Indigo people and choice of Ukraine (Conversation with the Nikolaev globalist)

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Anatoly Gutsol - the Nikolaev guy. I was born and grew in our city. He isn't the public person. Doesn't like to communicate specially for the press. The legendary biography too isn't present. But in the military ID in the column "specialty" it is written... "cavalryman". I studied in Moscow the highest voyenno - political school of frontier troops - I didn't study up (expelled from - for attempts of new audit of Marxism). Then I worked on 61 - the m plant, arrived then on department of history of the Odessa state university of Mechnikov. I taught, I wrote any textbooks of methodics and when everything failed - I went to business.

Today Anatoly Nikolaevich - the construction contractor. Ten crews, two-three of construction objects. It is a little money, but there is free time. It is possible to look at stars and to think.

Anatoly Gutsol predicted Kinakh's premiership, "pomaranchevy revolution" and the second arrival to Alexey Garkusha's power. However backward affairs excite him a little. He thinks Universe scales. Why it still vegetates in the ship region? It's not clear. It as Tsiolkovsky, sits in the province and it is lazy watches our absurd life.

Dear readers, we bring to your attention conversation of the correspondent Sergey Gavrilov with Anatoly Nikolaevich GUTSOL who still wasn't mistaken in the political forecasts.

On the eve of the Independence Day it is actual.

- What today there are most painful points in Ukraine which are capable to split the nation?

- Painful point one. One and a half years Ukraine is in a fever - to join or not to join concerning membership in NATO. Opinions were about it shared not only in Ukraine. England and the USA today the chief lobbyists of occurrence of Ukraine in NATO. They are supported actively by Poland. As opponents Germany, France, Italy, Spain act. Against the entry of Ukraine into NATO Russia rigidly designated the position.In what the reason of such difference in strategy of the main political players? We will try to answer this question from positions unusual for modern political thinking of the theory of change of races.

In recent years in periodicals the opinion that "indigo children" is a new sixth race of mankind was repeatedly expressed. But if there was the sixth, what the fifth were, the fourth, the second and the third? What else races existed and will exist in mankind? Hitler's racial theory - Rosenberg is widely known. However it at all that. Already more than one and a half hundred years develop the theory of races which has from the nazi nothing in common.

According to its contents the mankind takes place seven main races in the history. Races are the psychophysiological types of mankind which are consistently dominating in the course of its development. The first and second races have no names. It is accepted to call a third lemuriysky, the fourth - Atlantic, the fifth - Aryan. Now process of formation of the sixth race - a new psychophysical type of people which began to call "indigo race" began. The seventh race too yet has no name.

Today us the Aryan race interests first of all. Arias mean "noble", not exclusive, but giving rise to "benefit". The Aryan race, according to researchers, started dominating about thirteen and a half thousand years ago. During this period there was a global reorganization of a planet. Many people remember this time as a great flood - a global disaster. Really, the planet geophysics changed at this particular time. Glaciers disappeared, disappeared animal and flora of ice age. The planet took a present form. With new гео - and the biosphere there was a new noosphere. In this noosphere of Earth the dominant of Aryan race began. It differed from previous emergence and development of making economy.

- What new psychophysiological lines appeared at this type of people whom you call arias?

- For ариев - producers characteristic there are such lines of the personality, as objectively directed mind and objectively directed action. These lines could be formed and develop only in group of in common conceiving and in common acting people. Therefore for ариев the unity of the word and business is very important. "Word" as carrier of collective thought and "business" as real embodiment of this thought.

As a result at Aryan race the left cerebral hemisphere which is responsible for rational thinking started dominating. On an extent of thousands of years of domination of Aryan race this left distortion reached a critical point. The cult "words and affairs" started influencing in a destructive way soul and a body, generating various mental and physiological diseases.

When human relations are under construction on the principles "told - made", "... й тiло ми we will put soul... ", it causes resistance at biogenetic level. As a result from the last quarter of the XX century started being born more and more indigo children for whom the unity of the word and business", and "unity of soul and a body" is important not ". For them "the word and business" are good when they serve soul and a body.

But the modern device of human society both in economic, and in political spheres is based on the Aryan principles. Therefore the mankind reorganization on the indigo principles will occupy, about, three hundred - five hundred years. During this period the Aryan race still will continue the domination, though will hand over an indigo one position for another.

- It seems to me that your theory of races is the modified theory of civilizations of Toynbee which was in due time alternative Marxist socially - to economic formations.

- In - the first, it is the theory doing not wash, in - the second, it doesn't apply for universal chronology. Each race in itself shares on seven main subraces.

For Aryan it is accepted to allocate such intermediate steps, as giperboreysky, арато - arian, Babylon - Egyptian, Greco - Roman, germano - Romance, English - American and slavyanorussky. Each of these subraces was dominating in a certain period of development of Aryan race, but defining became germano - Romance subrace.

It started developing at the end of VII - the beginning of the VIII centuries AD at majordomos Pipin Srednem and Karl Martel and it developed as the phenomenon at Charles the Great. At further blossoming germano - Romance subrace all four previous began to be perceived as, the ancient world. But germano - Romance I didn't lose the influence and at domination English - the American subrace which development began at the Tudor dynasty and it developed after English bourgeois revolution.

English - the American subrace approached to a zenith of the power at the end of XIX - the beginning of the XX centuries.By this time there was "an old world regime" at which there were some empires having extensive colonies. Great Britain which owned the most extensive colonial territories was at the head of this world order. At the beginning of the XX century there were ideas of "a new world order". Germany and the USA were the main carriers of these ideas. In the extremely radical form in Germany it was expressed as fight for "the third Reich" which had to become a basis of "a new world order". In the USA on a board were lifted "liberally - democratic values" what had to triumph on all the plan and the United States have to be at the head of this "celebration".

Than fight for "ideals of the third Reich" ended, it is well known. Well, and fight for liberally - democratic values ended with recognition of "the history end" or that same, the deadlock. Collapse of the USSR revived there were hopes of Americans that is formed, at last - that, liberally - the democratic world with the USA at the head. But these hopes quickly vanished. It became clear that the world not unipolar, but multipolar.

Domination slavyano - the Russian subrace began at the end of XX - the beginning of the XXI centuries. It is connected with collapse of the USSR, as international state education and creation of three slavyano - the Russian states - Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

The leader slavyano - the Russian subrace today is Russia. It is caused not only such objective factors, as the huge territory, a large amount of minerals, long traditions of statehood, but also such important subjective circumstance, as activity ex-the president, and nowadays the prime minister - the minister Vladimir Putin who began policy of "the Russian break".

Now the main centers of influence are the USA, the European Union, Russia and China. And the USA with the last bit of strength seek to keep the leading situation. Basis of power is the dollar, it is main "liberally - democratic value" as without dollars, according to Americans, can't be neither freedoms, nor democracies. But dollar positions as world currency are significantly undermined.

The powerful competitor to dollar became euro. The Russian ruble and the Chinese yuan are also ready to compete with it. The era of domination of dollar consigns to the past, and together with it consigns to the past and political dictatorship of the USA. All this aggravates fight for leadership in an Aryan zone. However except Aryan the zone of indigo race powerfully develops.It is Latin America, Hugo - East Asia and India. And India and Brazil are allocated here as two potential leaders. It should be noted here geopolitical foresight of the Russian management which managed to create the BRIC organization - the union of Brazil, Russia, India and China.

- All this is very interesting. However it isn't absolutely clear as Ukraine will master this new world. Whether there will be it a worthy place during an era of the indigo people?

- Unfortunately, the Ukrainian management didn't develop the political strategy adequate to the developed geopolitical situation. At the time of Leonid Kuchma's presidency there was rather accurately expressed political line directed on establishment of close cooperation with all main centers of influence, including with China, Brazil and India. But after "overthrow of a criminal mode" ours "permanent revolutionaries" branded multivector policy and chose one vector - euro - Atlantic. In other words, the Ukrainian state which is one of three states slavyano - the Russian subrace, started carrying out the political line directed on support English - American and germano - Romance subraces. Not absolutely clearly, by what interests the Ukrainian power is guided thus.

But the problem is even juicier. Apparently, representatives germano - Romance subrace not the Ukrainian management delighted with such policy. Than on another to explain that fact that Germany, France, Italy and Spain at all don't wish to see Ukraine in NATO, and they is obvious against aspiration of Ukraine in the European Union. Most zealously support euro - the Atlantic aspirations of Ukraine of the USA, Great Britain and their satellites.

In what the original reasons of such position English - Americans and, first of all, the USA? Motivation simple. The USA lose leadership, as around the world, and in an Aryan zone. The main competitors to the place of the leader are the European Union and Russia. And dynamically developing Russia is potentially main competitor. Therefore, the policy of the USA has to be directed on the maximum weakening of these rivals. And in this fight Americans assign a leading part to Ukraine.

The American management perfectly knows the relation of the Ukrainian people to the accession to NATO. Less than 20% of the population support or support this step rather. More than 60% are negative to any cooperation with alliance. In Hugo - east regions and, especially in the Crimea, the number of opponents of NATO is much higher.Whether it is possible to believe, what the American analysts count, what retraction of Ukraine in the block will happen in a quiet civilized situation, without any civil conflicts? I think that isn't present. Everything can begin with Sevastopol, with its next defense, and this spark will light the Crimea from which all Ukraine will detonate. It just also is necessary for Americans.

If civil war in Ukraine begins, to a gas pipe "pipe" will come. There will be serious problems with supply of the Russian gas to Western Europe, and then to Russia and the European Union will have no time for fight for world leadership. While they will extinguish the Ukrainian fire, the USA will strengthen and will strengthen the leading positions in the world. For this purpose and only for this purpose Americans so persistently push Ukraine in NATO, understanding that business all the same won't reach real membership. More or less it understand and germano - romanets. From here their blocking of PDCh. Russia which rigidly stated the position understands it also. But it doesn't understand, or pretends that doesn't understand the Ukrainian management.

The USA as more skilled political player, "parts" the Ukrainian power, pushing it to an adventurous, self-destructive and treacherous course in relation to the people.

... And the people of Ukraine again appear before a choice. Politicians led a situation up a blind alley and compel all of us to distract from the daily affairs and to solve for them these or those problems. The pipe calls to a neutrality. The neutrality can provide stable supply of the Russian gas to Europe. Provoking of the civil conflicts and, especially, civil war in Ukraine threatens safety as European Union, and Russia.

The categorical choice of these or those political forces where to go to Ukraine - to the West or to the East, is fraught with country split. Nevertheless the exit is. Ukraine is quite capable to become a cradle of the eighth subrace when the spiritual essence of people becomes a dominant.


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