MBK "Nikolaev" on a major note finished national championship

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The fifth!

Before game

Not so long ago in the Ukrainian championship ceased to play the coupled matches. So many fans remember, how hard victories in the second day even sometimes were given to recognized favourites against, say, serednyachok. And certain basketball players were often a little similar on themselves "yesterday's".

There was even certain informal "tactics" - to lose today more that … to relax the rival before the following duel. And as soon as trainers of the wards adjusted to work with the full calculation, not to lose concentration, all the same there were quite loud sensations. Because there is in players a subconscious mechanism which whispers "yes where to them against us! "

In a certain degree nikolayevets too extended a repeated match with ровенчанами quite strainedly, despite a convincing result. Because rivals had internal reserves, and at our basketball players some was looked through for the time being prokhladets. It especially affected game in protection. Passed more, and fouls picked up - under a waterline.

It is possible to assume firmly that with support of the tribunes "Pulsar" will battle much more persistently, will splash out on a platform all forces without the rest. Because to recede after all there is no place. In Exactly in present series of the ply - офф burned not only the poltavchena, but also Kiev "wolves". So for owners of a platform will play, except tribunes, also memory of matches which they won.


"Pulsar" - MBK "Nikolaev" - 57:89 (21:19, 8:26, 14:28, 14:16)On May 25.Exactly, DYuSSh No. 4, 100 of the audience
Productivity (points/minutes in game)
Residents of Bryansk727Jackson1317
Head coachMikhail PEREVERZYHead coachVladimir FIELDS
Accuracy of throws (threw/got)
Selections (the шит / stranger)
Judges:R. Ponomarenko, A. Shirobokov (both is Kiev), A. Kalashnikov (Zaporozhye).
Commissioner:V. Lapshinov (Kiev)

The beginning was behind "Pulsar" - 10:3. It was thought that MBK "Nikolaev" waits a heavy duel. Especially as the first quarter to the rovenchena was finished to modest, but by victories - 21:19. The main contribution in this local success was brought by Shemosyuk who has gathered 8 points.

However in the second ten-minute guests literally threw the "Pulsar" ring tryulnik. Three well-aimed throws from - for arches on Yaylo's account, on one - at Jackson and Onufriyev. "Pulsar" answered only one exact 3--point performed by... center Gumenyuk.We will note that Yaylo and Onufriyev were marked out by hits and from closer distance. As a result of MBK "Nikolaev" I left on a big break, conducting in the account with quite comfortable difference in
16 points.

But, as it became clear a bit later, it were florets. In the third quarter Vladimir Polyakh's team hammered seven 3--point throws! Three times it was succeeded to make Silkovskoma, twice - to Gladyryu which have adjusted a sight, on time - to Rajevski and Onufriyev. We will note that all in this duel nikolayevets got from - for arches of 16 times! Reception against such "scrap" at "Pulsar" wasn't. Plus 30!

In the fourth quarter of MBK "Nikolaev" I reduced the turns, however demoralized "Pulsar" wasn't selected closer. The personal account in this match was opened by Hlebovitski, Tonchenko and Shepil, "three" Gladyr reminded of himself. As a result a surprising victory over usually very uncompromising "Pulsar" - 89:57. Thus, MBK "Nikolaev" put the fat end to a series with "the Pulsar - 3:0 and to the current season which finished on the fifth place.

After game

The head coach of MBK "Nikolaev" Vladimir Polyakh told that the change in game occurred in the middle of the second period. Nikolayevtsa threw some difficult balls, and in protection played almost faultlessly.

Whether it is possible to explain such recession in "Pulsar" actions by fatigue? It is unlikely - the rovenchena on the most part of game put pressure, fought on each site of a platform. It was more pleasant to that to see how the Nikolaev basketball players played them.


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