The ex-the mayor of Nikolaev Nikolay Bryukhanov died

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On Wednesday, January 21, the legendary resident of Nikolaev died–Bryukhanov Nikolay Grigoryevich, the honourable citizen of Nikolaev, the order bearer, the chairman of city executive committee from 1966 to 1974 which gave all the labor life on development and prosperity of the city of shipbuilders.

Funeral memorial service will take place on Saturday, January 24, at 10:00 to the address Potemkinskaya Street, 138 (crossing of streets Big Sea and 1-I Suburban). 

In memory of Nikolay Bryukhanov we bring to attention of readers Stanislav Kozlov's publication in  «Evening Nikolaev» under the name  «Inconvenient» head». It was written in May of last year.


Every year, meeting on May 9, we with a sinking heart find out that veterans of the Great Patriotic War, real participants of military operations, remains less. Among nikolayevets such it is already not enough. One of them, Nikolay Bryukhanov, this year is going to celebrate 90 anniversary. For Nikolaev it is the special person famous not only fighting past. It is enough to remind that within eight years, with 1966 on 1974, he was the chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Today it is the oldest of recent mayors.

Agree, to the man at such age moreover and with such bright biography, is what to remember. Its destiny was hard, but interesting. Nikolay Grigoryevich was born in 1924 in the Penza region Russia. Besides it in a family there were two more brothers and the sister. Having graduated from school, in 1942 m, it was called up for military service, became the cadet of school of communication, and after its disbandment got to school of the senior radio experts to Mytischi situated near Moscow. Cadets - operators were trained in military knowledge, mastered new equipment and got used to just entered shoulder straps.

Upon termination of preparation Nikolay got to the fourth tank army which was on rearrangement after the most severe fights on the Kursk arch. For the first time gunpowder happened to smell to it soon after liberation of Kiev. With fights I passed a floor - Europe and I finished war in Prague in May of the forty fifth by the chief of radio station of the commander of army.It was the responsible officer position, hundreds, thousands of lives could depend on one oversight of the officer of communication of such level. Nevertheless command entrusted it to Bryukhanov, as to the skilled, checked in business fighter though on a rank he was only a foreman.

Since those times there was a memory–awards the yes turned yellow front photos. On them absolutely still the young fellow with the opened, having person and a medal «For courage». And always near colleagues. He didn't think of himself without fellow soldiers, without collective. Also it is–to be in the thick of people, to help them, to live their cares, to fight for a right cause,–remained in it for the rest of life.
After war I served in Austria, Germany. Having come back home, I graduated from the Penza timber technical school and I got to Nikolaev, on plant of A. Marty (ChSZ). The plant was actively under construction, developed and modernized. Annually there arrived hundreds of young specialists, yesterday's graduates. Bryukhanov managed to work as the assistant to the master of woodworking shop, the technologist, the master, and then came to NKI where, according to the order across Minsudprom, I studied according to the accelerated program: three years instead of five and a half. With it children from the different republics of the USSR studied, all of them were friendly and solid student's staff.

Having returned on plant, it, the party member, according to the proposal of the secretary of Communist Party committee Efim Slepushkin was elected the deputy secretary of Communist Party committee of this huge enterprise and, having got for party work, got acquainted with the first secretary of the Factory district committee Vladimir Vaslyaev. When that went for increase, he offered Bryukhanov on the place. So, at relatively young age, it headed a district committee of party.

If it is honest, this work not too was pleasant to Bryukhanov. Plant–these are concrete affairs and tasks, life boils, the ships are given. And here? Assets of the party, meetings, conferences…Not work, but chatter! The straightforward Party member shared the reasons with the administration, for what received «on nuts». «Stop brawling,–the first secretary of a city town committee Konstantin Karanda declared to it,–you are appointee! It so far you are the first secretary–potter with you. So don't take in head to leave».

But Nikolay Grigoryevich didn't obey. Five times invited him in regional committee, offered different positions, but it was torn to native plant. And already I agreed was with the director Anatoly Gankevich that he was taken the deputy of the chief engineer, but here I interfered with business «heavy artillery».The first secretary of regional committee Trophîme Poplevquin decided that Bryukhanov has to head the Nikolaev Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies.

Then city elections of the mayor weren't, the city head was elected deputies of the City Council on representation of bureau of a city town committee of KPU. It also decided to direct Nikolay Grigoryevich on «personnel strengthening».

City–the many-sided mechanism leading a difficult life which not always fits into habitual canons and rules. Those years in Nikolaev prompt rates housing construction developed, thousands of people annually received apartments. YuTZ, the Industrial zone, the Scaffold, the central part of the city were built up. At Bryukhanov in Nikolaev there were first nine-storey buildings, building of Mira Avenue, at that time started–the youngest prospectus of the city. Before here fields eared, on the one hand houses of YuTZ, with another were seen–private sector of the Watering place. And here the equipment zaurchat, pile copras began to patter, trills of precautionary calls of tower cranes were distributed. For increase in speed of construction the house-building combine developed. New houses grew, as if mushrooms. And in 1967 in the city started up the trolleybus.

New buildings which were conducted generally at the expense of the enterprises, demanded big to a denegod Issues of financing had to be resolved through the ministries, often to go to Moscow. Once Bryukhanov appeared in the ministry to which the plant «submittedDormashina». Here he got acquainted with the minister, had with it difficult conversation, but money as a result «I beat out». Son of this minister–Ilya Averbukh–I became the well-known Russian figure skater.

New buildings demanded laying of new streets. At Bryukhanov equipped the carriageway and asphalted Mira Avenue, Teatralnuyu Street (nowadays Vaslyaeva), Park (Oleynika), prolonged Kosmonavtov Street from Hersonskoye Highway to Mira Avenue below, to Oktyabrsky Avenue. And that after all earlier to pass from the Industrial zone on YuTZ was required to overcome a remote way on Hersonskoye Highway to an old cemetery and then on Oktyabrsky Avenue!

I proceeded large-scale gasifications of Nikolaev, starting in 1963, wood plates and cylinders with gas gave way to gas pipelines. The project of central heating of the city, in was developed «zhilkopa» , where earlier coal sheds dominated, began to bring heat. Part of inefficient small boiler rooms closed, but the combined heat and power plant developed, the heating main on YuTZ was laid, construction of a regional boiler room on the Industrial zone is designed.In the city became operational stadium «Shipbuilder» , DKIT of shipbuilders, movie theater «Youth» , new bus station. And near it there was a rekultivirovana an old city dump. Instead of it opened new, far away from Nikolaev, in Korenikhe. Yes, today solid waste landfill–big trouble for locals. But those years nobody was going to exploit him so long and technologies on burial of MSW tried to observe, unlike nowadays. At least, sufficient funds were allocated for it. There was also a cemetery in Meshkovke as the old city cemetery was overloaded long ago, at each other burials of different decades accumulated here, in addition it constrained development of transport and other infrastructure in the area where construction of a zoo was planned.

The Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies paid huge attention to gardening, demolition of emergency green plantings and disembarkation of the new. Roads in old part of the city in large quantities rolled up in asphalt over a stone blocks. Today it then, there «gets out» in this world, and nikolayevets are indignant: why was it to asphalt? But the paving of the majority of our streets was far from an ideal: the carriageway rough, running at cars constantly failed, forcing drivers to swear, and transport enterprises–constantly to bear additional expenditure for its repair. In dry weather on streets the dust clouds settling and on neighboring houses, and on pedestrians rose. Asphalting solved these problems. At the time of Bryukhanov the majority of cobblestone roads was asphalted. And «breaks» the stone outside only because at the city isn't enough today funds for the contents and repair is expensive, many of which passed already some reserve maintenance periods.

One more innovation–transformation Soviet in a pedestrian street, at that time–one of the few in the USSR. Traffic was blocked off, the tram which went before on Soviet, disappeared. The street got a special luster and color especially as all facades then were as very clean, balconies and decorative elements of buildings were supported in a full order.

To Nikolaev attached Varvarovka and Zhovtnevoye on the basis of whom the new area was created–The ship. The city quickly grew and got prettier, its population increased. Construction of the new airport was required.Bryukhanov was the supporter of creation of the general airport between Nikolayev and Kherson, after all distance between two regional centers–halfway the shortest in Ukraine. It would allow to save means and to give to the airport the guaranteed passenger traffic. But it wasn't listened, each city started building own airport. The result is known: that at us that in Kherson the airports can't live plainly from - for low loading, not to mention development prospect.

All these years Nikolay Grigoryevich worked in close contact with the first secretary of a city town committee, and subsequently and regional committee Vladimir Vaslyaev. Between them there were equal, benevolent relations. And it isn't sophisticated: both coevals, veterans, responsible and human heads, modest, with similar views on life, are familiar even since work in the Factory area.

But here with other ranking officers, branch secretaries of a city town committee and regional committee, with the management of regional executive committee there were friction more than once. To Bryukhanov with his straightforwardness and aspiration to justice it was difficult to work well together with them, for many he was «inconvenient» mayor. Everyone sought to solve the sectoral problems, for example, to asphalt any journey detached, though for the main roads, densely populated regions of asphalt weren't always enough. Chairman of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies «I rose» against such approach. Up to the depth of soul he was revolted also by attempts to distribute housing in the manual mode when apartments tried to give out of turn. Let and to good people, but than worse those who stood in a queue and patiently waited for the housing for years? Difficult relations with the nomenclature sometimes affected in the most unexpected way. For example, he got it hot in regional executive committee for extension of Kosmonavtov Street. It would seem, absurdity. But after all and such was!

The growing discontent of the administration «unsociability» city head, numerous disputes, excitement, enormous overloads,–all this led to that at it heart troubles because of nerves became aggravated. And then he appealed to Vaslyaev about resignation...

After leaving the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies Bryukhanov didn't remain idle, at first directed an oblzhilupravleniye, then was engaged in creation in Nikolaev of Youzhny is production - the technical enterprise. For obscure to the third-party person the name YuPTP the defensive enterprise specializing on an over-the-horizon radar-location and installation of stations of antimissile defense disappeared.In Moscow there was a head enterprise–GPTP, and in Leningrad, Ryazan, Vladivostok and Nikolaev–the subsidiaries entering into this system.

For Bryukhanov new business was close, after all on military specialty he is a radio operator. It registered YuPTP in 1978 started Working in the small room on 7-й Suburban, rented the areas in НИИДАРе, and soon on the waste ground in the neighbourhood with this institute began to build the base. Bryukhanov as we remember, liked to start business from scratch. The wise head understanding people he managed to attract the best graduates of profile higher education institutions, raised fine shots, understood who and on what site of work needs to be put. Soon in a clean floor the huge laboratory complex, warehouses, other buildings and constructions was constructed. YuPTP collective expanded to 2 thousand people. His experts worked in the Azerbaijani Kutkashena, Pechora, Komsomolsk-on-Amur, at far Nureksky hydroelectric power station and many other objects. The well-known antenna near Kalinovka dismantled at the beginning of a present century and an antenna field in the settlement the Beam–too their hands business.

People worked wholeheartedly also because knew–the management of the enterprise very much tries to create for them fine socially - living conditions, supplies with all deficiency which then on free sale was not to find. In Nikolaev the young specialist received at once the hostel, in some years–apartment. And if got on object, there was both a housing, and the dining room, both the sports hall, and a bath,–everything that is necessary for soul. YuPTP for short term built the hostel, some nine-storey buildings, two 16-floor houses - «candles» on departure from the city near Bashtanskoye Highway, a pioneer camp in Rybakovke, recreation facility «Comet» in Koblevo in which four-storeyed case had a rest not only employees and their families, but also suppliers from other republics.

–Nikolay Grigoryevich differed in wisdom and ability to organize business,–the current director of YuPTP Alexander Cherevko tells.–It is skillful to work, select shots, to look for orders for what often I flew to Moscow, using the communications acquired in the years of work as the mayor. And after all all this not for itself, and for business, for collective. Today times changed, the enterprise has no such volumes of work, but the shots which are grown up by it weren't lost in the sea of life. Many went to prestigious Moscow scientific research institutes, banks, the large companies, became developers of unique operating systems.

In 1994 Bryukhanov retired. But also on pension I couldn't be idle. As far as years allowed, was engaged in public work, advised the city authorities. Even when health became absolutely weak, and it ceased to leave the house, all the same tried to help people. Here only they not always paid it in the same. Some years to it alone were necessary to battle to cafe «Kav'yarnya» that settled down on Soviet, directly under its apartment. At the nights on days off played weddings and so noisy here that floors shook from the shouting music and were shaken from shouts «Bitterly». There's nothing to be done, after all the house of pre-war construction, with wooden overlappings. Owners of cafe of the requirement of the law No. 1745 regulating the mode of silence and protecting citizens from noise ignored. He rose in defense of the family and rest of the neighbors, addressed to militia, SES, even was going to have legal proceedings with careless owners. At last, justice triumphed. Now instead of cafe the shop, in the house–works silence and tranquillity.

The old age of the person doesn't happen joyful, after death of the spouse Lyubov Ivanovna with which he lived nearly half a century, having endured a stroke, it almost lost ability to move, doesn't leave the house. But the grief of loss and an illness didn't break this courageous person. On - former, as far as possible, he tries to lead active life, to read newspapers and to watch TV.

He devoted all the life to upholding of interests of our country, service to people. And the set of the houses, social and cultural facilities and city infrastructure constructed under its management silently convincingly testifies to it.

Stanislav Kozlov, "Evening Nikolaev"

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