. Kryzhanovsky it is clear. Today it rural the head, the controlling "fat" land plot near the regional center. And in many respects on his will depends, to be to it prospering selkhozyapredpriyatiy, "feud" of infamous businessmen or a settler for toxic waste. And if the first option demands considerable efforts, responsibility and heavy thought processes, the second and the third promise good "non-state pension provision" which will allow to get away from Mikhaylo - Larino and to adjust life in other regions. And, the main thing not to look every day in the face to people who entrusted it the destinies, and as a result turned into serfs …

Sergey Ivanov


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