Armwrestling of poets

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Heading wrong. The armwrestling wasn't. There was a stupid competition which bore a faint resemblance to legendary poetic duels of a silver age of our poetry. Mayakovsky - Yesenin, Klyuev - Voloshin, Severyanin... the king on the Olympus. No, in Nikolaev on November 8, 2008 there was absolutely other action. At beer restaurant on Vodoprovodnaya St. organizers carried out SLEM of poets.

SLEM - the bad word because foreign. It would be better to call this representation by a duel. But the duel means presence of only two characters. On Water them was, unfortunately, much. There arrived inhabitants of Kiev, Kharkov citizens and the people from Donetsk. It almost KVN - ovsky action. Poets, beer, jury and cigarettes. Kingdom of an offensive language. Used foul language much. Grief big...

Competition began intriguingly. Drive! ! ! Even for gourmets the drive.

To Zaporozhetses didn't allow to drink.

Didn't give the woman since morning.

Scratch of oarlocks, sail, спинж the open...

The rubber woman didn't give them.

Or here it.

Black Obama came to the road.

Black Obama crossed a track.

The black boy,departed to Russia

Ukraine celebrates spring...

"I am not sorry, I don't call, I don't pay... the rubber woman didn't give me". The first time saw production sex - a shop on a podium. The educated friends looked at me with reproach. It is necessary to think...

SLEM - not really good invention for the poetic Slavic world. It appeared in New - York on Madison - the avenue in 1932. In America the situation was approximately same, as now in Ukraine. Great crisis, depression, lack of work and heap of free time.It is possible to practice and in rhymes.

Bean Saiver, the street poet, caused on Billey Whistler's duel (our Mayakovsky's analog). The maestro thought and... I accepted a call. Whistler at that time stayed in a cruel post-alcoholic depression, adrenaline was necessary to him. SLEM - the name of a pharmaceutical preparation of that time, a prototype of future energizers.

First New - York SLEM passed in pub of "Algonkina". It was the big hangar around 130-x streets, between decent 3 and 4 avenues. Under certificates of contemporaries, at poetic duel came to look at more than three thousand people.

Bean Saiver - the self-confident person. Good speaker. Idol of the poor of the first American megalopolis. This guy - our Demyan Bedny's American option. It had to, according to all forecasts, "to trample in asphalt" the patient and the refined Whistler.

As jury all comers on a duel acted. The crowd had to shout. Number of decibels provided a victory of the participant. The drama peripetia of this competition was so strong that Americans forgot about gangster boxing for the whole two years.

Saiver ardently "minted a rhyme" about the starving Bronx and about fattening rich men. It caused just emotion of housewives and sang as the curtain fell the song about the girl - the prostitute who won't find in New - York the love. The crowd answered with a loud roar. Decibel was enough to kill sick Whistler, but... Whistler was the real poet. It rose by a podium and removed the brilliant cylinder. Rare hair of the old man, almost bald head. Hand I calmed a hall.

The baker in a show-window comes to a frost,

It will open doors and will force us to enter.

The love is necessary to the baker.

The love can't be baked from dough,

But it can knead love dough...

On a dank autumn wind it is sad to stand. Whistler held silent crowd two and a half hours (!).The people from Bronx and Harlem understood that to live according to the scheme "the MOUTH - the GULLET - the RECTUM" - incorrectly. The food is, of course, important, but... something is in this life such, than it is impossible to renounce. Whistler informed on hands to home doors. He won.

The Nikolaev SLEM at restaurant on Water caused dual impression.Pleasure:came many young people and students. It appears, not all are poisoned with mass culture. Reaction to poetry - adequate. It is a lot of light persons.

Grief No. 1:
prevailing subculture and offensive language. The mat isn't tabooed by today's poets. The offensive language became norm.Grief No. 2:jury. Alexander PRONKEVICH causes trust, but the others... I don't trust them. Owners of galleries and art critics defined poetic skill of the presented poets. Decibels of public were ignored completely.

We came here four together and agreed on that opinion that ours Arkasha SUROV and Oleg PALAMA on four heads were higher than all. It not backward patriotism. Among us there was the whole associate professor of philology, he won't allow to tell lies. However, it isn't important. It is important that Nikolaev organically apprehended a modern form of a poetic duel. Eventually, per capita here it is more than good poets, than everywhere.

It is interesting if it becomes tradition, whether that will engage our heavy artillery: Vladimir of BUNCHES, Dmitry KREMIN and Katya GOLUBKOVA. If it happens, the KVN show becomes a professional scene.


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