In Nikolaev representatives of candidates for president spoke about horizontals, verticals, laying and self-government

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What has to be local government in Ukraine after presidential election representatives of candidates for president at meeting Nikolaev told yesterday a press - club which took place within an action "From the free press to open policy. Election of the president of Ukraine 2010". We will remind that similar meetings will be weekly held prior to the beginning of elections, their purpose - to present a position of candidates of rather actual problems of the state and a way of their decision. Organizers of an action already decided on subjects of meetings which all will be 14. Subject of the yesterday's meeting, the second, - local government and its development.

As well as for the first time, in a hall at one table gathered not only representatives of mass media, but also representatives of candidates for president in the Nikolaev area. The subject of meeting and structure of participants exchanged only - instead of the representative Alexander Pabat in a hall there were Yury Kostenko and Inna Bogoslovskaya's representatives.

During last meeting, on which the condition of health care was discussed, representatives of candidates managed to reach consensus - all agreed that the medicine needs to be changed. But in a question of local government there was a conditional division into two camps: one supported for majority system of vote, others - elections by party lists.

The representative of the candidate from KPU Nikolay Dzardanov noted what exactly work of local government in a present crisis situation provided a certain stability in the Nikolaev area. "But normal work stirs power distribution on a vertical and a horizontal", - N. Dzardanov declared. According to him, the problem consists in unbalance of the power in the highest echelons, and also in opposition at all levels. As an example, it called the relations between the regional state administration and a regional council. One more source of problems is a distribution of financial resources. "Cash flows at us are distributed at first up, and then - down, very often carrying out only a laying role between the state and local population", - N. Dzardanov declared.

Stanislav Maltsev who represented the candidate for president of Arseniy Yatsenyuk, preferred to pass at once from ascertaining of the facts to offers. Here that A. Yatsenyuk offers, according to his representative, - redistribution of the income, improvement of shots and openness of lists.

Open party lists were supported also by the representative Yu. Tymoshenko, the deputy of the City Council Alexander Kurchenko, having declared that the majority system has the mass of shortcomings.

"About what we now wouldn't speak and didn't argue until means won't remain in regions, all our conversations remain good intentions", - the representative of Party of Regions Nikolay Mashkin noted.

Similar views were stated also by the representative S. Tigipko - lists have to be open, voters have to have access to autobiographies of all candidates; as for distribution of financial resources, the local government in this question has to have more powers. The idea of open lists was supported also by Alexey Miroshnichenko representing the candidate for president Yury Kostenko.

However, were also such which supported for majority system of vote. In particular, the representative I. Bogoslovskoy Nikolay Koren declared need of an individual responsibility of deputies, and, according to him, only majority election system will be able to provide such responsibility. The majority system of vote was supported also by the representative V. Yushchenko Valentina Golovataya.

All agreed that it is necessary to increase responsibility of deputies but as to make it, everyone offered on - to the. Completely views met only in a financing question, unanimously claimed that it is necessary to increase the sizes of local budgets, certainly, at the expense of the state. Whether here only will suffice at future president of powers to realize all election pledges?


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