Deputies of the Nikolaev City Council created interfractional council

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Deputies of all fractions of the Nikolaev city council signed "The agreement on creation of interfractional council and interaction of deputies". In a preamble it is said that the Agreement is signed "for ensuring constructive and fruitful work of the supreme body of self-government of the Nikolaev city community... ". Negotiations on it were conducted for a long time. BYuT fraction, in particular, at one time opposed categorically any agreements at which there will be a Party of Regions. Judging by existence under the text "Agreements... " signatures of the leader Oleg Mudrak, the position of byutovets cardinally exchanged.

We publish the text "Agreements... " completely.


about creation of interfractional council and interaction of deputies of city council

For ensuring constructive and fruitful work of the supreme body of self-government of the Nikolaev city community we, deputies of the Nikolaev city council 5-го the convocation, representing fractions of Party of Regions, Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc, Blok of Natalia Vitrenko "National opposition", Green Parties of Ukraine, the civil block "Nikolaev for Vladimir Chaika", Communist party of Ukraine, "Liberally - socialist Nikolayevshchina", National opposition of Russia party, adopt the agreement on creation of interfractional council and interaction of deputies in city council.

Basis for adoption of the agreement is:

- existence of common goals and tasks in election programs of the city organizations of parties and electoral blocs;
- coincidence of principled stands concerning prospects of development of local government, economic and social development of a city community;
- lack of mutual claims, charges of questions of investment policy, management of municipal property, regulations of the land relations, zhilishchno - municipal services.

Deputies of the fractions which have adopted the agreement, assume liabilities:
- to create interfractional council as a part of heads of deputy fractions and the secretary of city council;
- to coordinate activity of fractions in city council taking into account specifics of election programs of the city organizations of parties and electoral blocs;
- to provide the equal quota representation of deputies from fractions on senior positions in the constant deputy commissions, members of executive committee of city council, as a rule, taking into account education and professional experience;
- to coordinate and make offers to the mayor on candidates at a position of deputies of the mayor, heads of regional administrations, chiefs of managements and departments of executive committee of the City Council for the purpose of ensuring high professionalism of city executive power;
- all disagreements and the problems arising in the course of activity of city council, after discussion on fractions to solve by negotiations at meetings of interfractional council of heads of fractions;
- to bear a joint liability for the decisions coordinated at meetings of interfractional council of heads of fractions and accepted at sessions of city council;
- to provide legality and transparency in management of city municipal property, carrying out land auctions, allocation of the land plots taking into account public opinion in interests of all city community;
- for the purpose of ensuring publicity, increase of responsibility of deputies at decision-making concerning activity of a city community to introduce electronic system of vote.

Having generalized work of a depuy corps in 2 last years, having analysed activity of the constant commissions, executive committee of city council, taking into account numerous addresses of voters, we consider necessary as prime to coordinate and submit the following questions for session consideration:

- the report of the mayor Chaika V.D. on work of executive committee of city council on performance of the powers provided by article 33 of the Law of Ukraine "About local government in Ukraine" in the sphere of regulation of the land relations and protection of surrounding environment from June 1, 2006 to the present;

- about creation of the uniform commission on questions of the land relations, town planning and architecture by association of two deputy commissions and to provide in its structure the equal quota representation of deputies from fractions;

- about assignment for acquisition and installation of electronic system of vote in a sessional hall of city council;

- about modification of regulations of work of city council.

We are ready to consider all specific proposals on improvement of work of a depuy corps.

This agreement is discussed and it is accepted at meetings of fractions and comes into force from the moment of its signing.

At the request of deputies:

Head of fraction of Party of Regions P. Zibrov.
Head of fraction of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc O. Mudrak.
Head of fraction of the Block of Natalia Vitrenko D. Nikonov.
Head of fraction of Green Party of Ukraine A.Blashchuk.
Head of fraction "Civil block "Nikolaev for Vladimir Chaika" V. Evdokimov.
Head of fraction of Communist party of Ukraine A. Trifonov.
Head of Liberally — Socialist Nikolayevshchina fraction L.Lyakh.
The head of fraction "National opposition - Russia party K.Bely.

(It is accepted at City Council session on July 10, 2008).

The head of BYuT fraction in city council Oleg MUDRAK commented on signing "Agreements... " to our correspondent:

- We created new working body. As the presidium isn't stated in the legislation, it didn't carry out regularly, during our activity he was brought together by only 3 times. Therefore we decided to give to presidium the status of interfractional council. What in it bad?

- In it, maybe, anything bad also isn't present. But after all it is known that before parties had polar moods.

- Before to us offered absolutely other actions. To us suggested to create the interfractional majority in the City Council. But about any majority couldn't be and speeches. We refused it unambiguously. There was a memorandum of majority creation, there was absolutely other text - that is it there were two parallel subjects.

And by interfractional council there can be a rational grain.

Heads of fractions created the council - that in it bad?

And fractions too voted for it.

- There are also other opinions. Some deputies declared that weren't going to subscribe under this agreement.

- If Chaika didn't want to collect presidium which isn't registered, and didn't bear for it any responsibility, we decided to adopt the agreement to solve topical city problems.

- But the agreement didn't adopt at session though in the official publication of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies the return was specified. It turns out, what decisions of interfractional council have no validity?

- The agreement at session simply finished to data that such working body is created, for it didn't vote. And now we will simply make changes to regulations to give a lawful state to this interfractional council. On it heads of fractions quickly will discuss, say, such "loud" questions, and then to inform them on session. That's all.


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