In inhabitants of Kiev inspire that the prices of journey to the subway "did not come on a silver platter"

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The working group will resolve an issue of increase of tariffs for journey in a public transport after audit and General plan revision. About it on Thursday it was spoken at its first meeting. Also already precisely it is known that the special session of Kiyevrada who will be engaged in tariffs, will pass on September 30.

As the head of group, Kiyevrada's deputy Alexander Zinchenko declared, he against "linear increase" prices of journey and, as a result, salaries of transport workers, and supports careful verification of all documents of the enterprises. For this purpose on September 15 the working group will visit the subway, 16 - "Kiyevpastrans". "It is necessary that it became clear to all that figures of fare didn't come on a silver platter", - Zinchenko declared. Also it reminded that the subway and land transport advertizing and rent of floor spaces can rescue. Besides, at meeting it was decided to analyse the General plan in which growth rates of a passenger traffic weren't considered. Also, according to the deputy Alla Shlapak, it is necessary to investigate number of exempts and money which are spent for them. On September 17 the group will meet labor unions and experts, and the 19th there will take place the following meeting, reports "Today".

If metropolitenovets and passtransovets receive the, expenses of inhabitants of Kiev on transport will increase as follows. On the average, one person goes by two means of transport twice a day (it is admissible, by trolleybus and the subway), from work and for work. That is, now, at an average salary in Kiev in 3 thousand UAH, people, spending for the drive of 2 UAH a day, in a month spends only 60 UAH. Now, taking into account increase, it is necessary "to get rid" in day of 7 UAH (2 - by the subway and 1,5 on other transport). In a month the sum is already much more solid - 210 UAH. If to go only for work, more than 150 hryvnias will leave.

The public transport rises in price not only in Kiev - in Moscow since 2009 also will raise tariffs. The decision will be made by special commission. Now the ticket for one trip in Moscow "subway" costs 19 rub (3,8 UAH), by bus, the trolleybus, the tram - 17 rub (3,4 UAH) in booths of "Mosgortrans" and 25 rub (5 UAH) if to get it at the driver.For comparison - it is worth being passed in the subway of Stockholm from 20 to 60 kroner (from $2,88 to $9,28, or from 14,11 to 42,32 UAH), to New - York for it will take $2 (9,48 UAH), in Paris the trip will cost 1,3 euros (9,35 UAH), in Berlin - 2,1 euros (14,02 UAH), in the Kharkov subway one counter costs 75 kopeks.

Can earn the subway not only on counters. Since the beginning of year for advertizing the subway gained 12,1 million UAH (about 850 thousand UAH a month), for rent - 2,3 million UAH. Having talked to advertizing agencies which sell the areas in the subway, we found out that they buy the right for advertizing sale from the subway on the minimum tariffs. And resell the right to be advertized already 4 times more expensively! So, train branding from five cars (the image of logos of firms on it, - an edition) costs from 10 to 16 thousand UAH a month ($2-3 thousand) for advertizing agency. The minimum order - half a year, that is the subway receives from 60 to 96 thousand for the train. But on quotations of advertizing agencies, branding costs about $8 thousand! It is rumored that these agencies - "not strangers" for metropolitenshchik.

As a whole, possible maximum profit on advertizing - $5 766 400 that is much more than $250 thousand which the subway receives now. Certainly, the cost of one structure - about $20 million but if to enter market prices, that, look, and it isn't necessary to lift fare, or it isn't so essential as podzemshchik want.


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