Again about Dyatlov or "plot of boyars"

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The army rebelled! Speak, the tsar not the real!From the movie "Ivan Vasilyevich Changes a Profession"

That that occurs in the country, in my opinion it is «plot of boyars». Levochkin whom had to change, didn't leave nearly. Beautifully. Would leave the hero. All deputies of BP under control to Firtash appeared and declared a shift. I against country destabilization. But also in such country too it is very heavy. Probably Putin didn't agree, and probably and agreed, but not with Yanukovych.

And now, most likely new oppositional leaders will elect the new president.. Maybe the situation will exchange and someone becomes more worthy than now, but…But, if I chose from Klitschko, Yatsenyuk and Tyagnibok, I would choose Poroshenko.

And here in it (I will repeat, in my opinion) «plot of boyars» nobody knows who in arrangement and from whom to expect a dirty trick. Probably don't know that to expect and our local statesmen. Our local statesmen decided to show the position.

Not the POSITION, and not the Position, and small such (from a small letter) a position of implicit obedience. I any more the first time wrote about uselessness and Igor Dyatlov's weakness.

I wrote about that difficult minutes it isn't present. The 132nd district, and is NOT PRESENT it. Chausovo 2, and is NOT PRESENT him, Vradiyevk–NO. And here is how it was necessary to hold for show useless event, Woodpeckers is. Its role is clear. Playgrounds, cycle paths and antinational work for party bosses.

And this person thinks of himself national mayor ? !

And here the next very touching and turning point for the country. The head of regional council Igor Dyatlov (the main elective office in area), which actually not only the people's deputy, but also the elect among deputies. And what? And that was loud and resolute (!) yesterday it is advertized its urgent meeting of emergency session of regional council.

Allegedly Igor Dyatlov is concerned by current situation in the country and can't remain indifferent. I not exactly breathe to its bezdeystviye and I try to emphasize everywhere that Igor Dyatlov no more than a soap bubble appeared in political arena. Its pseudo-importance is constructed on authority of Nikolay Kruglov, Gurgen Oronyuk and the father Sergey Dyatlov.

I came to session of a regional council personally to be convinced of truthfulness of the declarations.And what I saw? ! Shivering voice of acting deputies in USSR style. Only the acting looked in a floor and not necessarily delivered the speeches. To them certainly didn't clap at the end of performance. What it were for speeches?

Speeches about that appears the beaten people were beaten because they were left by opposition. (It appears it is possible to beat if nearby there are no oppositionists. )

Speeches about that in Chechnya is worse than at us, on this it isn't necessary to take a steam bath. (Thank God that is to what to compare)

Speeches of deputies that guilty oppositionists, that left people whom beat «Golden eagle» , have to answer financially. (This speech of the deputy Vorontsov even I won't make comments).

And most important ours «reformer» The woodpeckers, EU meeting ambassadors and adopting Georgian experience offered solution of session from 4 points with such essence:

«1. To express indignation developed socially - a political situation…to address to the President and other influential figures with that that the situation wasn't destabilized.

2. To tell people that it is necessary to keep stability.

3. To inform this most brilliant decision from two previous points through mass media

4. to send this miracle - the decision to the President, Cabinet of Ministers and to Verkhovna Rada»

Ridiculously! But as all solemnly and intriguingly began! All obediently voted, but at the exit from a sessional hall and in a toilet discussed absurdity of this action and asked a question: «what was it?» Total loss of controllability by the country! Powerful loss of authority among Party members.


The only thing on what to me was sad to watch it at Kruglov whom merged and as on me, in vain. It only who adequately acted. Nikolay Petrovich told about revolution anatomy, about its prerequisites, development and possible end. Everything repeats and everything falls back into place. I understood from Kruglov's performance that occurs ordinary «plot of boyars». What exactly this loss of controllability also becomes the reason of that very worthy manager who has got to a meat grinder of those events which occur, can displace from political arena. And it is a pity.

Максим Невенчанный

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