Since November 1 the Okean plant stops production, and employees sends on houses?

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In the Nikolaev area the economic crisis grows. As indicator of it the production stop at the large enterprises of area can serve.

As it became known "to Crime. Is NOT PRESENT", the Okean plant (since October 9 of the current year - JSC Wadan Yards Okean OJSC) since November 1 curtails production. Working hours of employees of plant are shortened from 8 to 4 o'clock in day. For October employees got paid of 100 UAH

Besides, the agiotage round a stop of production is warmed up also by other events which occur at plant. So, recently in broad daylight from the territory of plant 3 anchors were taken out. Some sources claim that anchors were sold as soon in them there will be no need from - for production suspensions. However according to other data, anchors were simply - напросто are stolen. Anyway, similar "squandering" of property of plant generated among workers the version about "freezing" of production and the subsequent closing of "Ocean".

We will remind that quite recently Andrey Burlakov, the chairman of the board of directors of Wadan Yards AS group of companies and the main co-owner of Wadan Yards AS, on behalf of the new owner of plant assured workers and the public: "We will do everything that you lived with us better, than lived to us".

Besides, answering a question of plans concerning JSC Wadan Yards Okean OJSC, Andrey Burlakov told that "the plan very simple - the most dense work on loading by its orders".

Andrey Burlakov made a similar zavyaleniye on October 9 during official representation of the new owner to employees of plant.

Then the owner noted not really comfortable working conditions (world crisis which didn't pass also Ukraine and snap elections in parliament it isn't really good, A. Burlakov noted), but declared that will try to receive the maximum benefit. And for this purpose the plant will have to work.

"That situation which now developed on "Ocean", - with the minimum volume of orders - us at all doesn't arrange. Me adjusted to come to a tribune and to tell that my main goal of stay on "Ocean" - to make plant happy. I won't hide is the truth. But it is a consequence.My main goal of purchase - to get profit. And here for this purpose I have to make a candy of this enterprise. To tell that we will make of "Ocean" Wismar it isn't absolutely true: the shipyard will well work, it will earn also, and her workers, will badly work - workers will badly earn. We are heavy passengers for the Ukrainian shipyard: mentally we anywhere didn't depart from you, but I rigid - if I should close shipyard, I will close it.
But it isn't favorable to me.

I want that there was a modern enterprise in Ukraine.
The best not because the others ugly look - easy to look good against the bad.

I would like that it looked good against the good.
The freebie won't be (in comparison with the German shipyards labor productivity here is very low, but a little big in comparison with the disorganized Russian shipyards), and investments will be.

Here the huge areas, and they will be used for designated purpose", - A. Burlakov told.

Also the owner assured that "Ocean" won't be minor shipyard - it will have the task (same each bought Wadan Yards AS of shipyard will have "the task" and at design - bureau).

Victor Chugunov, vice-the president of the company, then declared that the plant is capable and can build complete vessels.

"At plant the best dock in Europe, and that it does today the "left unfinished" vessels, and the main profit is removed by the Norwegian partners represented by the Norwegian and Romanian shipyards, is absolutely abnormal phenomenon, and it can't suit us in any way.

Therefore negotiations on loading of big dock (after completion of works on the contracts Aker Yards) or bulk carriers, bulk ships or tankers with a deadweight from 60 tons and above are conducted already today.

Will load also the small line.

We have to in the next year - two to come at least to level of the Romanian plants Aker Yards", - V. Chugunov told.

As well as the majority of election pledges, assurances of owners of plant remained outstanding. It is quite possible that in it the economic crisis or any others external factors is guilty. However other treatment of occurring events is possible also. The Okean plant was bought by the Russian owners for redistribution of the capital and reorientation of production of vessels to the Russian shipyards.

What of these versions the correct - will show time. For now employees of "Ocean" are compelled or to have hard times, or to look for to themselves new work.

Reference: Wadan Yards AS - recently created ship-building group of companies, 70 which % belongs the Russian company FLC West and 30% of the Aker Yards company, is based on the agreement between these two companies, signed at the end of March of this year, and final end of the transaction took place on July 29 this year (an amount of transaction - 292 million euros).

As a result of the transaction of Wadan Yards AS three shipyards - two in Germany (Wismar and Rostock - Varnemyunde) and one in Ukraine (the Nikolaev plant "Okean"), and also 4 PKB (called now design - bureau) departed. We will add that the staff - the apartment of group is in Oslo, and heads board of directors Andrey Burlakov.


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