About political dystrophic persons, lawyers of a devil and other critical days …

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There are no unsoluble problems.
There are unpleasant decisions.

In my opinion, incessant rains on all territory of Ukraine and not really peculiar cold for this season cast the country into a much bigger depression, than events political. Even the jumped-up dollar, about what (hypothetical opportunity to jump up) beforehand I I warned the prominent banker of our time Pyotr Poroshenko, didn't introduce a visible agiotage among the population. Probably, in exchangers there is nothing to change. All savings left on immensely risen in price food, preparation for a new educational season and a little bit on rest. In total - it was good in the summer - heat and as - that is more joyful, whether that … Well.8>

To those who likes to repeat that the real policy on current - show doesn't become, is ready to appeal: becomes, and still as becomes! In any case, the politicians who are dexterously provoked by leaders, sometimes reveal, and from their sugar lips it is possible to hear about what they, most likely, hesitate to admit to the opponents, because not a secret that enemies they "in public", and in the world, behind "a tea shot glass" - lepshy friends.

Well, that the former regionalka, and nowadays the secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Raisa Bogatyreva, the physician by training, christened a situation as "dystrophy of political elite", confirmed once again what already nobody doubts. That very active Anna Hermann called the person president Marina Stavniychuk "The Devil's Advocate", also any more doesn't surprise, though these "lawyers" - a dime a dozen. All so-called "speakers", that is politicians who on current - shows act on behalf of the parties and blocks, and same, anyway "lawyers", here only "devils" at them different.

And here in the program at Savik Shuster the invited mayors of several cities, are more faithful one - Zaporozhye, urged to cease to politicize, and to start being engaged in business, however, didn't tell, which. And then I said the sacramental phrase which has become already the very popular: "The coalition - as periods if is, it is good if isn't present, it is bad". Having forgotten to specify, thus: to whom it is good and to whom, respectively - it is bad. But the phrase went to the people. And it is good.

And so, if who noticed, all these bewitched friends accuse each other of different sins, falling sometimes to level of street tramps, but one charge sounds constantly - Constitution violation. To understand what is broken by all in what address these terrible charges sound, it is almost impossible, that read the Constitution of very few people, and for memory … Nevertheless, some postulates remember overwhelming number of citizens of free Ukraine and contemptuously grin at their mention. I mean articles defining basic rights of citizens, violated all years of independence of Ukraine. And yes readers will forgive me, but I will dare to remind and a little bit to comment on some constitutional postulates. Let's roll.

Article 47. Everyone has a right to housing. The state creates conditions under which each citizen will have opportunity to build the dwelling, to get it in property or to lease.

Comment: who will remember at least one condition created by the state, allowing to execute this article? How much is the apartment, isn't present sense to speak.

Article 48. Everyone has the right for a sufficient standard of living for itself(himself) and the family, including sufficient nutrition, clothes, the dwelling.

Comment: somebody can count approximately at least, how many in Ukraine the people who are living below the poverty line? It is unlikely. Especially now, after an inflation wave. And it is absolutely unimportant, roots of this inflation from where undertake. And it is absolutely unimportant as the political party which has come to the power is called. And the more so, has no value the name of ruling coalition if it is disabled. Important only that the state, represented by parliament and the president, being not able to provide a worthy standard of living of the citizens. Not magnificent, but worthy, not humiliating human dignity.

Article 49. Everyone has the right for health care, medical care and medical insurance. In the state and municipal healthcare institutions medical care is provided free of charge.

Comment: it is excessive.

Article 53. Everyone has the right for education. The state provides availability and free of charge a preschool, full average, is professional - technical, higher education in the state and municipal educational institutions. // To the citizens belonging to ethnic minorities, according to the law the right for training in the native language …

is guaranteed

Comment:how much is "free of charge", on a competitive basis, that is it is honest, without everyones "preferential out-of-competition categories" as that is demanded by the Basic Law, to enter to the university, perhaps, know if not everything, many. I even won't speak about conditional "free of charge" school training not to make laugh people. But here about ethnic minorities, and language of the biggest ethnic minority, that is Russian, I will tell especially.

Language in which nearly 70% of the population of Ukraine speak and think and if to take in attention, what even inhabitants of the most western areas of the country with great pleasure talk enemy Russians матюками, and all 90 percent not only that it isn't taught at schools, but also on it aren't conducted training in Russian-speaking regions that obviously contradicts the Constitution. Also it isn't necessary to accept at the level of laws the second language Russian, it is good to carry out simply the Constitution and all.

I think, there is enough. And about "critical days" while they proceed. And their existence or absence in a context of modern Ukrainian policy means nothing. They it is simple to eat. And with it it is necessary to be reconciled. Alas.


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