"What corvette? At this power it is simple to military personnel to eat there is nothing! " - the deputy director general of plant of 61 Communard Alexander Aptekar

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Deputy director general of GP "Shipbuilding Plant of 61 Communards"А.И.Аптекарьin exclusive interview Sea business - to news of Ukraine estimates ability of the Ukrainian shipbuilding plants to implementation of the Ukrainian Corvette program.

Who can construct a corvette?

MBNU: Alexander Iosifovich how you estimate ability of the Ukrainian plants to implementation of the Ukrainian Corvette program?

A.I. Aptekar: It depends about the governments. These are orders from the Ministry of Defence, for the purpose of increase in defense capability of the country. Thus, it not Minprompolitiki's question. And after all plant of 61 Communards - almost only plant which has remained in state property, capable to execute such order.

Our plant is created for construction of the military ships. At Soviet the Union we built the big anti-submarine ships which Americans called "singing frigates". They on a class above a corvette. Corvette in general, for our plant are sunflower seeds. Not to mention the past, without speaking about cruisers. Thus, a corvette for us - a feasible task.

The cruiser "Ukraine" has 170 m in length. Corvette - judging by preliminary information - 112 m. Displacement - very small though not it defines character of this ship. But the full project still isn't present - after all the tender will be not only on construction, but also on project preparation.

It is still difficult to judge it - after all in our country there is no strategy of development of shipbuilding, both military, and civil. Apparently, financing of this project in general is foggy.

You heard the statement of the chief of the General Staff - the Commander-in-chief of Armed forces of Ukraine of the general of Ukraine Sergey Kirichenko? He says that the army already almost settled a present resource for ensuring the requirements and effective implementation of tasks. That is at this power it is simple to military personnel to eat there is nothing! And concerning equipment - it is better to refrain from conversations.

MBNU: Situation with financing the really low-predictable.But as you estimate actually technical readiness of the Ukrainian plants for this implementation of the order for corvette construction:

A.I. Aptekar: Only 2 plants in Ukraine are capable to carry out this task: The Black Sea shipbuilding plant and Plant of 61 Communards.

MBNU: And how "Shipbuilding plant "Vadan Yardz Okean"?

A.I. Aptekar: "Ocean" is the young plant which has been completely focused on civil shipbuilding. All its potential - construction of refrigerators. In recent years they built nothing except cases for foreigners. When with a pomp in newspapers shine that from 60 t of metal welded not self-propelled barge, calling it achievement it it is ridiculous.

MBNU: In your opinion, "Vadan Yardz Okean" isn't capable to construct a corvette purely technically?

A.I. Aptekar: Construction of the military ship assumes a lot of things - besides that to fasten the case and to sate it. It assumes arrangement of laboratories, posts of management of special equipment. Same military ship! It will be necessary to store the weapon, ammunition and many other things.

Eventually, at plant there has to be RSO - confidential department. Now they aren't present in one plant. In ChSZ already isn't present. On "Ocean" also was never.

MBNU: And at Plant of 61 Communards the department remained?

A.I. Aptekar: I remained and 1-й department, and all that with it it is connected. There were people (for example, I) with 2-й an admission form. It has to be so, it is specifics. If during ship construction about it is mute ALL will to know - that it loses the meaning, the mission. Present that else before descent to water about it is mute will to know everything. Its operation will be senseless from the military point of view.

MBNU: The management of "Ocean" is sure that their infrastructure is capable to master this order.

A.I. Aptekar: Look that Russians made with our shipbuilding. They I destroyed competitors. It thanks to Churkiny and to them similar. I don't say that they had tasks from Yeltsin or Putin. But the fact remains - plants are destroyed. And plants in Russia which on value initially even close didn't stand with ours, in Severodvinsk, in Leningrad - continue to work. And here - people came and made warehouses of plants.

MBNU: Thus, the Plant of 61 Communards will participate in the tender and you are sure of its victory thanks to 2 - m to advantages:to the state status and technological readiness?

A.I. Aptekar: I wouldn't raise a question about a prize. If construction of a corvette interests Ukraine as increase of defense capability of this country - the unique option, even the tender shouldn't be held is only state the enterprises. At private enterprise, especially if there the Russian capital, it is impossible. Even considering that it is signed so-called. Big contract "About Friendship and Cooperation". Besides "Ocean" already 4 times passed from hand to hand. And the Black Sea plant - twice.

MBNU: Whether it is capable to construct plant of 61 Communards a series of the ships?

A.I. Aptekar: It is capable. Our building berth are free them 3, and only one is occupied with Laskaridis's order. In principle nothing a series it depends on that or not. There will be it 1, 2, 3 ships, or 4 and 2 in an option. Now construction and the ships, houses and even bees boxes depends on financing.

A year ago the prime minister was here and at big confluence of public (it isn't excluded even that there experts were) told that will help our plant with guarantees on the credits. It was made nothing.

After all the customer, consider, - the Ministry of Defence. Earlier it, at the USSR, financed directly. In 2009 of money in the Budget of Ukraine on a corvette it isn't provided. State budget planning the next year also didn't begin. How implementation of the project will happen? We model a situation. In September the tender will be held. Applicants will be called and process will stand silently till January, 2010

MBNU: In your opinion, the winner won't be defined?

A.I. Aptekar: And if is, what? Well, will win it, let us assume, "Ocean". And what, Russians at once will start building? Before it is far. They still should open confidential department. And it means - to contact SBU. And where people, where shots? They think that people will run to them from other plants. It is far not the fact. And money where on which they will run? When they will be?

MBNU: And technical readiness of plant - it is? We will lower assumptions of the tender and its results. If directly tomorrow into the account money arrives, without reconstruction the plant will be able to get down to work?

A.I. Aptekar: Will be able. We buy metal, and we start cutting, processing, we start building. Readiness of infrastructure full - 100%. If small repair is necessary - it can quite be conducted in parallel.There is no need AT FIRST to receive money, then to WAIT while everything will be under repair and be modernized. It everything becomes in parallel. And for such ship as a corvette even it it isn't necessary. It very small and easy.

MBNU: What time is required for construction of a head vessel?

A.I. Aptekar: it is hard to say, without seeing the project. The case on 1000-1200 tons of metal can be constructed in a year, with pipelines and so on. And further the stuffing will begin. It precisely depends on the project and character of arms. Very roughly it is possible to speak about 6-ти years for all series. But, I will repeat, subject conversation will begin after project publication.

State plant of 61 Communards today

MBNU: What now condition of plant?

A.I. Aptekar: The plant costs. According to the Collective agreement workers work incomplete week and receive 66% of a salary.

MBNU: The debt on a salary is?

A.I. Aptekar: There are about 3 million UAH since May. As we sold tows to "Nibulon", reduced a debt almost twice

MBNU: Whether there are prospects with orders?

A.I. Aptekar: Yes to us offers come. For example, from Spain vessels - suppliers. But everything rests against financing. The bank credits are necessary. Now nobody will give them. The state, contrary to promises, a guarantee on the credits doesn't give. And any customer won't do advance payment in such situation.

MBNU: Whether there are orders on ship repair?

A.I. Aptekar: They pass on joint activity with Nikolaev Region firm. Today them 2. But it is small money: $300-500 thousand for one vessel.


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