Big cleaning

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The team of the Kherson managers has come into the Nikolaev seaport half a year ago. New management at once has designated the tasks: fight against corruption, increase in receipts in the budget and optimization of work of port. However instead of promised «покращення» everything has turned out with an accuracy on the contrary: in the form of opaque tenders and doubtful personnel decisions.


The subject of the Nikolaev seaport doesn't descend the last months from news feeds of regional and national media. Numerous protest actions which dockers suited near the administration, at walls of the Nikolaev regional council and even in the capital–the Ministry has infrastructures,–have visually shown that problems in port not that don't decide, and opposite, collect as a snowball.

The major role in protest actions was played by sea labor unions. Protesters demanded to stop general dismissals in port, to dismiss current heads Victor Kozonak and Vladimir Pinkas and to replace them with the professionals having experience in port branch. Later resignation of the minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelyan also was added to requirements of dockers.


According to the head of labor union of workers of the marine transport Nikmorport of Pavel Prokopenko, claims at dockers to the new management more than has collected enough. Generally they concern personnel «cleanings». Skilled workers are dismissed, and instead of them gathered new, and generally from the next Kherson.

–The new management has brought into the port sixty workers to the duplicating positions. Experts who have worked many years are expelled. And they are succeeded by people who not that in ports, in sea branch didn't work.... Have laid off the chief accountant of seaport, her place was taken by the former cosmetologist, - brought examples Prokopenko.

Under personnel cleaning also the deputy chief on operating activities Stanislav Bibik has got. He is convinced that him have dismissed with violations of the labor legislation therefore now challenges this decision in court.

Current acting as director of the GP AMPU Nikolaev branch Victor Kozonak and deputy for safety Vladimir Pinkas–too natives of Kherson.

According to Pavel Prokopenko, old management dismiss for one reason–to start up financial streams in «necessary» direction.


In November the administration of seaport has held the tender for security services. Participated in the auction several security firms, known in the region, including management of police of protection. However the tender committee of port has chosen to nobody well-known company «Alpha - Bezpeka» with the Kiev registration. And it in spite of the fact that Kiev residents have estimated the services almost twice more expensively, than their competitors, - in 871 thousand hryvnias in a month.

We have decided to look narrowly closer: what the firm how long in the market and that in general is known of it is.

According to the Youcontrol system, security «Alpha - Bezpeka» has been created in the last days of the last year. Her founder is Leonid Mateyko, the native of the Lviv region, the director–Sergey Onishchenko from the Zhytomyr region.

On «arms» security guards of 80 rubber bludgeons, 80 gas sprays and as much radio stations. And Volkswagen «carVento» 1997 of release. However, not the car, but rented at the female resident of Lviv. It also is all «asset» firm which undertakes to carry out contracts on protection of objects across all Ukraine.

To win the auction, «Alpha - Bezpeke» it was necessary to show that the firm has an experience in the security sphere. The enterprise has provided contracts for protection of one of entertainment centers in Lviv and apple orchards in the village of Stilska Lviv region. However, as it has appeared, the enterprise «Lviv garden» the owner operates  «Alpha - Bezpeki» Leonid Mateyko.

According to the Prozorro system, this security office was already lit in one scandalous tender. As well as in a situation with seaport, it has offered the price for protection of one of divisions of the state enterprise «Укрзализныця» twice big, than their competitors, and…has won. The lost company has made the complaint in Antimonopoly committee and has won a dispute. Anti-monopolists recognized that the customer accompanied «Alpha - Bezpeke» also has unreasonably rejected offers of competitors.


We have decided to communicate to the management of firm and have recovered in her office in Kiev.To find him it has appeared not easy - in an apartment house where the firm, any indexes on existence is registered «headquarters - apartments» there is no security company. On doors of office any mentions about «Alpha - Bezpeke» too are absent. We have called, but doors haven't opened for us. The man who was in office in categorical tone has told that he doesn't wish to communicate with journalists and if there are any questions, has advised to write official request. Arrangements and instructions on the fact that the firm works with budgetary funds, and therefore has to be more transparent - haven't made an impression on the vigilant gimper.

Employees of seaport to whom the Center of journalistic investigations has communicated, claim that new protection doesn't correspond to the appointment.

–They stand on several posts without any overalls: who in the sportivkakh, who in jeans. Any means of protection–bludgeons, barrels, and also means of communication–we at them didn't observe radio sets at all. From the certificate–badge with an inscription protection, without name and a surname, - Alexey P. has told, it is a lot of years worked in port.

New protection was gathered from residents of villages and small towns of the Nikolaev region hasty through Jobcenter. Workers of armed security forces of port before work at first took monthly courses and training. And here whether took courses and a training representatives of new protection, if they were recruited in the middle of December?

The Nikolaev seaport treats strategic sensitive sites which under the existing resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers only the state protection can protect. Economy of means of state enterprise has turned out peculiar: in the presence of the working armed security forces have employed still firm, having overpaid to her several times.


In five months of work in seaport the new team has carried out through the Prozorro system 172 purchases of various goods and services. From them 43, for the total amount of 4,6 million UAH, have come to the end with the conclusion of contracts, and 129, for the sum of 34 million UAH, for various reasons have been cancelled.

Purchase of service in repair of water supply systems in port for the presumable sum of 6,5 million hryvnias became one of the cancelled transactions.Nikolaev enterprise «VIK - technologies» , specializing in repair of water systems and offered the lowest price, as a result…has lost. The tender committee has revealed that the bidder falls under sanctions as his director once was a citizen of the Russian Federation. As a result have declared as the winner firm with the Donetsk roots «BMD and To».

This company has an interesting story. At the number of staff in 28 people the Donetsk firm has won contracts for 91 million hryvnias for the last four months. And at the same time she promises to carry out repair work in the Donetsk and Dnipropetrovsk regions. And planned - and in Nikolaev. How it is possible to perform works with such number of employees?

Enterprise «Vick - technologies» has made the complaint to actions of dockers in Antimonopoly committee. Having considered the reasons for which at the company «have stolen» victory, anti-monopolists recognized actions of tender committee of port concerning «VIK - technologies» unreasonable also have demanded to cancel illegal decision. The company has no relation to Russia, and his head at the time of carrying out the tender was already the Ukrainian citizen.

But new port managers haven't given up and have just cancelled the tender for repair of water system, having recognized him inexpedient.

Former deputy the chief of seaport on administratively - to legal questions and economic security Alexander Novokhatsky who headed tender committee of port in due time, is sure that the main reason tender «failures» the new management of port attempts to drag the firms are. If it doesn't manage to be made then the auction cancels as inexpedient.

–Same corruption in pure form. When I worked, we had no such lawlessness, - Alexander Novokhatsky claims.

Figures–are eloquent. In the first half of the year when the port worked with the old management, 87 transactions, according to the Prozorro system, have come to the end successfully, and only 60 have been for various reasons cancelled, then in the second half of the year statistics exactly the opposite.

According to being a press - the secretary of seaport Alina Korotich, the administration of port already prior to a competition knew who will carry out in a row.

–I was told that will increase the budget by a feast to 500 thousand. While a year no more than 200 thousand hryvnias left earlier. I have told that I until the end of the year won't spend such sum, but I was answered that it is not my care,– «With whom and how to sign contracts, you will be told».

Alina has refused to participate in similar «development» means, has written the application and has left. And instead of her have taken the journalist from Kherson.


The new team has appeared in port at the end of June. At first the order of the head of administration of seaports of Ukraine to a position of the director of the AMPU Nikolaev branch has appointed Alexander Demyanenko who in two weeks has brought into the port of the people. He has published the order according to which four «highly skilled» experts with experience were involved to «to preparation of administrative decisions». Among those «specialists» have appeared: Victor Kozonak, Sergey Eremenko, Vladimir Pinkas and Darya Marinyuk. Part of team–former Kherson heads of the different enterprises. Victor Kozonak, according to media reports, directed at first the Kherson autoenterprise, then has got to system «Ukroboronprom». Directed the Kharkiv armored plant, GP «Plant of Malyshev». Sergey Eremenko held senior positions in system of Gosgorpromnadzor. Vladimir Pinkas was the head of department of Penitentiary service in the Kherson region, and also the director of the Kherson ship-repair plant "Pallada". He is better known for the son Sergey Pinkas who held a high position in state concern «Ukroboronprom» also has been dismissed from from there - for turns of corruption scandals.

Pinkas - younger was in good relations with the head of concern Roman Romanov, and that, in turn, is considered a creature of the President.

After a while all these advisers (except Darya Marinyuk - the Bus Comment) were approved at positions of deputy heads of administration, and Demyanenko…has left on hospital. And still hasn't come to work. Since the beginning of September administration of port in fact the new team led by Victor Kozonak directs.


We have tried to receive the comment from new team about results of her work in port. The former worker of penal system Vladimir Pinkas has refused flatly to communicate with journalists.Victor Kozonak has assured that he will inform journalists as soon as the ministerial commission which has begun work in port after the protest actions of labor unions finishes check.

–As soon as conclusions of the commission become known, I will surely meet you and I will answer all questions, - he has promised the journalist.

Results of vigorous five-months activity of the new management became the emergence reason in port of the ministerial commission which was sent by the head of transport department Vladimir Omelyan. The commission had to estimate consequences of work of new managers. In the middle of December she has finished the work. However, conclusions of auditors still remain the secret behind seven seals which is carefully hidden from the public.

The former deputy chief of administration of port Stanislav Bibik heading nowadays one of labor unions of port, something serious from work of auditors doesn't expect.

–As me have shown to the member of the commission the draft of inspection statements, but there everything has been emasculated. Those failures in work shown by new team to which I pointed weren't even considered. To me have clearly let know that it is bad to estimate work of new management–means to soil image of the minister, and none of the clerks sent here will do it, - the trade-union leader says.

But to hope that the high-ranking ministerial commission will draw some objective conclusions on activity of new team, it isn't necessary. So, and the financial streams poured in port branch are farther, will settle in pockets of those who distribute them.

Yaroslav Chepurnoy, "Center of journalistic investigations"


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